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all characters are at least 18

School Mate 2 [edit]



Technical Help


Basic Concepts

  • There is a square on the top right corner, which we will call the H pad
  • All H actions are performed with the mouse over the H pad
  • If you scroll your mouse up, your H actions will be more intense while scrolling down will decrease it
  • To select an option hold the left or right mouse button down over the H pad, drag to the option you want and release the mouse button
  • To progress the next H-scene you have to scroll slowly up until you reach a point where you get a heart on the same square of the top right corner (see School Mate 2 H Guide for more)
  • After getting the heart you may have to wait for her conversation to end before you will be able to proceed to next H-scene
  • To proceed next H-scene, left click and hold over the H pad and select Next
  • When you have four hearts, right click and hold over the H pad and drag over the pink or blue exclamation mark, '!', and release the mouse button. Pink is her cumming and blue is him (this determines the conversation options).
  • When you have selected who will cum you can right click and hold over the H pad and drag over options like cumming alone, together, inside or outside.

Story Mode

The story opens with Yukariko and you breakin three Jizou Sisters statue heads. Yukariko is possessed by the sisters Suho, Asagi, Kohaku and they take control her body.

They ask Yukariko to fulfill their wish to have sex with a man and then they will let Yukariko go free.

With no other choice Yukariko ask you to help her to fulfill the three Jizou sisters wish.


Free Mode (Endless Mode)

In this mode you can basically do the girls anyway you want. You can choose the time, place, outfit and H-positions to have H-Scene.

It is important to know that the game is not 'over' yet: You can still clear events that will trigger special scenes. When you have cleared all the events you will get the 'True End'. Read more about clearing events in the School Mate 2 H Guide.

Mood & Health

This table shows the general mood of the girl by means of the position of a little smilie on a square grid. The position of the smilie starts at the bottom middle and changes according to the conversation option you choose during every climax. You can choose not to say anything during a climax to leave the position of the smile alone.

  • Dark Blue Zone = Lewd (Yukariko will be teasing and ecchi)
  • Light Blue Zone = Tsun (Yukariko will be emotionally defensive, or offensive)
  • Light Pink Zone = Dere (Yukariko will tend to love you)
  • Dark Pink Zone = Devoted (Yukariko is the most loving towards you in this zone)
  • The mood affects what Yukariko will say during the H scene


The smilie itself indicates what kind of day she is having and if you need to wear a condom. The girl's condition will change based on the frequency of and the latest executed climax type. If most of the climaxes during an H-scene are guy-only, the next day will be normal. If most are girl-only, the next day will be safe. If most are simultaneous, the next day will be dangerous.

Condition Orgasm Type Condom
Red (Dangerous) Mostly Same-time No
Blue (Safe) Mostly Female No
Yellow (Normal) Mostly Ejaculation Yes
  • When using contraceptives, a ring will appear around the penis.

Certain mood and conditions are required to unlock certain Clear Events.


When you or she are cumming you get the choice of four conversation choices. Depending on which girl your partner is and what you say, Yukariko's mood will change after the H scene (see Mood & Health).

Conversation choices and their effect

Dialogue Mood Icon Movement
Partner with Yukariko Partner with 3 Jizo Sisters
Male [You're] Cute (Kawaii) Down ↓ Up ↑
[You're] Lewd (Eroi yo) Left ← Up ↑
[I'm] Cumming (Ikisou) Left ← Left ←
I'm gonna cum! (Dasu yo) Down ↓ Left ←
Female Does that feel good? (Kimochi ii?) Right → Up ↑
What do you want?
(Doushite Hoshii ?)
Right → Left ←
I'm getting worn out. Up ↑ Down ↓
Hold it in. Right →

Right →


During endless H the outfit the girl is wearing is partially determined by the girl you had selected when you exited the last encounter! This is a bit awkward, but there is no other known way of changing the outfits.

Yukariko (violet eyes)

White underwear, long black socks.

Suho (red eyes)

Pink underwear, pantyhose/tights.

Asagi (blue eyes)

Blue underwear, short black socks.

Kohaku (yellow eyes)

Yellow underwear, short white socks.

Hidden Locker Event

This is a secret location that you can get to. The locker is a confined space with special position variations.


  • Must be either day/evening. Does not work at night.
  • Mood/Grid Placement does not matter.
  • The location must be in either the classroom, the nurse's office, or the storage room, so it does not work on the roof, outside, or the library.
  • Any girl can go to the locker. Not exclusive to the main character.
  • You must be in a position where the girl can cum (i.e. with the pink exclamation mark, '!'). That means you can activate the event through female oral, vaginal, and anal.

How to get the scene

  1. Choose among the three applicable maps (Class, Nurse's Office or Storage ) and a position where the female can cum, and proceed to the scene.
  2. Move cursor to the H pad and using the scroll wheel, proceed to getting the 4 pink hearts.
  3. Once all 4 hearts have been obtained and girl can cum, do not let her cum (i.e. by selecting the pink exclamation mark, '!'). Instead using the right click button over the H pad, drag to the right to change the location of the scene.
  4. Change the location at least ten times.
  5. Now make the girl cum (i.e. with the pink exclamation mark, '!'), and pick the 4th/bottom Conversation option, "Endure it".
  6. You're in the locker!

Memory Mode

This mode will unlock when you clear Story Mode. You can replay Story Mode at any mission in this mode.

Replay Mode

This mode will unlock when you clear Story Mode. The saved H-Scene in Free Mode (Endless Mode) can be replay in movie in this mode.


1 - Toggle background

2 - Toggle avatar visibility

3 - Toggle member visibility

4 - Toggle crosshair on/off

6 - Toggle objects visible in line of sight

7 - Switch hair of the girls current personality (free mode only)

8 - Toggle glasses (free mode only)

ESC - toggle pause: turns free camera move on

SpaceBar - toggle display of textfield, gives full view on CG's

F1 - Options & Settings menu - (buttons on bottom from left to right: Exit game, Back, Return to Title and most right Defaults)

F2 -

F3 -

F4 -

F5 - Turn on 3D effect (anaglyph) Toggle Blur effect

F6 -

F7 - Decrease 3D level

F8 - Default 3D level

F9 - Increase 3D level

F11 - Take screenshot

PrtScrn - Take screenshot

] - FOV Increase

; - FOV Decrease


Hold the mouse over the H pad (in the top right corner) during H-Scenes:

Mouse wheel - Speed Up / Speed Down

Left mouse button - choose Main Action progress (at 1, 2 or 3 hearts) and position in freemode.

Right mouse button- choose End Action progress (at 4 hearts) and location change in freemode.