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all characters are at least 18

@HomeMate [edit]



Technical Help



Events are scripted scenes that can be triggered by certain actions.

Location Nanoha Yakumo Noa
1st floor Cleaning your ears Snack time Massage her leg
2nd floor Swinging the sword Stop you from killing the rabit (?) Swordplay
Bath frontroom Fan her Lift up Checking her laundry
Church Carry her up Carry her up Playing violin
Falls Snack's Cleaning your ears Playing water
Farm Play frisbee Play frisbee Play catchball
Kitchen Cooking Drawing Listen to music
Lake Play beach volleyball Play beach volleyball Play beach volleyball
Girl's room Get massaged by her Sit on your thigh Get massaged by her
Nanao's room Sleep with her Massage her shoulder Sleep on your lap

Random Events

Random events can be triggered at anytime in each location if a girl with at least affection level 2 is present. These events can be triggered by performing actions.

AHM UI Action.png

To start an action, move the mouse around the environment until you see this icon and left-click. Most action points also have a sub-action which you can activate several times by left-clicking again. You can use these sub-actions too to get the girls interest and do it until you trigger the event. Most rooms and locations have more then one action point and in most cases it doesn't matter which one is used, but in a few cases a certain action is related to a specific event with a specific girl, so it is needed to try several things out when you get the idea you missed something. Some action points require a specific condition, like 'holding hands', to trigger a different event then the default one. For example: entering the boat at the lake together.

AHM UI Mood Attention.png

If you perform the action long enough (usually around 5 seconds), this icon will appear near the girls photo. This means you have caught her interest and she will come up and say something. This will only happen if the girl is at least in a happy mood (smiling face). This will have a chance of increasing her arousal once her virginity is taken care of.

AHM UI Mood Event.png

This icon means you have triggered an event. This might happen after performing an action only once, but will always be triggered after performing any three actions during a visit to an area or room (allowing the girl to react each time). This requires at least 2 Affection points.

Each girl has a different event for each location. Events include beach volleyball, Frisbee, a massage, or listening to the girl play the violin.

Successfully completing !! events counts as a enjoyable event at the end of the day +30 points.

Each time you do a ! event it counts as a pleasant event at the end of the day +10 points.

Both are infinitely repeatable as long as the girl is not in horny mode. Releasing horny mode by talking with her does not have any detrimental effect.

Dating Events

Dating events are special events that can only be triggered while on a date. See the Dates guide for more info.

Ecchi Events

Ecchi events are special ecchi situations that are triggered by meeting certain requirements. See the H guide for more info.

Lunchtime Events

Every midday additional optional events can occur.

Girls with a riceball icon on the map will serve lunch, either at the Ranch, the Waterfall, or if at home, then she will be in the Kitchen. The quality of the food improves with the girl's mood, but if she has been ignored all morning, the food will be burnt. Morning 69/Cowgirl will not count, nor will gifts, but simply visiting the room she is in will. Joining a girl for lunch will count as an extremely enjoyable event at the end of the day, regardless of the quality of food.

Lewd girls never serve lunch, but may be sleeping at the lake (Sleeping Beauty), or waiting in an unlocked bath or toilet (Toilet/Bath Sex). Lewd girls with lower mood but high H may be found in Yuri events with other girls. The H guide describes these events.