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all characters are at least 18

School Mate 2 [edit]



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Yukariko's classmate. He had little personal acquaintance with her but was forcefully involved in her cleaning and it causes/caused him trouble this time.


[VA: Kawashima Rino] A friendly appearance but with some grade to tend get ill-mannered with strong speeches but, if she is strongly asked something she wouldn't deny it. She has purple eyes.


[VA: Misonoo Mei] The oldest of the 3 Jizou sisters. The intellectual and calm elder sister with red eyes.


[VA: Nojima Kana] The second of the 3 Jizou sisters. Her happy-go-lucky temper easily makes her a good mood maker. She has green (Blue?) eyes.


[VA: Satou Yuki] The third of the 3 Jizou sisters. She is a tranquil earnest young girl with yellow/orange eyes.

*The eye color can be an important hint in game during storymode, especially when you can't read Japanese.

The same colors are also used for the selection of the girl in freemode.