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all characters are at least 18

Itazura Gokuaku [edit]


Technical Help


  • Q: My computer shuts down when I run the game. Help!?
  • Q: I downloaded a save game. Where should I put it?
  • Q: I undress her, but she keeps dressing herself again!? Help!?!
  • Q: How do I save the game?
    • A: Right click to get a popup menu.
  • Q: My game crashes when I select the options "insert rotor/vibrator" or select the "pull out" option. Help?


The Girls

  • Kaede
    • Main character's sister
    • Typical "little sister" character
  • Hikaru
    • Delinquent
    • Girl with "rough" personality
  • Hinata
    • Sporty girl, plays tennis
    • Tomboy (?)
  • Tomo
    • Class Rep, rather serious about the matter of school education (?)
    • "perfect girl" character (?)
  • Yuzu
    • seems to be at fault for the trial of the main character
    • typical "helpless" character

Supporting characters

  • Tonya
    • Owns a boutique.
  • Utsuda
    • Stalks Hinata
  • Kamiya
    • He is a narcist attending the same school as Tomo. He wants to get back at Tomo for not accepting his love confession.

Gameplay tips

First Impressions

Every girl has an Introduction scene, where they won't let you touch them properly. You can tell because you won't be able to talk to them or undress them. Don't worry about winning, just getting one of the bars up until the scene auto ends. This may happen more than once for Hikaru, Hinata, and Tomo. Focus on bringing ecstasy up.

Mouse actions in H-Scenes

It might not be obvious at first, but when you are in a H-Scene that involves penetration, up to three actions can be made clicking on the big green ACTION button:

  • Left mouse button click,
  • Right mouse button click and
  • Left mouse button drag.
  • Auto-H mode.

It is advised to turn off the TURN and MOVE options of the interface, as it can cause an interruption on the actual move you are using.


This section is about the game interface, i.e. the buttons and menus and so on.


You can patch the game, so that most of the UI will be in English with this patch.


Right click to get a popup menu with options for saving and loading.

Using the Camera

The camera control can be a little difficult to get used to if you have played other 3D H games.

  • Right mouse: Rotate the camera. Read more about this below.
  • Left+Right mouse: Move the camera center. Read more about this below.
  • Wheel: Zoom.
  • Camera shortcuts: The Camera menu has shortcuts to focus on the face, ass etc. Very useful if you moved the camera and 'lost your way'.


Unlike most other 3D games you have to be pay attention to where the mouse cursor is when you start moving the camera.

Consider the center of the view as the center of a ball, and the location where you right-click as a hand 'grabbing' that ball and turning it. So, if you 'grab' at the top of the screen and drag down, you will look at the top of her head. If you grab at the center far right side and drag to the left, the view will rotate on a vertical axis.

When you get used to the camera (i.e. after using it for 10 min), it gets much easier to control: I typically 'grab' somewhere I estimate would let me get the view I desire, and drag a little bit: If the rotation is not as desired, I go back and release the right button and relocate the mouse cursor to 'grab' again and drag. This technique makes it easy to find the right location for the mouse cursor, before dragging too much and sometimes 'lose your way'.

Hold the left and right mouse button to move the center of rotation.

Interface Guide

Most of the user interface is in Japanese. This section should help you play the game nonetheless.

File:Gokuaku Legend.JPG
UI translation 1 by wtfwow
File:Gokuaku Legend2.JPG
UI translation 2 by wtfwow

General Most buttons at the bottom has a popup menu. On all menus you can close the menu by clicking the cancel option, which is always the bottom choice.

Talk menu (H-Section) On top of the cancel button, most of the times there will be the "I am done" button that will end the encounter. This button does not appear in some special scenes, so keep going until the girl is satisfied. After reaching Level 2 with a girl, you can go to the toilet or alternetavily to the train wagon. After reaching Level 3, you can go to the interwagon section (not checked with every girl). All the options that are marked with brackets are things to say. The effect on the girl has not been decided yet.

Clothes menu On your first scenes with the girl, the clothes menu will display which pieces of cloth are visible and not guarded by the girls hands. On the latest scenes, the girl might not hinder your unclothing actions, so the list will be at its large. On Level 1 you might not be able to remove clothes, just move them out of your way. Beware of returning them to their original state, as that will cancel your progress. So do not try to completely remove the clothes while in Level 1. From top to bottom, it usually follows this order: jacket, blouse, bra, panties, skirt.

H menu This list usually has two sets: on the top are the sex positions, on the bottom are the sex actions. Most of the positions only have one sex action. Felatio position might give you to paziuri and lick actions, so try all three of them. After clicking on the sex action, a big green "ACTION" button will appear. Use your left mouse button click, left mouse button drag and right mouse button click for slightly different actions.

View menu Obviously, one item for each interesting part of the body.

Talk menu (world section)

Chit-Chat with the girls, most of the time irrelevant.

Phone menu After unlocking your assistants, the assistan's numbers will be on the top, the girl's ones at the bottom.

Move menu With this you can move to the train and bathroom etc.

Calendar menu Usually to let days pass by. Reasoning behind this is unclear.

Grope Mode

This always takes place on the train. Read more about Groping.


When the girl is at Level 2 or more you begin to have options to have sex with her. This can take place on the train or on other locations.

H-Mode technique

Quick primer:

  1. Click the Sex button and choose a position by selecting one of the upper items on the Sex menu.
  2. Insert by choosing the item above the lowest item on the Sex menu.
  3. Use the green Action square in the upper right corner:
    • Left mouse button is one action.
    • Right mouse button is another action.
    • In some positions you get direct control by holding the left mouse button and moving around on the Action square.
  4. Some positions have variations or special actions. These are shown on the Sex menu.
  5. Change position by choosing another position on the Sex menu.

Auto H

As of version 1.05 there is an auto H feature. To use it, first left/right click the green Action square to select the action, then mouse wheel up, when over the square.
The action you selected will now automatically be performed until you select another action.

As of version 1.09 the auto mode was edited and now affects the ecstasy bars. It is now possible to have a girl reach ecstasy by keeping it on auto mode. Both bars will increase passively with every auto movement as if you were clicking yourself. The girl's ecstasy bar will occasionally stall if she has been using the same action for a while. However the auto sequence randomly cycles through the 3 possible movements which will eventually increase the bar to max. You can also "manually" change the autogrind by scrolling the mouse wheel up or down a few times on the Action Button. This will occasionally change the grind speed and/or movement types

While on this mode she will not cum unless you manually select from the Finish button. So the sequence will continue regardless whether both or either bars are full. Unlike the manual version where it will interrupt you and go into an auto cum sequence.

Note: There may be other ways or more to this feature. Please edit this if you find out more.

'Breaking' The Girls

This section is about how to win the game. To win the game you have to 'break' the girls by groping them and having sex with them. You have to force them at first, but in the end they will ask you to have sex with them (if you do it right).

Girl Level

When you grope the girls and have sex with them they will increase in level. The level determines what poses and such will be available to you. You can see the current level of the girls by going to the main menu and selecting Omake.

Solo Mode

Solo mode is where you are alone with the girl.

Level 1

This is the basic level where you can only grope her.

Kaede Just play the introduction and grope her until the scene ends.

Hikaru Meet her by moving to the station and picking the first option, then grope her until the scene ends.

Hinata Meet her by moving to the station and picking the second option, then grope her until the scene ends.

Tomo Meet her by moving to the station and picking the second option, then pick the only option available, then grope her until the scene ends.

Yuzu Meet her by moving to the station and picking the second option, then pick the first option, then grope her until the scene ends. Also, it is MOST IMPORTANT that you keep her panties on while you fondle her, or you will not advance in level, she will merely struggle and escape at the platform every time otherwise.

Edit: Meeting Yuzu doesn't require any special status with any other girl, after doing the first tutorial grope scene with Kaede I managed to encounter her without having met any other girl. The same seems to apply to the other girls as well. I reloaded a save and went to the platform multiple times and met either Hinata or Tomo, if I killed time I would meet Hikaru. Each time I met Yuzu I went to the station and killed time (option 1) and met no one for the day, then the next day went to the platform first (option 2) and if I didn't meet anyone else first would encounter Yuzu on the train. I'm not sure if encountering no one for a day is required before you meet Yuzu but that's the only way I met her, she seems to have the lowest chance for an encounter.

Edit (someone else): Actually, in version 2.10 with the HF patch, I was able to get scenes with Yuzu just by going straight to the platform without killing time and without molesting any other girls who might be there.  The only thing that affects this is if you get forced scenes with other girls (such as their intro scenes).  Don't kill time, just go straight for the train and ignore anyone who might be around.

Level 2

At this level you get basic h-positions and can grope her for longer before she resists.
For Hikaru, Hinata and Tomo it seems to be completely random which girl you meet at the station. There are a few scripted encounters within their stories where you will meet them for sure, but in general the game will decide randomly which girl you encounter when moving to the station. So just reload your game or move on if you were going for another girl. Also, if nothing else is mentioned, always try to make the girl cum as much as possible during encounters. In general you will note that a girl is on Level 2 when you can call her.

Kaede When she asks you to go with her agree and play her scenes. After you did just keep doing scenes with her until you get a H scene and she's at Level 2. Should be the easiest to break since you can have encounters with her every day.

Hikaru Meet her at the station and grope her. Repeat until you get a H scene with her and she's at Level 2 now. You should do another encounter with her at the train after this though so you get the dressing option (all other girls seem to instantly have this after breaking them).

Hinata Same as Hikaru, but you will have to get another encounter with her after the first H scene to get her phone number.

Tomo Just keep triggering her events and making her cum during grope mode. Eventually you will hit a small dialogue event where Tomo is having a conversation w/ her "oneechan" and about some DVD. After a long event you sort of blackmail Tomo w/ the DVD and you're now on level 2.

Yuzu Yuzu is the hardest one to break. You must make her orgasm once through panties/tights, (best to just leave her dressed, lift the skirt, and nothing more). The next encounter you can do as you will, (but you must pull her panties down, so she needs to be undressed at least that much), and, here's where I've noticed the clue: It's random. I have not figured out exactly what triggers it, BUT, make her come that second time with panties down. Sometimes, after she orgasms, she will, like the other girls, drop to the floor. Wait a bit, or touch her to move on...that's it. If she drops to the floor, it seems you've accomplished what is needed to get her to level 2. If not, you will just get the ending where she escapes.
She will suddenly stop the scene and struggle. Just wait and watch her extasy bar rise, she will wet herself. Now meet her once again and you should get a blowjob scene, finish this and you should have broken her.

Edit: You dont need to make her come even once. I just broke her and the only thing i did is fondle her with care. mostly her ass and pussy, withouth taking out neither of her clothe pieces. Only fondle her with care, slowly and when the ectasy bar rises bu 3/4 scene will be cutted and then it will happen the pee scene. I have achieved this only once, but i'm willing to try it out a few more times once i get every ending with the girls

Edit2: I had tried other way to break Yuzu and it worked with me well everytime (at least 3) Just got a few encounter with her until you got the option to bring her to rest room. Do it 3 times and the next time you got her, she will have a pee automatically (when she is nearly at climax) After that, she is at level 2.

Edit (Different person): I have been attempting to get Yuzu to level 2 for quite a while and was on version 1.10 of the game. I finally reinstalled and got the 2.10 version and attempted again. With the 1.10 verison when I took her to the bathroom, I was only able to lift her as I sat on the toilet, this was the only position. In the 2.10 version I was able to do 2 other positions and had the option to move back to the train at any time. What ended up breaking her for me, I had done the 'orgasm through panties/pantyhose' and 'orgasm with panties down' and the bathroom scene alot of times to no avail, but I attempted the bathroom scene one more time and before it automatically finished, I went back to the train to do some groping. To my surprise, the groping didn't ensue, it brought me straight to a scene I had never seen before. On the next time I molested her, the pee scene commenced and I'm now on Level 2.

Edit (Yet another)  Instead of groping her and wigggling the mouse, clicking only, which raises her discomfort at the same time, was I able to get the pee scene.  So maybe the pee scene requires a minimum discomfort level.

  • Confirmed. I was able to move to the pee scene without Yuzu even reaching orgasm.  Once her discomfort reached about 90%, the scene activated (I kept her pleasure level about equal, but I don't know if this is important).
  • Confirmed +1, All this other supposed methods are not working in my experience. I was stuck for a while in a loop where i would grope her until she orgasms 3 times and then i would get the option to take her to the bathroom. Then i saw this. First I tried to get her discomfort up without getting pleasure, and that didn't work (scene just ended). Then I tried raising the discomfort at about same rate as her pleasure and when both got almost all the way up the scene changed and I got the pee scene.

Edit:In my experience (Ver 1.10) the easiest way to advance levels is to continue groping her bare breasts while she is still on the floor after an orgasm. After an orgasm sometimes she clutches her hand in front of her breast, just make her stand up by groping her neck/mouth and continue groping her. But when she orgasms and her hands are on her pussy, thats the time to go crazy in fondling her bare breasts. You must touch it directly though, (underwear or topless) she cant be fully clothed. I realized this when I groped Kaede +10 times but cant progress but i progressed with Hikaru, HInata, and Tomo in less then 6 groping sessions each by using the aforementioned method. I even progressed with Hinata in less than 4 groping sessions. Haven't tried this on Yuzu Though

Edit: I'm not sure if this made a difference, but after exhausting this wiki, what might actually be the trigger for the pee scene is to give yuzu some space. That is to say, do everything this wiki says, exhaust all you dialouge options, etc etc. Then wait a day or two without groping her. and then try again (I did the discomfort matching the pleasure several times, but it only worked when I had left her alone for a day or two)

Level 3

This level unlocks the rest of the h-positions and she will seems to enjoy groping.

Kaede Same as Level 2, basically, just have a bunch of encounters with her until you get a masturbation scene. Very easy.

Hikaru Cum inside her pussy repeatedly; left-clicking Action even while she's collapsed can help perform this even quicker. Eventually she'll end a session to talk about it, but then open up more about herself. She will agree to be more obedient.

Hinata The hardest girl to break. After having a few encounters you will notice that you always get the same dialouge when finishing a H scene. You now have to fondle her asshole and make her cum three times to break her. It's not clear what the exact conditions for this are though (try to undress her completely, use the vibrator on her and make sure she cums at least once when leaning against the wall). When you finally got it, you will notice that you got a new position (anal sex from behind). Pick this position, make her cum three times and she should end the encounter. To fully break her just have another encounter with her and you are done.

Edit: not hardest, you must play with her ass in grope mode until got anal sex position.

Tomo Make her cum as often as possible. After getting a certain dialouge it seems like you are supposed to make her cum while having an encounter in the toilet, so either break her by having encounters in the toilet only or try to recognise the japanese dialouge, then have encounters in the toilet until she's broken.

I broke her in the train, just kept making her cum over and over until the encounter ended, then i did it again and at the end she was broken.

First i do 3 H-scenes in bathroom and then one scene in the train. Make her cum 5 times while groping (all 5 times make her cum while she leaned her back on a wall), and in the end of encounter i have a long dialog after that she is in level 3.

I think that key to unlocking her is to satisfy her 5 times. I do this in train, quickly undress her and play with breasts and pussy, when she orgasms quickly make her stand up. You have to make her orgasm 5 times before time limit (I assume there is one).

Edit: The key is indeed to make her cum 5 times, however the limit imposed is not time but discomfort (the blue bar on the right while groping). On her fifth orgasm she is particularly sensitive to discomfort meaning that she will end the scene if you do not make her cum on your first grope after her fourth orgasm. This combined with the fact that her pleasure has a tendency to lock at about halfway if your first touch starts before a certain level creates the illusion she is impossible to break. My technique to solving this problem was to let the vibrator slowly bring her pleasure up without touching her after her fourth orgasm and only touching her when it was already near full to guarantee the fifth orgasm. Sometimes even though the bar is full she will not orgasm when u stop touching her (true of any girl) so be wary of this as well (personal technique is to release the button asap on the second time she shudders while u grope her) Do this after triggering the dialogue with kamiya and exhausting the dialogue options (note that dialogue during sex is different when done at low pleasure and high pleasure) in other session with her, otherwise I can't guarantee this will work.

Yuzu Similar to Kaede, just have a few encounters and she should be broken already.

Group Mode

Group Mode is where you gang up on the girl with your "companions". Starting Group Mode with a girl will lock you out of her Solo Mode progression and she will become uncooperative in both modes untill you break her in Group Mode. Reaching Group Level 3 with any girl makes it impossible to reach any good ending (see Endings > Limitations).

Level 1

Kaede: It seems like you need to break her down to Level 3 Solo first, then get the "ending" option for her. Also you need the group sex option for Hikaru, Hinata and Tomo first (you don't need them on Level 1 but the contacts in the "tel" menu). You now should have a new option in the "move" menu which will initiate the first group sex scene with the sister, just click it and play the scene.

Hikaru: after breaking her down to Level 2 Solo and having at least one encounter with her, take her to the toilet and end the scene/let her end the scene. Some text will follow, skip or read it. You now should have a new option in the "tel" menu which basically calls one of the three guys. To initiate the Group H scene with Hikaru, call her first and then pick the only option in the "tel" menu at the station. After that just pick the new option in the "move" menu and play the scene.

Hinata: same as Hikaru, just that you don't need to have at least one encounter with her.

Tomo: same as Hikaru, just that you don't need to have at least one encounter with her.

Yuzu: similar to Kaede, you also need the group sex options for Hikaru, Hinata and Tomo, but only need her at Level 2 Solo. After unlocking the last of the three you will have a short conversation with yourself about the possibility of using your new 3 friends to group molest Kaede the next morning and then another short talk the following morning about Yuzu. Group option is available only after that via the tel menu.

Level 2 and Level 3

It seems like you don't need to do anything special to break them down any further. Just have several group sex sessions with them, make them cum as often as possible and you should unlock Level 2 and Level 3 for them.


For each girl you can get a good ending after reaching Solo Level 3, or a bad ending after reaching Group Level 3.


The game's endings (both good and bad) seem to follow a priority list which corresponds with the order of the girls in Omake Mode from left to right (Kaede > Hikaru > Hinata > Tomo > Yuzu). Basically, if you trigger more than one ending the leftmost girl triggered will be chosen and her ending is going to play out.
Kaede's good ending is considered to be default and its first part (before credits) is ALWAYS going to play out regardless of which good ending you trigger.
Engaging in Group Mode with a girl for the first time will lock you out of her good ending even if you already reached Solo Level 3 with her and triggered it.
Bad endings seem to have higher priority than good endings so if you manage to trigger a bad ending for any girl it will override any good endings you might have triggered (or will) including the girl in question.


The below random tips are for getting an ending with particular girl.

Hikaru After she asks you not to cum inside, instead exhaust her with a chikkan session. After her fourth orgasm, use the two new dialog options ("Tired already?" and "Beg.") The next day at the station remark on her new obedience, and she will ask you to cum inside as much as you like. So do just that, toilet or train. The next time you call, speak to her again at the station, and her ending will become available no matter what you choose to do (even nothing at all.) The swimsuit will become available next time you take her on the train in nothing but her favorite black underwear (Higashiya will give it to you as you leave the train.)

Yuzu It seems hard to get an ending for Yuzu. After getting her to level 3 Solo, you need to speak to her about every subject possible after calling her and then perform certain actions that correspond with the bullying she has been receiving. Here are the following tips from the Japanese wiki:

  • プールでおっぱい小さい→パイズリさせる (paizuri)
  • 卑猥なことばをうんたら→自慰させる (会話で言わせる) (masturbate and make her say something slutty)
  • 先生に大きな声を出せと→口を犯す (mouth rape)
  • おしっこいかせてくれなくて→放尿させる(複数回いたずらすることで発生?) (make her pee, perhaps repeatedly?)edit:according to jap wiki and my experience,to make her pee you must choose this talk option before encounter,make her come about 2-4 times while groping,and watch for when she change pose and her exctasy bar will rise by itself.For me it happened after 4th time,when her exctasy bar were around 60-70%,with her panties down.)
    • (I had to try a fuckton of times - The winning technique was to fondle her to orgasm 3 times by rubbing her panties and touching her face to keep discomfort up (about 50% throughout). After the 3rd, I rubbed her panties to ecstasy ~75% and kept it there the rest of the time, raised her discomfort slightly with touching various places - When discomfort was about 50%, she crossed her legs slightly, and when discomfort was about 75%, I finally got it. Her panties never came down.)
  • 背が低いと馬鹿にされた→顔を見れる体位で (Do her cowgirl facing the main character and make her cum more than once)

It also recommends you do these over a few sessions, preferably twice each and on the train as some are not possible in the bathroom.Edit:Actually,you have to do it only once for each,and game registers execution of each one by specific dialogue at the end of encounter and by removing according talk option from the list.When you have only three(basic banter, as with other girls) left it will mean you have met all conditions

After these are done, one more H session should open up Yuzu's good ending.

Please edit if you find out more specific or accurate tips.