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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Slums
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Other Rewards: 12G for every guy who cums
  • Available for Nanako, Serena and Ashley when Semen Collection is active. If not, they must be Dirty.
  • Note: Intercourse increases for every dick sucked.
  • Note: Cum Outside increases for every guy who cums.


  • Located in the Slums of the Capital, there's a sex shop Nanako can work in.
    • It's on the east side of the district, just across from the building with a man standing near the doorway.
    • The quickest way to get there would be to use the Guide, head north, then head east through the small alley. It's the southeast house of the four making up the alley.
  • Talking to the manager will allow Nanako to step around to the back and begin servicing men.
  • Men will enter the shop and stick their dick in one of the three holes, Nanako will have to run up and suck on it.
    • There are several kinds of dicks, the really nasty ones effect Nanako's Mental Status.
      • There is a condition that makes Nanako like all dicks. It's either having high dirty, or being horny, or being Half-Succubus.
    • While sucking a dick Nanako will have four options: licking the tip, sucking on it, licking the urethra, or deepthroating it.
    • Depending on Nanako's oral skills, the man may or may not cum.
    • Nanako has three times to make the man cum before he walks away without paying.
  • Each time a man cums in Nanako's mouth, she's given three options: swallow it, hold it in her mouth, or spit it into the Semen Bag, if it's available.
    • Nanako can hold up to two men's semen in her mouth.
    • If a third man cums in her mouth while the Semen Bag is full or not available, she must swallow it.
    • While holding semen in her mouth she's given a boost to her oral skills because her mouth is so slippery.
  • There's a bucket in the corner of the room, it gives Nanako the option to spit out any semen in her mouth, swallow it, or keep it in her mouth.
    • The bucket can be used to spit out any extra semen before leaving the shop if used before speaking with the manager.
  • Each time Nanako sucks as dick, her Tired goes up. If it reaches 100 the job will automatically end.
  • After each round of dicks Nanako will have the option to leave or keep going, the men just keep coming in if she continues.
  • When Nanako is done she can walk around the corner and speak to the manager to collect her reward.
    • If Nanako has any semen in her mouth and the Semen Bag is full or not available she will swallow it before leaving.
  • Once Nanako leaves the shop she has a chance of becoming Horny if she sucked a lot of dicks or get Stomach Pain if she swallowed too much semen.