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all characters are at least 18

School Mate 2 [edit]


  • H Guide


Technical Help


This page is about how to successfully H in the game.

H basics

All interaction during a H scene is done with the mouse over the H pad.

The H pad

This is the square in the top right corner. All H actions are performed with the mouse over the H pad.

  • Scroll your mouse wheel up or down to increase or decrease the speed.
  • To select an option hold the left or right mouse button down over the H pad, drag to the option you want and release the mouse button
  • To change position variation, left click and hold over the H pad and select Next or Back
  • To change position (Endless mode only), left click and hold over the H pad and select Position right or left (at least two positions must be selected for these to be enabled.
  • When you have four hearts, right click and hold over the H pad and drag over the pink or blue exclamation mark, '!', and release the mouse button. Pink is her cumming and blue is him (this determines the conversation options).
  • When you have selected who will cum you can right click and hold over the H pad and drag over options like cumming alone, together, inside or outside.


The H pad has four gray hearts. These will become pink as you successfully perform H. When all four hearts are pink, you can select who will cum and how. During Endless mode, the male can cum when penetrated (no hearts needed).

Successful H

The trick is to watch the girl's eyes, very similarly to AG3. If you can't see her eyes, listen to the sounds she makes, since she will make a relative loud 'sigh' whenever her 'hot spot' got hit. The trick is to find a specific speed, and each position variation will require you to find the right speed, which will most likely be different than the previous one.

Start off at a slow speed and increase by one wheel click at a time. When she opens her eyes wide and her iris' narrow (making it oval instead of round), something akin to a surprised expression, stop adjusting the mouse wheel and keep it at that speed for a few seconds. You will be awarded a heart.

Once you have achieved a heart, in most cases there will be some talk, wait for this to end, then move on to the next position. You can only get one heart per position variation.

After getting the four hearts, hold right click on the box H pad move the cursor up or down to advance. The final stage can sometimes be tricky since it often needs a specific speed to progress: hold right click again on the Action Field, move the cursor to the end option and release the button.

Ending the H scene

During endless H you can click the little button in the bottom left of the screen to end the H scene. The girl's mood will be modified according to your actions and the game will automatically be saved.


There are many different positions and each position has four variations. During the story missions, these will be chosen by the sisters. During Endless Mode, the positions can be selected and arranged on a bar, and during H can be switched by left-clicking and dragging left or right at any time.

If switching between positions of the same insertion type (foreplay, oral, vagina, or anal,) the transition will be seamless, otherwise there will be a withdrawal animation. For example, you can switch directly from 3rd position missionary to 3rd position cowgirl, but switching from those to fellatio or anal will halt the action, which must be begun again.

Perpetual mode (tongue out)

This is a state where the girl has her tongue out and climax with less stimulation.

How to

Each character has different ways

  • Make Yukariko (Purple eyes) climax in the Elevated or Missionary position in 80 seconds.
  • Make Suho (Red eyes) climax in the Cowgirl position in 40 seconds.
  • Make Asagi (Blue eyes) climax in Anal or Double (Anal + Vibrator) position in 40 seconds.
  • Make Kohaku (Yellow eyes) climax in Bondage or Doggy position in 40 seconds.

Note that

  • Perpetual seems can happen in any mood and health.
  • Perpetual can works when the girl cum alone or cum together. (4 hearts > Pink)
  • It is possible to make the sisters cum in 40 seconds. You just need some technique and luck to get them ready. Alternatively, you can 'cheat' by following the instructions below.

Easy Perpetual mode

  1. Build up 4 hearts in a position in a different insertion type from the girl's above listed position.
  2. Switch to the girl's preferred position, which will stop the animation.
  3. Begin insertion in the new position and have the girl climax immediately.
  • There is no time limit when doing it this way, other than making her climax immediately after penetration (which should only take a second). Making it much easier without having to wait through the girls' dialog after gaining each heart when doing it by the normal method.

Exhausted mode

After making all four girls climax in succession and then switching positions, the girl will fall limp. In this state the girl is exhausted and in a totally relaxed state, letting the guy have his way with her.

The girl will take the same positions as in Mission 17, and will remain even on switching female characters, as long as she keeps climaxing. To end this state, switch positions without making her climax.

Moods and condom

Depending of how you played an encounter in Endless Mood, the mood of the girl will change accordingly as shown in the chart on the bottom left when you select the positions in Endless Mode. Climaxing too much alone will results in the girl forcing you to wear a condom. To remove the condom you have to make her climax at least as much as you climax.


Depending on the last girl you had sex with, the next time the girls will have a different uniform outfit :

  • Yukariko (Purple eyes) : High tights and Plain white underwears
  • Suho (Red eyes) : Sheer to waist pantyhose and Pink underwears
  • Asagi (Blue eyes) : Black tights and White lingerie
  • Kohaku (Yellow eyes) : White socks and Yellow cute underwears.

Clear Event

The table Clear Event is shown besides the Mood & Health table in Free Mode (endless H mode). There are 18 different event that you need to achieve to get the "True End".

How to clear events

You have to trigger various conditions in a H-Scene to get the event after the H-Scene. When you clear an event you will get a special scene.

  • There will be a Star on each of the events that you have achieved.
  • You can trigger only one event for each H-Scene.
  • Even though you have previously cleared an event you can still trigger event scene again.


  1. Make Yukariko come at least once, don't let any of the others come.
  2. Make all the sisters come, but not Yukariko.
  3. Make each girl come. Then change position once.
  4. In the red or blue condition, get in the anal position. Then have each partner (together or separately) come twice.
  5. Make Yukariko come together at least twice.
  6. Make guy come alone within 60 seconds after penetrating. (anal works also) To get the event he has to come without filling the hearts
  7. Come outside on face, breasts, stomach and her back.
  8. Make her swallow two or more times during Fellatio or 69.
  9. Come inside 3 or more times on a normal day (yellow condition)*.
  10. Come inside 3 or more times on a safe day (blue condition)*.
  11. Come inside Yukariko at least twice on a dangerous day (red condition).
  12. Come at least once outside without coming inside on a dangerous day (red condition).
  13. Change normal physical condition into safe condition*.
  14. Change safe condition into normal condition*.
  15. Do the locker scene.
  16. Make Yukariko come in perpetual orgasm on a dangerous day (red condition).*
  17. Strip Suho (red eye) fully nude in any mode.
  18. After completing events 1 through 17, choose Evening, Backyard, and have a H session. (To avoid triggering other events, you may quit without doing anything.)

Illusion walkthrough original translation thanks to susume and eldwulf.

*Tips on how to reach certain star events

4. Make sure you have the guy climax separate from Yukariko, if you have them climax together twice you will trigger event 5 instead. (Yukariko must still climax twice, but alone.) Also be sure to only use the Anal 1 position and not Anal 2.

9 & 10. These work best with one of the 3 sisters, as using Yukariko can trigger different events.

13 & 14. See the table Mood & Health for the required sexual activity to reach safe and normal modes. The events can be easily overridden by other events, so it's best to do these as simply as possible: avoid ejaculating inside to reach safe mode, and ejaculate at least twice per girl's climax to reach normal mode.