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all characters are at least 18

Kasou [edit]



Technical Help

This page contain list of common problems and their solutions.

If you didn't find solution to your problem here feel free to ask in the Kasou Gameplay Discussion thread.

If you know a problem (and it's solution) that isn't listed please add it to this FAQ!


  • I can't install the game.
    • Follow points below under "Installing the game" section.
    • Extract the image again and try to install the game from it.
    • Try to download the game again if you get data corrupted error.

  • The game doesn't start!
    • Make sure you are launching it with Japanese applocale. Change regional settings or use Apploc tool!
    • Make sure the game is installed to a directory that doesn't contain any Japanese characters.
    • Update DirectX from the game DVD.
    • Grab a launcher from the Kasou Discussion thread

  • I can't walk through the door in 1st level
    • Throw a rock at it a few times, then try to enter it
    • Make sure you run the game in Japanese applocale

Installing the game

To install and start the game correctly you will need to change regional settings or use Apploc tool!


  1. Depending on source you downloaded the game from, extract archives (provide password if needed) untill you get an .iso file.
  2. Mount the .iso file with emulation software like Daemon Tools or MagicIso
  3. Go to the game DVD, right click the "autorun.exe" file and select "Locale Japanese" (or similar)
  4. Select 1st option, install the game as you would any other. Remember to change the install directory so it doesn't contain any Japanese characters (something like D:\Games\LD4).
  5. When installation finish, select second option in the launcher, install DirectX update and close it.
  6. You can play the game by running it from the desktop using "Locale Japanese" option or you can go to Kasou Discussion thread and grab some mods.