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all characters are at least 18

Itazura Gokuaku [edit]


Technical Help


  • Q: The game restarts my computer whenever I try to run it. Help!?
    • A: There is region locking in this game. If it fails, it restarts the computer. Short answer: Use Microsoft AppLocale<ref name="AppLoc" /> (Japanese) or set your Windows to Japanese. Read more about AppLocale/setting Regional settings below.

Installing the game

  • Q: I have two files and I'm having trouble extracting the archive.
    • A: Try to rename the files to the names below and then extract part1 with WinRAR:
      • "<original name>.part1.rar" to "Gokuaku.part1.rar"
      • "<original name>.part2.rar" to "Gokuaku.part2.rar"
    • A: Also make sure that the files are in an English folder. e.g. C:\Temp
  • Q: How do I install the game?
    • A: Read the detailed guide below.

Running the game

  • Q: I downloaded a save game. Where should I put it?
    • A: This depends on your version: Some versions are in the folder where you installed the game. Other versions (including 1.10 and 2.x) have the save game here:
      • On XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR LOGIN NAME>\Application Data\REAL\ITAZURA_GOKUAKU".
      • On Vista: "c:\Users\<YOUR LOGIN NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Real\ITAZURA_GOKUAKU\".
  • Q: I updated the game to version 2.0 and now the girl doesn't re-dress herself in the Chikan scenes like she did before. Is this because of the HF Patch (translations/uncensor)?
    • A: No. For some reason REAL decided to remove this feature in version 2.10.
  • Q: All the characters are black! I tried switching anti-aliasing off and I run Itazura Real just fine. Any advice?
    • A: A user had the same problem with his GeForce 7600GT. Updating graphics drivers fixed it.
  • Q: The text in the menus just keep repeating itself? I installed the menu translation (or the HF patch).
    • A: Try running the game in a different resolution. If that fails, try renaming <Your game folder>\d3d9.dll to d3d9.old and run the game again.
  • Q: I installed the translations (or the HF patch) and I still can't read the menus?
    • A: Run the game with Japanese regional settings (or AppLocale<ref name="AppLoc" />).
  • Q: My game crashes when I select the options "insert rotor/vibrator" or select the "pull out" option. Help?
    • A: Update your graphics drivers and if that doesn't help, disable "Enable H/W Vertex Processing".

Unreadable Menus

  • Q: I installed the English translation (or the HF Patch) and now I can't read the text in the menus? It is just garbage text, like "@ .... @ .... @". Anyone know how to solve this?
    • A: You must run the game with Japanese regional settings (you can use AppLocale). This is a requirement even though the launcher and everything is in English.
    • A: If the above didn't help try changing the resolution (you must still run it with Japanese regional settings).
    • A: If the above didn't help try renaming <Your game folder>\d3d9.dll to d3d9.old and run the game again (you must still run it with Japanese regional settings).
    • A: If You are running the game on windows 8 or 10 and none of the above worked follow This external tutorial.


  • Q: What is the difference between 1.x and 2.x?
    • A: There are more items (for instance glasses) in 1.10 than in 2.10. There are (a couple) more h-positions in 2.10 than in 1.10.
  • Q: I get an error when I run AutoUpData.exe in the 2.0 patch (or patching the game made it unplayable). What can I do?
    • A: It's easier just to copy the files manually: GOKUAKU.exe and gokuaku.ico should be copied to <Itazura Gokuaku game folder>, all other files to <Itazura Gokuaku game folder>\data (yes to overwrite).
  • Q: I have applied the official 2.0 patch and the Itazura Gokuaku 2.x HF Patch and I get an error "Unable to confirm version 2.00" or something like that. What can I do?
    • A: You have to run the 2.0 game once before you run the Itazura Gokuaku 2.x HF Patch.

Installing the game

This is a Japanese games and is not meant for non-Japanese Windows. To get it to work you have to do some tricks. Either you can set your Windows to Japanese (here's an external tutorial) or you can try using Microsoft AppLocale instead (highly recommended). Read on to learn how.

These two steps are essential to get a good start:

  1. Install Microsoft AppLocale (as described below) and right-click IHSetup.exe on the (virtual) dvd and select Locale Japanese to start the setup (just answer OK to the warning about AppLocale being a temporary solution).
  2. Change install folder during the setup of the game. Never install the game to the default folder because you will have problems running/patching the game.
    Note: Even though installer understands non-english letters, it is not recommmended. For example somebody installed game to folder with 'Ä', but the game sees this as 'A', resulting an error. So when installing, it is recommended that you only use A-Z, 0-9. Simple, but crucial.

When the game setup is complete you can play the game by right-clicking the shortcut or GOKUAKU.exe in the install folder and select Locale Japanese.

Next step would be to patch the game with the HF patch. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you run the game prior to installing this patch (or any others, for that matter), as running the game for the first time customizes some of the game's settings for your computer; failing to do this before applying the patch may cause the game to be unplayable. To run the game before the patch is applied, you'll probably need to use Microsoft AppLocale.

Microsoft AppLocale

You can download Microsoft AppLocale here from Microsoft and install it. Make sure you have Asian languages installed as well. If using windows vista/7 you must run command prompt as an administrator and manually put in the location of apploc.msi to run the program.

If you want to be able to right-click a game and select "Locale Japanese", import the following registry settings:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\exefile\shell\Locale Japanese]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\exefile\shell\Locale Japanese\command]
@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\AppPatch\\AppLoc.exe\" \"%1\" \"/L0411\""

Regional Settings

If you don't want to use AppLocale and want to change your regional settings instead, you can follow this excellent detailed guide for Schoolmate (but most of it applies to any Japanese game).

Running the game

Test that the game runs after setup finishes, by right-clicking the shortcut and selecting Locale Japanese (only if you installed AppLocale as outlined above).

When you are sure that the game runs with the dvd in the (virtual) drive, the next step might be patching the game and/or use a patched exe.

Patching the game

It is highly recommended that you patch to the latest official patch as they not only fix bugs but also add new clothing, items and features. At the time of writing 1.10 is the current one. All patches are inclusive, so you only need to install the latest one. Note that the official 1.10 patch is included in the HF patch, so you don't need to download and install that separately. Official Patch Website.