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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Hearts when moving the mouse.
  • Q: What do those hearts mean when you move the cursor around?
    A: Hearts are shown whenever a characters sexual preference is met which is chosen in the maker. Blue hearts indicate that your character likes that position and red hearts indicate that your partner likes that position. Blue and red hearts mean both characters like that position.
  • Q: Are there 3P in AA2?
    A: Not as an interactive feature. If a lover interrupts your sex with their other lover and their love is high enough, the 3P option may appear. Selecting it leads to dialog scene with them both showing their private parts to you, then the scene fades to black.
  • Q: My girlfriend/boyfriend refuses to have sex with me?
    A: If they are virgin, they sometimes ask you to follow and then they initiate sex. If you are in a relationship, you can use "Force" to initiate sex.
  • Q: My partner has ended the sex scene after switching to another position?
    A: If your partner is a virgin, she/he might want to take things slow. Make sure, that you do some foreplay and after that you can try another position. Don't get mad if your partner ends the scene here. Try again the next day.
  • Q: How do I end a sex scene? I can't click the button?
    A: The button becomes available after your partner has finished her/his orgasm.
  • Q: How can I make my partner cum?
    A: There's no 'real' climax like in AA1. You must start by selecting one of the blue positions. Once animation starts, you'll see red buttons with a sparkling texture. These animations will trigger an orgasm. After finishing orgasm, you can either select another climax-pose or one penetration-pose.
  • Q: How does forced sex work? I always get 0%.
    A: To be able to force someone to have sex, your target must a) have the "Weak/Blackmailable/Exploitable" trait or b) be in a lover relationship with your character. You will still only get 3%(for "Weak/Blackmailable/Exploitable") or 1%(for lover) at the first try. You can keep trying however and the precentage will increase. This will take 1-4 attempts before they give in. Forced sex ignores sexual preferences.
  • Q: How do I know whether it's the girl's safe day or not?
    A: You only get the lines of dialog indicating safe or unsafe days if you initiate sex in the open (as of patch v1.04.) The alternatives to that are to never cum inside during vaginal penetration, test H with the girl for risk in the morning and reload, or use a save editor to view the character's full safe and risk days.


  • 4 Shows/hides current character
  • 5 Shows/hides partner
  • 4 Shows/hides penis
  • 7 Shows/hides background characters
  • 8 Shows/hides 3D objects
  • 9 Change focus point movement
  • 0 Sets boy to transparent model
  • A / S Change Speed. Also works with mousewheel up/down
  • Middle-click Set speed to auto, which varies at short intervals
  • Q / W / E Move focus point

Getting started

Sex inside the Love Hotel
  1. Bring a character who appears interested to a secluded location, where interruption is unlikely or to a secret place.
  2. Select a position using the side buttons as desired.
  3. Click the door icon the the bottom left corner to exit the scene.

You can also initiate sex more easily with characters who have low virtue, the "Exploitable/Weak/Blackmailable" trait (by Forced sex), and other modifiers like the "Perverted/Lewd" trait. Refer to here for more info about the traits and their modifiers.

H compatibility

Higher H Compatibility will unlock more positions that can make it even easier to increase compatibility. As compatibility increases, the partners become more comfortable with positions that don't match their preferences, and begin to enjoy them. Compatibility also reduces the time expended for each position taken; at minimum compatibility 4-5 positions can take up a full period, at maximum compatibility the time cost for each position becomes negligible.

H Compatibility increases during sex by choosing positions which match sexual preferences.

  • Blue Hearts indicate a position that satisfies one or more of the player's preferences, and increases compatibility slowly.
    AA Heart Blue.jpg
  • Pink Hearts indicate a position that satisfies one or more of the partner's preferences, and increases compatibility faster.
    AA Heart Red.jpg
  • Pink and Blue hearts match both partners' preferences, and increases H-compatibility quickest.
  • Orgasm positions multiply the effect for the partner who orgasms.
  • Positions that match multiple preferences are difficult to distinguish by Hearts alone, but their effect is added to compatibility increases.
  • Compatibility only increases the first time a preferred position is selected during an H session.

Though H-compatibility doesn't directly affect Love, Love increases when a partner's preferences are satisfied. The Ahegao state doesn't grant any additional increases, but does increase Love.

H Compatibility between two characters will sharply decay unless they are Lovers, or one is an Exploitable taken by Force.

H-Compatibility Levels

Compatibility Levels Positions Available Climax Positions Available
Difficult (0-99) Service female.jpgBreast groping, Cunnilingus, Anilingus, Kissing and petting Service male.jpgLicking standing, Licking laying, Standing blowjob, Paizuri, Licking on surface, Sitting blowjob Service fem orgasm.jpgFingering, Together (lesbian)
Foreplay H button.jpg69(lesbian), Masturbation(lesbian) Service male orgasm.jpgStanding, Handjob
Intercourse button.jpgMissionary, Doggy style, Cowgirl, Sitting in lap, Missionary on surfaceAnal H button.jpgDoggy style Intercourse orgasm.jpgHolding Hands,Kissing Anal orgasm.jpgFacing
Normal (100-199) Service female.jpgNipple licking, Finger insertion Service male.jpgBlindfold handjob Foreplay H button.jpgSitting mutual, Straddle handjob Service fem orgasm.jpgCunnilingusService male orgasm.jpgLicking Intercourse orgasm.jpgKissing
Intercourse button.jpgMissionary raised hips, Top-down bottom-up, Hugging cowgirl, On side, Doggy style on surfaceAnal H button.jpgMissionary
Good (200-399) Service female.jpgFace sitting, PiledriverService male.jpgPaikoki, FootjobForeplay H button.jpg69 (hetero), Standing mutual Service male orgasm.jpgTitjob Intercourse orgasm.jpgCowgirl
Intercourse button.jpgCowgirl legs in front, Against wall, Sitting in lap kissing, Doggy style on surface legs upAnal H button.jpgReverse cowgirl, On side Anal orgasm.jpgHolding from behind
Great (400-699) Service female.jpgAnal teasing Service male.jpgLegs up, Analingus Foreplay H button.jpgKissing mutual, Thigh job Anal H button.jpgAgainst wall, Sitting in lap Service male orgasm.jpgDeepthroatIntercourse orgasm.jpgLegs up
Perfect (700-999) Service female.jpgSpread pussy licking Service male.jpgSack Licking, Deepthroat Foreplay H button.jpgBlowjob/Masturbation, Deepthroat/MasturbationIntercourse button.jpgCowgirl handjob, Kissing leg lock Anal H button.jpgDouble V-sign Intercourse orgasm.jpgTogether Anal orgasm.jpgTogether


Condom Intro (public sex only)
Used Condom (after sex)

Condom is a usable contraceptive in-game. It prevents a girl's impregnation on dangerous days. Its use is determined by specific conditions that can not be directly influenced by the player. During a h-scene, a condom is visible as a pink ring around the penis.

The following are the requirements of condoms being used and additional info:

  • A girl must be at high risk day (see the Pregnancy Section for more information).
  • A girl must have normal/high/highest virtue.
  • (only inside secret places) A girl must not have the "No Condom" and/or "Creampies" sexual preference.
  • Sex outside of secret places provides an unique dialogue scene while inside has no indication at all.
  • A girl with Genuine trait will use condom during first sex even if not lover, virgin, nor low risk day.

Early trial-and-error has resulted in some false rumors. They are mentioned here to clarify.

  • Condoms are not used on low risk days. Only high risk days will lead to their use.
  • Trade-Items in general don't have an effect on condom use.
  • To trigger the scene where the girl is showing off the used condom(as seen on the right), finish sex after cumming inside but not too often(less than three times usually). It should be noted that the actual scene shown is dependent on the personality of the girl.

Private Rooms

You'll find some places which you can only enter when a Character is following you. These locations are shown in purple text and sex is automatically initiated when you enter them. However, sometimes your follower may refuse depending on mood/relation.

Love hotel
Worldmap with marked secret locations
  • Love hotel: Pink neon sign outside the train station.
  • Machine room: Located on the sports grounds.
  • Counseling room: Located outside the counseling room.
  • Gym storeroom: Located in the gym
  • Boys'/girls' toilets: Located in the boys'/girls' toilets.
  • Boys'/girls' showers: Located in the boys'/girls' showers. **This room has the special attribute of making you and your girl's skin shiny just like "Sweat a lot" trait

Note: Passing through toilets and showers of the opposite sex to reach the private rooms may surprise, shock, anger or excite the occupants if you aren't escorted. A partner who escorts you in will not escort you out, so take care to move quickly when done.

Your room or your partner's can become available in the evening by inviting another character to study, or accepting their invitation. A character will accept or refuse based on the conditions for entering any other Private Room. If your partner's Ecchi is maximum, H will begin, otherwise you will receive the study prompt (for a guarantee of H, Kiss/Talk about Lewd Things until they're horny.) You will be invited to another character's room without the pretense of study when fulfilling a Lewd Promise.

Private Rooms can be shared. If you see a couple going to a room, it is possible to enter the room with your partner.


This section is about the ahegao mode (aka. exhausted/tongue out). It can be happen with both hetero-sexual (male/female) and homo-sexual (female/female) pairings. Ahegao is possible for both females in the homo-sexual case, if both have the same sexual preferences. Some traits will make a female squirt while climaxing in ahegao mode.

Sexual Preference

Using the Maker there is a Sexual Preference section at "Traits" tab. Up to two preferences can be chosen for each character(Or more, if the unlocked AA2Edit by Phil26 is used). There are some kind of "Plus Effect" if two two related preferences are chosen, like Fellatio+Swallowing or Anal Play+Creampie that really boost LOVE stat (need more research).

  • Kissing : all the move they kissing while doing effect
  • Breast Caressing : all moves that play with Breast (Grouping, Paizuri) will effect
  • Vagina Caressing : all moves that play with Vagina (finger insert, Kissing while sit on lap) will effect
  • Penis Caressing : all moves that stroke the Penis, with hand, breasts, thighs, etc.
  • Cunnilingus : Cunnilingus move will effect
  • Fellatio : Blowjob move will effect
  • Doggy style : Most move that do from behind (curiously on some count and some not) will effect
  • Femdom : Most girl on top move will effect
  • Anal play : all anal move will effect
  • No condom : "All" insertion move with NPC character that not have Genuine trait or Anal move from NPC with Genuine trait will effect (Kinda cheat since PC will not use condom even have this trait on)
  • Swallowing : finish move that cum inside girl mouth effect
  • Creampie : both vagina and anal cum inside effect
  • Bukkake : finish move that make you cum outside effect (not cum outside icon on other move)

How to

It's easy... just use a finishing move according to the girls Sexual Preferences twice...That will trigger Ahegao mode.

Ahegao-able move

  • Cum by finger - Vaginal Carress
  • Cum by Cunnilingus - Cunnilingus
  • Cum while kissing - Fendom, Kissing
  • (Anal)cum holding from behind - Anal play
  • (Anal)cum together - Anal play, Doggy style

for Female-Female

  • Cum by fingering - Vaginal Carress
  • Cum by Cunnilingus - Cunnilingus
  • Cum together - Vaginal Carress (Can trigger Dual Ahegao if both got Preference)
  • Cum while kissing - Kissing, Fendom
  • (Anal)Cum holding from behind - Anal play, Doggy style

After you make her Ahegao, you can switch to move in the same Preference that you make her ahegao Like if you make girl with "Doggy Style" preference ahegao by "(anal)Cum holding from behind" you can switch to (intercourse)Doggy style or (anal) Doggy style and she will still be in Ahegao mode as long as you don't switch to an other attribute move. This does not include the Foreplay and Fellatio set of moves. Some finishing moves cannot trigger Ahegao but can be used with Ahegao by switching to them after triggering Ahegao with different moves.


impregnation cycle(editor)

Each female character has hidden a cycle of risky (impregnation possible) and safe days (no risk of pregnancy) randomly generated on character creation.

This cycle is always 14 days long, but it varies from girl to girl what the exact cycle is, so one girl may have a cycle that looks like this:

  • 4 safe days
  • 4 high-risk days
  • 2 safe days
  • 4 low-risk days
  • Repeat

Another may have a cycle that looks like this:

  • 1 low-risk day
  • 2 safe days
  • 4 low-risk days
  • 4 high-risk days
  • 3 safe days
  • Repeat

The chance of impregnation in high risk/low risk days are unknown at this point.

High risk days pregnancy

When trying to initiate intercourse outside of a safe zone, girls will make remarks about it being a risky day:

  • Normal/High/Highest virtue girls with low intimacy will refuse sex; "No way! It's a dangerous day!"
  • Normal/High/Highest virtue girls with high intimacy will ask/force you to wear a condom when initiating sex.
  • Low/Lowest virtue girls will accept raw sex but will warn you to cum outside (No condom, ever).

When entering a safe zone (Love Hotel, Machine Room, Home, etc.), there will be no extra dialogue to indicate that it is as risky day. Girls with Normal/High/Highest virtue with low intimacy won't follow you into safe zones. The exception is the "Let's Study at home" activity which is inviting to home and this will initiate raw sex.

When coming inside during intercourse, the girl will make a remark about a possible pregnancy afterwards.

Low risk days

When trying to initiate intercourse outside of a safe zone, girls will make remarks about it being a risky day:

  • Normal/High/Highest virtue girls with low intimacy may avoid sex with ambiguous tone.
  • All girls with high intimacy will accept raw sex with a bit of hesitating; "it might be dangerous but... never mind."

If a girl is impregnated, she will confront you about it 3-4 game-weeks later, which results in a game over. The pregnant girl can then be transferred out of the class in order to keep on playing (see the Condom Section for contraceptive guidelines).


3P (only intro & outro exist)

There is a kind of 3P in the game, where three characters can have a kind of lewd love triangle. If two are having sex in public the third partner may ask to join in. Note that the screen just fades to black, so there are no 3P H scenes in the game!

How to

Make a class with two girls and one guy, all Lewd with lowest virtue etc.

  1. Start play as one of the girls and romance the other girl, have sex with her, but don't get into a relationship.
  2. Once you have had sex end the day and switch to playing the guy.
  3. Playing as the guy have sex with both girls. Now everyone should have had sex with everyone.
  4. Confess to both of the girls by the end of the day.
  5. Switch over to the girl and confess to the other girl.
  6. Now everyone is dating everyone.
  7. Have sex in public and the third party will ask to join in.