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Violated Heroine edit




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  • Speak with Royal Knight wandering around in the middle of the Main Gate in the Capital.
  • Head North through the Noble District until you reach the Castle Gates.
  • Talk to the Captain of Noble's Personal Army to the East.
  • Head into the Zone past the Guard's to the East.
  • Enter the House to the North, you will start a conversation with Gerbera and Liliana.
    • If you have not reached Rank 3 in the Arena you will be moved there.
  • After reaching rank 3 in the Arena return to Gerbera and Liliana's house and sit on the couch across from them. (This conversation is incomplete after talking about Martial Arts Tournament)
  • Head to the basement of Gerbera and Liliana's house and use the magic circle. (The Quest is WIP from here on out)
  • You will be teleported to an Underground Cave and confronted with 3 Orcs.
    • Losing to the orcs will bring you to the Orc Kingdom Prison and trigger a rape scene leading to Ending No.XXX [Nanako's happiness? END]
  • Head South West to another magic circle.
    • A scene plays teleporting you back to the entrance of the Underground cave where a Ninja kills the Orcs.
  • Head South West to the magic circle again to arrive at Under World Entrance.
  • Head North to the Underground City, a beastman will introduce you.
  • Head to the Weapon's shop in the Underground City and talk to Gree.