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all characters are at least 18

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H-scenes observations so far:

"Story Mode"
  • Controls:
  • Large fast circles with cursor speeds up the sex.
  • Small slow ones slows it down.
  • Scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel changes main positions. Alternatively the Z and X keys also perform the similar function.
  • Scroll mouse click (or pressing the C button on keyboard) makes the protagonist, heroine, or both cum depending on if the cursor is blue, pink, or blue and pink respectively.
  • Wiggling the cursor left to right changes the current position slightly, each main position seems to have two or three sub-positions. (I am fairly certain this matters more in free mode.)
  • Left clicking on a character centers the camera on that part. It also makes the characters do a single, more forceful thrust or whatever move that fits the position.
  • Use the number on the keyboard, not the numpad, for these:
1: Cycles between making the protagonist invisible but leaving his penis visible, the protagonist completely invisible, or having the protagonist fully visible.
2: Show crosshair toggle. The plus icon that shows when moving the camera around.
3: Removes scene geometry, leaving the characters in a white void.
4: Toggles whether or not objects will be removed if they obstruct line of sight to the characters.
5: Removes the observing character in free mode. Sometimes they still comment, unsure if bug or feature.

  • Scenes you unlock when playing or revisit from the main menu seems to be more locked down than the ones free-mode offer. There are also minor differences.
  • You can only climax in one pre-determined position. (Feel free to test more, I never got anything to happen however.)
Hyper Mode/Free Mode
  • Controls are the same. The difference is that by moving the cursor to the left of the screen will show you a scene select menu.
  • The fabled ahegao seems to happen when you make the girl climax twice in a row, back to back in one position. Pressing C or scroll mouse button right when input is accepted again. Climaxing three times in a row in one position unlocks small changes in some of the heroines. Heart pupils, for example, are exclusive to Naana (The gyaru/girl with tan and blonde hair). Naana will go heart pupils in most any form of penetrative sex in Hyper Mode/Free Mode. With Shion the hair clip holding her bangs back will unclip and have her bangs go loose (Also in other scenes involve sex with Shion she'll have pom-poms). With Amai consecutive sexual scenes will have her wearing her glasses.
  • The protagonist can reach a similar ahegao state in scenes where he receives hand/blow jobs. (Possibly if the cursor is starts default blue only, alternately, positions where the cursor only starts blue.) Any scene following the protagonist ahegao'ing will have him wearing panties over his head.
  • Simultaneous climax can be unlocked if the position permits it. As a rule of thumb, if the boy/girl aren't getting stimulated they can't climax. In my tests so far, there are no cases where no stimulation in a position leads to climax. However, I have had positions where a girl has been stimulated yet the cursor never turned pink. There have been no cases so far where a grey cursor remained grey.
  • After some testing I found that fastest way to make the cursor go blue/pink/blue and pink seems to be circling the cursor to reach top speed. After that, alternate between wiggling and circling the cursor. Also alternate between making small and large circles.
  • If you made the protagonist orgasm inside of a heroine atleast two or three times in a row then switch to another sex scene with a girl in the same room then the previous girl you were having sex with will show up in the room and have semen leak out of her.

Minor differences between Free and "Story" mode:
  • There are various discrepancies between free mode and story mode scenes. Some items in story mode are not in free mode. P.E. teachers cell phone. Exchange students onahole. Most positions are the same, the only difference I've found so far is with the sister. In story mode, final H scene you can cum inside her, this position is gone in free mode.
  • In free mode there will be a random observer in all scenes. This girl will comment on the sex and can be removed pressing 5 on the keyboard. Not the numpad.
  • In free mode, climax status appears to be randomized between positions each time. A position that gives you simultaneous climax one time might have a grey cursor the next time. Climaxes can be unlocked however.
  • In free mode, Ouji's penis is larger.


(Full disclaimer, I don't speak japanese at all, this is only from observing general behaviour etc.) (Names can be found in the game's manual)


  • 中野 桜司 (なかの おうじ) - Nakano Ouji - CV:かざりゆえ (Kazari Yue) - A first-year student. Was made to join the student council by the desires (or ambition?) or his older sister. Has a cutesy appearance, but wants to become manlier.


  • 中野 守凛 (なかの しゅり) - Nakano Shiori - CV:榛名れん (Haruna Ren) - A third-year student. Biological older sister of Ouji, and president of the student council. She's a severe bro-con who would sacrifice anything for her little brother. She is the one who encourages (or outright orders) the student council members to have sex with Ouji.

Sec shiori.jpg

  • 荻窪 天衣 (おぎくぼ あまい) - Ogikubo Amai - CV:片倉ひな (Katakura Hina) - A third-year student. Also the childhood friend of Ouji's sister. She's the assistant of Shiori in the student council. Gentle in both appearance in personality, she is appealing to everyone. She took Ouji's virginity at some point in the past.

Sec amai.jpg

  • 三鷹 スジャータ (みたか すじゃーた) - Mitaka Sujāta - CV:御苑生メイ (Misonoo Mei) - Second-year student. The High-Tension secretary of the student council. LOVES adult goods, and always carries them around with her.

Sec sujata.jpg

  • 立川 奈亜耶 (たちかわ なあな) - Tachikawa Naana - CV:あかしゆき (Akashi Yuki) - Third-year student. The student council's accountant who loves to fool around with men. Contrary to her gyaru appearance she's a good girl.

Sec naana.jpg

  • 日野 桃寧 (ひの もね) - Hino Mone - CV:八尋まみ (Yahiro Mami) - Second-year student. The quiet tea maker of the student council. She adores Shiori, everyone else other than her she is cold and apathetic to.

Sec mone.jpg

  • 神田 愛紗 (かんだ あいしゃ) - CV:琴吹司 (Kotobuki Tsubasa) - Kanda Aisha - Second-year student. A spirited tomboy who wears a male uniform and even men's underwear.

Sec aisha.jpg

  • 高尾 琴梨 (たかお ことり) - CV:蓬かすみ (Yomogi Kasumi) - Takao Kotori - A weak-hearted school teacher. Always timid, though has an unspoken perversion.

Sec kotori.jpg

  • 豊田 至恩 (とよだ しおん) - CV:咲ゆたか (Saki Yutaka) - Toyoda Shion - Second-year student. An aggressive girl who respects the school rules. Has an inferiority complex about her miniature appearance.

Sec shion.jpg