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all characters are at least 18

Kasou [edit]


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This is walkthrough for Teatime's game 妄想性仮想人格障害 (or simply Kasou).

For gameplay info check Gameplay Guide and other pages on this wiki!

Level 1 - Skywalk (demo level)

After finishing the intro sequence, collect all of the items laying on the level. Be sure to get a piece of concrete and herbs from near the large plant, fruit from below the stairs and syringe fron the glass walkway. Rest of the items are clothes. Also collect all of the coins, they are used in the shop.

Also there is a hole near your starting position. Stand near it and hit right mouse button to look inside. There is a box. When you get it you will be prompted to change some text, just hit NO. This is required step to stop the girl from running away from you later.

Once you got all items and coins, go to the locked door and throw the concrete at it (spacebar) to unlock. Enter the door.
When inside you'll see a juice mixer, tree with a hole and a shop. Collect everything in the room, check the hole in a tree and go outside (don't open shop yet).

After you get out hit the switch next to the stairs. You'll see a cutscene.
Go up the stairs and right click while standing right in front of the far right tube, this will let you design the girl.
Once you're done and are back on the map, throw the concrete at the tube. It'll open and the girl will start running around. Press the W key near her to start the naming sequence. First you get to name the girl, afterward she asks you for your name. (you have to type in Japanese so just press accept if you can't)

When you've chosen the names, you can start interacting with the girl. First, move close to her and press the W key (give), then click on one of the pink buttons to give her the clothing items you had collected. Repeat this until the W key doesn't work anymore.
You can change her clothes by moving close to her, clicking right (look closely) and then left clicking the dress icon in the top right corner of the screen.
At the top of the screen there's two bars now. The purple one displays the remaining life of the girl, the yellow one displays how long your character will remain in the world. Once either of them drops to 0, the game is pretty much over. You'll also have noticed the pendulum in one of the broken tubes close to where you created the girl. Once the girl is created, you can use this item to skip time. Save that for later on.

Your main task now is "healing" the girl by collecting water from the smaller one of the plants and using it on her while she's inside the big man-eating plant. In order to do this, you will have to complete several things to make the water level inside the small plant rise. You can always check the water level by moving close to the plant (it should be at 50% at this point).

Time to play with the girl. Right-click when you're close to her and click the tennis ball (play) icon in the top right corner. Then you have to choose one of the 3 games you can play with the girl by clicking the huge buttons that appeared. During the game, right clicking will end it!

  • "Fetch the concrete" (top button): Throw the concrete chunk, wait for the girl to pick it up and toss it herself. Pick it up, throw it again. Repeat for some time (about 3-4 times). End the game (right click) and you should get a notification window; the water should have went up by 10%.
  • "Play catch" (middle): The girl will run away from you and you have to catch her. Completing this gives another 10% water level.
  • "Taking a stroll": Basically, you follow her around while she comments about random stuff on the map. If you get a Yes/No dialog, she asks you to name whatever she's looking at. After she has commented about 5 things (can be the same things multiple times as well), end the game and you should get yet another 10% water level. If you didn't get anything, you can just try again.

Note: Even if you did get 10% from each of the game, it might not show up at the flower. When I had completed all 3 while writing this walkthrough, it'd tell me that I got 10% each but the flower would only show 70% water level.

Now lets make some juice. Take the girl by the hand (R key) to the small room with a shop. Move up to the ball on the stick (it's a juice mixer). Right click and you should get a cutscene where girl and you share a cup of juice that you created from the poisonous fruit and the healing herbs (yum!). This task will only give you 5 minutes of girl time, but it's a requirement for the next task.

If you are still short on the water grope/tickle the girl. Quite obvious, isn't it? >.> You should get 20-30% water level if you've done it correctly. (you can do some H too)

The plant should now have a water level of 100%. Take the girl by the hand and move up to it, then right click. You'll drain the water with the injector and the plant goes poof.

Take the girl by the hand again and move up to the large man-eating plant. Right click and choose yes when prompted. If you don't have a T-CAM, you can do this by moving the mouse up and down. The game might not recognize it at once so just keep trying. The girl will walk into the plant and get cured. When she's back out, she asks you to raise your hand for a high-five. Again, if you don't have a T-CAM you can just move the cursor up to her hand.

Congratulations, you have completed the 1st stage! You can either hang out with the girl some more (until you run out of time) or use the pendulum to fast forward the time. (click the pendulum and pull the small button to the right, then click the ok button)

After you run out of time a phone booth will appear. Take the girl by hand and use it go to the lobby.

Thanks to ruru for walkthrough for this level.

The Lobby

After you finish 1st level and use the phone booth you will appear in the lobby. The game will ask you to save the game, hit yes and select slot. Next time you start the game there will be a new option in the main menu - continue (2nd option). If you played Tech48 you will see obvious similarity. You will enter lobby after completing every level, just save and head to the next active door everytime.

There isn't much to be done there, if you look behind you can see door to 1st level (Skywalk), you can't go back unfortunately.

When you are done exploring enter next area - Aset (the only door accessible, on the right in the T section)

Level 2 - Aset

You start in the middle of the main room. Out of the window you can see familiar tanks, they are just part of the background.

As you can see there is no gravity and you can't access any of the door, except of the last one in the hall. Enter that room.

Inside you can see a switch on the wall, activate it. When the gravity is back, collect everything and go outside.

When outside collect everything in the starting room and enter the elevator.

You are in the commanding room. There is a tank on the left, but you need a rock. You can't access the other part of the room so collect everything on your starting part.

When you get the stone break the tank. When walking away from the tank a red ray will hit the girl and a timer will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Just run to her (she will automatically grab your hand) then run out of the ray. She will thank you and her max health will go up.

Go back to the place you got the stone. Look up, there should be a platform hanging from the ceiling. Throw a stone at it, it should fall down and create a path.

Collect everything in the second part of the room, there is a "time skipper", healing plant, access card and a computer. Access the computer for some story stuff, right click to exit.

Go out using the door, not the elevator. You will see red mark on the wall and a water plant in the next room. Walk through the mark and collect everything. Get rest of the items in this room and exit using the top door.

You are back at the start, head to the second door in the hallway, thanks to the access card you got before you can enter it. Inside grab everything you can, buy something is you want and exit the room.

Head to the third room. As usual grab everything and exit. Now go get the girl and go back to the juice mixer you just discovered, use it.

After you are done go back to the commanding room and fill up water by playing with the girl. There are 3 new games, it's best to use the 3 old games - less confusing and faster results. When you are at 100% draw the water from water plant, go heal the girl in the healing plant and skip rest of the time.

The phone booth will appear in the same place you started this level. Get the girl by a hand and use it to complete this level and go back to the lobby.

Level 3 - Hachiouji-cho

You start next to a phone booth. Use it and you will be prompted for doing H. Select yes if you want.

When you get the girl go left and check the hole. Pick everything up then go up the stairs.

After cutscene collect everything on the road and go down on the other side. Pick up the stone and go back up. Throw the stone at hanging metal bar, go over it and collect stone and coin. Go back down.

Swim to that little island, check the hole and throw fish you find there to the water. Giant statue will follow it.

Get girly by hand and go where the statue was before. Go forward till you reach the shoop. Collect everything nearby and go inside the apartament.

Say whatewer you want, collect items and peep inside the shower. Go out and raise water to 100%

When you are done go to the island with the girl. She will sing and plant will grow. You know what to do next.