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all characters are at least 18

Kasou [edit]



Technical Help

This is standard gameplay guide for Teatime's game 妄想性仮想人格障害 (or simply Kasou).


This is list of controls in Key - Function structure. For easier use on the left part are keys used mainly for movement, on the right for technical settings like screen effect strength. Note: LMB, RMB and MMB are shorts for left/right/middle mouse button.

 LMB  - Moves you forward (hold), or interacts with things in Grope Mode. Double click to run. Esc - Exit to windows
 RMB  - Activate/exit, switches to cursor mode. 5 - Enter options screen
 Space  - Throw item in your hand
Z - Hide/show list of controls I - Increases Blur effect
1 - Open inventory (use arrows to browse) K - Decreases Blur effect
R - Hold hands with the girl U - Increases Bloom effect
E - Talk with the girl J - Decreases Bloom effect
Q - Call the girl F10 - Enable/disable Blur effect
W - Give F11 - Enable/disable Bloom effect

Camera Controls in H/Cursor mode

To control camera click and hold LMB in the air. You can do following:

Left Click + move - Change view angle
Right Click + move - Move camera
L + R Click + move left/right - Zoom in / out

Moving between areas and Saving

You can move to the next area only after completing the current one. There is a set order of levels so you can't select next level yourself.

You can save only after completeing a level.

General gameplay

Both the girl's lifespan (pink bar) and the time before your transport out of each zone will appear both time out at the same pace, in real time minutes. The fupo-pendulum can also be used once per zone to advance all remaining time. Either way, if the girl's life ends, the game ends, so it must be extended in order to complete each zone.

The most significant means to extend life is by drawing lifewater from the Maker (the pink pitcher plant) with the Injector (odd-shaped cylindar taken into inventory when found) and injecting it into the Healer, then having the girl enter. The lifewater can only be drawn when at maximum water level. In some zones, the Healer will have to be grown by planting a strange seed in the appropriate patch of ground, then applauding when the girl sings to it.

Actions that increase water level also award bonus life span. Playing games, rescuing her from the red energy field (or calling her to rescue you,) giving certain gifts, buying a certain percentage of clothing items will all increase water level up to a maximum of 70%, but will continue increasing life span. The final 30% water level comes from mixing all Poison Fruits and Herbal Antidotes in the Mixer (metal sphere on a flexible neck,) and drinking with the girl.

Different games are available in different rooms:

  • Fetch: Throw an object and the girl will run pick it up. She may throw it, but the game is only completed successfully when she brings it back to you.
  • Tag: Touch the girl while she's not facing you.
  • Walk: The girl will wander around asking about and commenting on various objects. She will do this randomly, but playing this game focuses her on it. You will have the opportunity to define some objects yourself, but she will only repeat them if typed in hiragana.
  • Treasure Hunt: Find various boxes hidden in the room. They will be not be seen until locating them. Either you or the girl needs to locate at least one. Collecting these does not add anything to inventory.
  • Daruma~uta: The girl will run a distance away, begin a brief chant, then turn around. The only way to win is to touch her before she turns around; if she sees you, she wins.
  • Guess who? Simple game; turn your back on the girl and she'll sneak up on you, cover your eyes and ask "Dare da?" Type her name and she'll be pleased. Clues are given in later zones as to her real name.
  • Touch Tag: An extended game of tag, either player can tag when the other's back is turned. Tagging and permitting the girl to tag will both meet the requirement for the life bonus.
  • Paper Fortune: Simple; just left-click and you will tell the girl a random fortune. It could be very good to very bad; any result completes the game.
  • Dodgebrick: The girl will pick up an object to throw at you. The best time to dodge is during the guy's animation of raising his fist in the air; just click to move, or double-click to move faster.
  • Catch Ball: Simply toss a ball to the girl and she will throw it back. Repeat as desired.
  • Trap Avoid: Turn your back on the girl and she will chant briefly before hiding something on the ground. When she's standing around looking innocent, approach her and trip over a chunk of concrete. It's unknown whether there's a way to 'win' this game, but falling on your face for the girl is enough to amuse her.
  • Look Over There: Guess which direction she will point and face that way with mouse or T-Cam. There's no clue which direction it may be, but at least mouse control is imprecise enough that it's easy to be cheesy.
  • OX Quiz: In the final zone, the girl will give a series of true or false questions which you must answer with Yes or No. All the questions are on gameplay or story, and the log will have the correct answers by that point.
  • Pitching DX: Same as 'Fetch', with a number of balls to choose from.
  • Memories: The same as 'Walk', but the girl has more extensive knowledge by this time. She may also ask you to guide her to things to look at and talk about.

There are exactly enough coins in all zones to buy everything in the store. There are enough clothes in the store and gift boxes for 100% collection of all clothing items.