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Violated Heroine edit




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  • A computer with settings for non-unicode applications set to Japanese: Start Button -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Advanced Tab on Windows XP/ Administrative Tab on Vista and Windows 7. Reboot.
  • The Japanese RPG Maker 2000 RTP, which can be downloaded here (executable archive, use AppLocale set to Japanese [last option in list], see below, to extract the installer correctly) or here
  • For an AppLocale Windows 7/Vista guide see here
  • For information about Downloading the game itself and the partial patch, visit Game Archives page
  • For information about running the game on Linux, see the Linux Setup page


First install the RPG Maker RTP (make sure to set your unicode table before you install it). Keep hitting the the Next Button (the left one) unless you want to install it in different folder othe than the default on C. After the RTP is installed you can unzip the game itself to a folder of your choice (e.g. using 7-zip which is a free open-source file archiver). Now open the folder and double-click on "RPG_RT.exe" to start the game.

Portable version

VH Portable picture
How to make VH portable by integrating the RTP

You can also uninstall the RTP and still be able to play the game. This is useful if you want to save the game on a USB stick or the like and want to play it on different computers. For this to work, copy the contents of the RTP installation directory into the VH Game directory (where all the files of the game are located). Alternatively you can download the RTP files in packed in RAR format here: Mirror . Unzip with WinRAR or 7Zip. If asked to overwrite folders, choose YES, if asked to overwrite (image) files, choose NO!

Open regedit and search for ASCII in \Software\ and save the registry entry of the RTP package. On a different PC, add the saved registry entry to its registry by doublecliking on the .reg file.

Then add the following to your RPG_RT.ini above GameTitle :


You now have a version of VH with the RTP integrated. Note: If you get an error while running RPG_RT.exe, putting the VH Game directory in C:/Program Files might help (it did for me at least).


  • Use the arrow keys to walk, tap the arrow keys twice to run.
  • Use Z to select, X to cancel/open the menu.
  • Use Z to attack when in the overworld (Space key works later in the game too).

You can also use a gamepad instead of the keyboard. The controls for gamepads vary with each pad so you will have to figure it out for yourself.


There are a couple of options for translation.


Instead of AGTH & Translation Aggregator you can use ChiiTrans2. This program requires .NET Framework 4.0. You can also optionally use ATLAS with it. Installing ATLAS instructions

How to use:

  • Start ChiiTrans and click on the link ("Click here to start") in the main window.
  • Select the game .exe
  • If you a not under Japanese locale check "Fix game locale"
  • Click "OK"

Machine translation patch


AGTH + Translation Aggregator

You can use AGTH and Translation Aggregator to translate the on-screen text into english. First you will need to download AGTH from its website(or here). Install AGTH and download Translation Aggreator from Hongfire. Install both of them and now it's time to do some magic.

Create a new shortcut to AGTH. Right-click and open preferences. Now you can modify the link to AGTH under Shortcut. Change the Target into this:

Full path to agth.exe "full path to RPG_RT.exe"

Which should look something like this depending on where you have installed it:

C:\Program Files\agth\agth.exe "C:\porn\VH\RPG_RT.EXE"

If you want the game to start in windowed mode, change your path accordingly:

C:\Program Files\agth\agth.exe "C:\porn\VH\RPG_RT.exe" Dummy ShowTitle Window

Now run the game using the shortcut you just created. Go to the AGTH windows which was opened along with Violated Heroine and press 'Options'. Activate 'Auto copy to clipboard' and hit OK. Make sure you choose the third option in the dropdown menu in AGTH, otherwise you will not get text for Translation Aggregator to translate. Now open up Translation Aggregator and make sure to enable the auto translate from clipboard.

be sure to include /l

Note: On some systems minimizing Violated Heroine can cause it to crash, in this case use ALT+ENTER or F4 to change VH to windowed mode if you need to change settings/streams in translator aggregator while the game is running


  • You can press F4 to get in or out of full-screen.
  • Too long filepath may cause installation/unpacking to fail. If you get odd error messages or the unpacker prompts you to overwrite files in the same archive, move the path closer to root and try again.
  • You can find help and tips in the thread on Hongfire
  • More walkthrough is to be found here, but it's all in japanese language.
  • Some systems will return a DirectDraw error if the game is started in fullscreen mode. If you get a DirectDraw error (will have DD in error message) when starting the game, use the "Dummy ShowTitle Window" option described above to start the game in windowed mode which avoids the error.