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Violated Heroine edit




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Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Gold Reward: 5000G
  • Other Rewards: Optional bonus of 5,000G


  • Buy some bread, any bread, from the bakery in the Capital.
  • When leaving the bakery Nanako will bump into a woman who dumps semen all over her on accident.
  • The woman will take Nanako back to her mansion to be cleaned up.
  • While cleaning up in the bath the woman will offer Nanako a job to collect the semen of 100 men.
    • Accepting the offer will reward you with 5,000G when it's completed, but you can get more.
    • First, deny the offer. After that the job will be offered again with a reward of 10,000G.
  • Nanako can deny the job and return at any time to accept it. After she accepts it she will be given a Semen Bag.
  • After accepting the job the woman will reveal her name to be Nemes.
  • In addition to the Semen Bag, Nanako will be given Contraceptive x20. If Nanako is a virgin Nemes questions whether or not she will remain chaste for the duration of the quest.
  • Nanako's Charm will be increased by 10 as a result of semen's invigorating effects.
  • Once Nanako leaves the house, open your inventory and activate the Semen Bag.
    • Every time Nanako has intercourse, any semen on or in her will be collected in the bag.
    • If the bag isn't active and Nanako has semen in her womb, activating the bag will scoop out the semen.
  • Nanako needs to go have enough sex for the bag to be filled with semen of up to 100 guys.
    • Having the Semen Bag automatically gives Nanako the option to work at the Glory Hole.
  • Tip: Having an orgy at the hot spring in Hot Spring Town fills the semen bag by 50, and is repeatable.
  • Once Nanako's Semen Bag is full, return to Nemes to receive the payment.
    • Nemes will proceed to take a kind of bath that makes even Dirty Nanako back away.
  • Completing this quest unlocks Nemes' Realm.
  • After this quest is complete Nanako will be able to prepare her own semen baths.