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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Hot Spring Town
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • Gold Reward: 2500G
  • EXP Reward: 500EXP
  • Warning: Do not attempt this quest with companions (like Rin or Ashley) present. Doing that will freeze the game the moment after switching control to Erika.
  • Note: Doing this quest after Rescue Ashley requires you to travel to Grihastha and recruit Hanten from the guild there.


  • Enter the building just north of the shops.
  • Erika and Benetta/Hanten will be standing in front of a room, enter that room and speak with the woman.
  • The train is attacked. Nanako, Erika, and Benetta/Hanten must protect the cargo by defeating the raiders.
  • The first room contains two chests, one with Salve x2 and the other Soul Sake x2.
  • Continue north and you will pass a guard, he's also a shopkeeper and sells Salve, Soul Sake, Life Sake.
  • There is one more chest in the area which contains a Fairy Sake.
  • Eventually Nanako and the others reach a door which can't be opened and decide to split up.
  • With Nanako on the roof, continue north until the train shakes, she will fall onto the cargo cart and be joined by Lhat.
  • Continue north, there's a door which needs a key to be unlocked.
    • The key is dropped by a cyclops.
    • The cyclops has a barrier spell which reflects attacks.
  • Unlock the door and enter the cart. Immediately to your left is a chest containing 700G.
  • Continue north, one of the Kobolds near the door drops the Magic Key needed to unlock it.
  • Nanako and Lhat will now be in a room full of glass canisters of some sort. Defeat all the Kobolds which appear then exit the room.
  • You now take control of Erika.
    • Erika has a basic melee attack which seems to bug out. You have to move each time you use it or it wont hit anything.
      • Fighting unarmed, while not as fast as Nanako, seems to avoid the bug listed above.
    • Erika's Shift attack lobs Bomb Stones, they deal heavy damage but the move takes a long time to charge up.
    • The bombs do almost no damage to Erika so feel free to use them in close range.
    • It's still possible to be stripped and raped as Erika.
    • If you're knocked out while playing as Erika the game will mess up and move you to the guild infirmary as Erika.
      • You can pretty much play the rest of the game as Erika, only most of the content will be kinda screwed up and you can't complete the guild quests in Hot Spring Town.
    • While still in the cart with all the guards it's possible to check Erika's stats with the Secret Diary.
  • Inside the first room is a chest containing Bomb Stone x15 as well as the same guard from before.
  • One of guards will tell you that car links are safe spots where you can readjust torn clothes.
  • The next room is full of barrels, the door does not require a key. There's a chest containing a Recovery Medicine.
  • The next room contains two chests, each with 500G inside. There's also a Bomb Stone in there. One of the Kobolds drops a key to open the door.
  • In the next room you'll find another another Bomb Stone on the left side of the room behind the spears. Symmetrical to it there is a VH Heart on the right side of room. The door does not require a key.
  • Continuing on you will find a chest in the left room containing Bomb Stone x10 as well as two more Bomb Stones near the door. One of the Kobolds drops a key to open the door.
  • Inside the next cart awaits a samurai, Erika must defeat him to continue.
    • During the fight axes will be spinning all over the place, they deal light damage. Be careful of getting cornered in a wall by them.
    • The samurai has a dashing attack similar to Minotaurs, it can deal heavy damage when connecting.
    • It's recommended you use whatever Bomb Stones you have for this fight, run around the boxes and use them as targets since the blasts deal damage to the whole area.
    • The boxes can be pushed around. If they're destroyed they drop a Bomb Stone.
  • After defeating the samurai he transforms into a beast. Benetta/Hanten and Lhat come to assist Erika.
  • You now regain control of Nanako.
  • The next few rooms are the same as before. Defeat the monsters, grab the key, open the door.
  • There are two chests next to the last door, both containing Salve x2.
  • Once leaving the room Nanako will be attacked, a short cutscene plays, then Nanako enters the room and attacks.
  • Defeat the boss.
    • There are two bosses during this fight. One is translucent and the other has flaming skulls circling it.
    • The translucent one will slowly walk around and strip Nanako's clothes off. If she's naked he will rape her. He cannot be attacked.
    • The other one with the skulls is the one you need to beat. The skulls deal damage upon contact but can be destroyed.
    • Every now and then the skulls will move in a wide circle, creating an opportunity for melee attacks.
    • The statues moving around the area will occasionally shoot orbs which deal damage on contact.
  • After defeating the boss reinforcements enter the room and apprehend the villains.
  • Nanako, Erika, and Benetta/Hanten return to the guild and are rewarded.
  • Nanako receives a Provincial Free Pass.