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all characters are at least 18

Itazura Gokuaku [edit]


Technical Help

Groping takes place on the train and is a key gameplay element. You have to grope the girls against their will until they begin to like it and starts asking you to having sex with them instead of resisting.

Groping interface

This section outlines the most important things to be aware of when groping.

Grope Status

Most importantly, there are two bars on the left:


This will increase if you grope her right. If it reaches 100% the girl will orgasm, which will normally be an important step to 'win' the game.


This will increase when you touch her. If it reaches 100% the scene ends and you have failed to progress with the girl.


Use the Clothes menu to undress various parts of clothing. Note that she will eventually dress herself again, so you have to be fast.

Grope location

When you move the mouse over her, the text in the upper corner will change. It indicates that the location is a 'gropable', so to speak. It can for instance indicate whether you will be pinching her nipple or massage her breast, when you hover over her breast. Click and hold the left mouse button to start groping the indicated location.

First Scene

Every girl has an Introduction scene, where they won't let you touch them properly. You can tell because you won't be able to talk to them or undress them. Don't worry about winning, just getting one of the bars up until the scene auto ends. This may happen more than once for Hikaru, Hinata, and Tomo. Just focus on bringing ecstasy up. The scene will probably end before Ecstasy reaches 100%.
Note: Touching the thighs repeatedly may be a quick way to reach the Ecstacy threshold without raising Discomfort too much in the first scene.

Groping technique

To grope you should click and hold a location and then move the mouse until she resists.

First of all you should try to keep Discomfort low while getting Ecstasy up. In the beginning the girls will not let you grope a specific location for long, but in subsequent scenes you will be allowed to grope a location for longer before she stops you. Later on, she will lean back and let you grope her without resisting.

Raising Ecstasy

Undressing before groping is important to raise the Ecstasy bar faster than Discomfort. A good technique seems to be to undress one location, grope another, undress another location, grope the first and so on. Constant switching between tits and crotch/ass is also essential. So keep these things in mind when trying to get Ecstasy up:

  • Undress before groping.
  • The less clothes the more effect groping generally has on Ecstasy.
  • Distract/fool her by undressing one location and grope another.
  • Constantly switch locations.
  • Speed is important. The faster you change location the less time she has to dress herself, because she is busy covering/defending herself.


It is essential to keep Discomfort below 100%, preferably below the current Ecstasy level at all times.

Lowering Discomfort

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid raising Discomfort. Follow these tips to lower it again:

  • Try talking to her by using the top few choices in the Talk menu. It can have significant impact on the Discomfort level, but most often has none.
  • Try repeating the same talking choices several times. It sometimes has an effect.
  • Watch her face and wait. She will calm down after a while - especially if you look at her face and not her tits or crotch.
  • Put all her clothes back in place and wait. From the moment you put the last piece of cloth back in place, and every interval between each discomfort drop, takes 20 seconds. If the discomfort does not drop, check if the bra is in place.

Removing Clothes

Removing clothes is necessary to succeed. This can be a real test on the patience because she will constantly dress herself again. Follow these tips to (hopefully) not lose your mind:

  • Go for getting a part naked for maximum groping efficiency.
  • Speed is of the essence. You have to keep her busy to prevent her dressing herself again.
  • The parts that you can remove depends on the following:
    • Her Ecstasy level.
    • The location of her hands, e.g. if she has both hands over her chest, you will not be able to lift her blouse.
    • Some randomness (?)

Note: Undressing clothing where she has one or more hands will quickly get dressed again.