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all characters are at least 18

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  • Savegame hacking


Since it is impossible to have all cum traits activated at the same time, and very hard to switch between them since they depend on the number of times you came on a girl in a certain way, I have tried to figure out how to hack the savegames.

Ok first you need a Hex Editor to edit your savegame if you don't already have one... 'Neo Free Hex Editor' is a good one. [1]

Now, make a backup of the savegame that you would like to hack, just in case. Open it with your hex editor and you will see something like on this picture:

  • I have marked the location of the traits for each of the girl.. 28 is swallowing and masochistic and 12 is bukkakke and lewd...
  • If you want all traits enabled, replace them with 7f, or check the list at the end of this page.

AHM HexSave AllTraits.jpg

Afterwards just save the file and load your savegames.

Now you can see all the cum animations during just one session BUT as soon as the day ends the traits reset depending on the highest stat of each girl.

That means the best you can do right now is find the right stat to hack and set it to max (see list in the end of this page)... so for example if your favorite animation is squirting out the cum.. just make sure cumming inside is and stays the highest stat by setting it to a value much higher than everything else. I added another picture as an example of what it looks like when all the cum inside together stats are set to about 700+.

AHM HexSave AllInsindeStats.jpg

If you want to pick another, do the following:

  • Look at your girls stats and memorize the value of the stats you want to change.
  • Now in Neo HE menu, go to Tools → Calculator ...
  • Make sure 'Dec' is selected, this tells the calculator that you're going to put in a decimal value.
  • Put in the first value you memorized, then activate 'Hex' and the calculator will translate your decimal into hex code.
  • Just find this code at the top of your savegame and replace it with something much higher... I used 03 7F in the attached pic.
  • (Note that hex code is always written in blocks of 2 digits. If the hex editor for example tells you that 999 equals 3E7 ... adding that to the savegame you have to write in 03 E7)

Simply repeat this for all the values, save your game and load it up. if all went right your stats should be adjusted the way you like.. and voilá from the next day on, your favourite cum trait will remain activated until the end of eternity

Note: Having all traits active at once seems to crash the game when trying to initiate a H scene when the girl is NOT in Heart Mode this seems to happen because the traits in some cases tell the game which kind of dialogue to pick; so be careful of the use of E7 value.

Note: There is a cheat table[2] for cheat engine[3], a program to create your own trainers which allows you to instead change these values during gameplay and avoid these crashes. Credits go to kvaj for this one.

Here's a "map" of what each number in savegame means

In the following list you can read what each number in the savegame means. The numbers are displayed when using hex editors like Neo Free Hex Editor. "1e" means the value in the 2nd row (00000010) and in the 15th column (0e).

Note: "H Total, Inside, Outside, Climax, Climax In, Climax Out, Mouth" means the number of times it's been done, with 999 (03E7) as max.

General settings

  • 00 Day #
  • 01 Weekday (00 = Monday)
  • 02 Daytime (00 Event, 01 Morning, 02 Daytime, 03 Event, 04 Night, 05 Night, 06 Event, 07 Late Night)
    (Event means you get stuff)
  • 03-08 This is the date and time the file is saved


  • 0c-0d Number of hearts (If you use e803 you get 4)
  • 10 Completion Yes or No? (Yes if 01)
  • 11 Mood (01 Normal, 02 Happy, 03 Horny, 07 Bad Mood)
  • 18-19 H Total (value)
  • 1a-1b Inside (value)
  • 1c-1d Outside (value)
  • 1e-1f Climax (value)
  • 20-21 Climax In (value)
  • 22-23 Climax Out (value)
  • 24-25 Mouth (value)
  • 26 Mode (see bottom of this post)


  • 28-29 Number of hearts (If you use e803 you get 4)
  • 2c Yes or No? (Yes if 01)
  • 3d Mood (01 Normal, 02 Happy, 03 Horny, 07 Bad Mood)
  • 34-35 H Total (value)
  • 36-37 Inside (value)
  • 38-39 Outside (value)
  • 3a-3b Climax (value)
  • 3c-3d Climax In (value)
  • 3e-3f Climax Out (value)
  • 40-41 Mouth (value)
  • 42 Mode (see bottom of this post)


  • 44-45 Number of hearts (If you use e803 you get 4)
  • 48 Yes or No? (Yes if 01)
  • 49 Mood (01 Normal, 02 Happy, 03 Horny, 07 Bad Mood)
  • 50-51 H Total (value)
  • 52-53 Inside (value)
  • 54-55 Outside (value)
  • 56-57 Climax (value)
  • 58-59 Climax In (value)
  • 5a-5b Climax Out (value)
  • 5c-5d Mouth (value)
  • 5e Mode (see bottom of this post)


Mode is a special number related to the girls traits. To set the mode you like you need to set the first and second number to the values below. For example, if you want Yukomo to have Bukkakke (1#) & Wife (#1) you need to set 5e to 11.

  • 0# None
  • 1# Bukkakke
  • 2# Swallow
  • 3# Bukkakke + Swallow
  • 4# Come Inside
  • 5# Bukkakke + Come Inside
  • 6# Swallow + Come Inside
  • 7# Bukakke + Swallow + Come Inside
  • #0 Virgin
  • #1 Wife
  • #2 Lewd
  • #3 Lewd + Wife
  • #4 S
  • #5 S + Wife
  • #6 Lewd + S
  • #7 Wife + Lewd + S
  • #8 M
  • #9 Wife + M
  • #a Lewd + M
  • #b Wife + Lewd + M
  • #c S + M
  • #d Wife + S + M
  • #e Lewd + S + M
  • #f Wife + Lewd + S + M

RE: Going Straight to 4 Heart Crash

  • If your girls are still at 1 or 2 hearts and you hacked the hex code straight to e803, if you proceed to the next day with their behaviour trait is still non-virgin, the game will crash upon commencing H-mode. (Does not happen while peeping)
  • A solution to this is by inserting 599 points (5702 hex code). When the night ends, your girls will earn their behaviour traits.