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Ouji Nakano (中野 桜司)
CV: Yue Kazari (かざりゆえ)
The main protagonist of Secrossphere. A first-year student. Blue hair, young boy. He desires to become manly. He was forced to join the Student Council by her older sister.
Shuri Nakano (中野 守凛)
CV: Ren Haruna (榛名れん)
A third-year student. Blue hair, Ouji's older sister. The student council president. An absolute brocon who'll do anything to please her little brother.
Amai Ogikubo (荻窪 天衣)
CV: Hina Katakura (片倉ひな)
A third-year student. Pink long hair, very busty. Childhood friend of the Nakano siblings, working as the student council assistant. She is a sweet and caring girl.
Naana Tachikawa (立川 奈亜那)
CV: Yuki Akashi (あかしゆき)
A third-year student. Blonde ponytail, tan gal. The student council treasurer girl who loves playing with boys. She's a smart girl.
Sujata Mitoka (三鷹 スジャータ)
CV: Mei Misonoo (御苑生メイ)
A second-year student. Green long hair, dark-skinned. She is the student council secretary who loves adult toys.
Aisha Kanda (神田 愛紗)
CV: Tsukasa Kotobuki (琴吹司)
A second-year student. Red spiky hair, wears a white gakuran instead of female uniform. A bullish rebel, but actually has a soft side.
Kotori Takao (高尾 琴梨)
CV: Kasumi Yomogi (蓬かすみ)
A teacher. Brown short hair, looks young for her position. Very timid and unusually sullen.
Shion Toyoda (豊田 至恩)
CV: Yutaka Saki (咲ゆたか)
A second-year student. Long violet hair, short stature. Strong-willed and cold, but she has a complex for her petite appearance.
Mone Hino (日野 杉獰)
CV: Mami Yahiro (八尋まみ)
A second-year student. Silver hair, short and dark-skinned. Reserved but she admires Shuri. She's unsocial towards anyone else.