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all characters are at least 18

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Main Character

犬塚 七生 (いぬづか ななお, Inuzuka Nanao)
Not voiced
  • Put in charge of the villa.
  • Childhood friend of the sisters, but hasn't seen them in a few years.

Eldest Sister

夕凪 那ノ羽 (ゆうなぎ なのは, Yūnagi Nanoha)
Voiced by: Kusayanagi Junko (草柳順子)
  • Mature elder sister.
  • Older than main character.
  • Average breast size.

Second Oldest Sister

夕凪 乃亜 (ゆうなぎ のあ, Yūnagi Noa)
Voiced by: Aoba Ringo (青葉りんご)
  • Full of pride and selfish tsundere sister.
  • Cannot be frank and unintentionally ends up acting brave.
  • Likes classic music and is seeking the way of the musicians. Moreover, her skills are catastrophic at anything but music.
  • Although strong-willed, she is clumsy and is easily brought to tears.
  • Same age as main character.
  • Small breast size.

Youngest Sister

夕凪 八雲 (ゆうなぎ やくも, Yūnagi Yakumo)
Voiced by: Oukawa Mio (桜川未央)
  • Quiet/gentle sister, yandere.
  • Younger than main character.
  • Large breast size.