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all characters are at least 18

School Mate [edit]



Technical Help


General Gameplay

This contains information about the gameplay. Warning: There are spoilers below and you should not read this if you want to discover the game for yourself.


  • Yanase Yume, blonde-haired girl with red eyes
  • Tachibana Natsume, dark blue-haired girl with purple eyes
  • Katsuki Fumi, green-haired girl with tiger eyes
  • Serikawa Mikoto, pink-haired girl with green eyes
  • Hiyo Shinohara, brown-haired girl with blue eyes
  • Himura Kazuki, player
  • Seijurou Mikami, Kazuki's gay friend.

For more info about the characters, visit Characters.


Main Menu

After starting the game, the main menu has five options. From top to bottom:

  • Load last saved game
  • Start a new game
  • Load saved game
  • Extras
  • Quit Game

Intro, Prologue & Chapters

When you start the game the first time, the story introduction is played. You can skip the intro if you have seen it already.

After the introduction you are at the Selection Screen. All girls are virgins at the beginning, and you only have the Prologue event available.

  • Playing the Prologue removes the virgin state from that girl and unlocks 2P mode, with Fondle and Lie/Missionary techniques.
  • After three sex sessions with a girl you unlock the 1st Chapter event. This also allows unlocking 3P mode (see unlocking 3P mode) if both girls have 1st Chapter event unlocked.
  • After seven sex sessions with a girl you unlock the 2nd Chapter and the Special events. This also allows unlocking of the 2P BDSM techniques
  • After twelve sex sessions with a girl you unlock the 3rd Chapter event.

Selection Screen

School Mate Selection Screen (translated)

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Select Main/Primary Girl
  • Select Secondary/Partner Girl (five girls plus 'none')
  • Select Type of encounter and Skills/Techniques. See the various unlocking techniques sections for ways to unlock more options. To select Skills for 2P, 3P or Special, drag and drop them to one of the five slots below. You can only use up to five per session. You can only select one Event.
    • 2P - main char and a girl. Always available.
    • 3P - main char and two girls. Available if you have unlocked 3P mode for that pair.
    • Special - same as 2P, except it randomly changes breast size for selected girl. Other then that, nothing else is known to change.
    • Event - Advance the storyline or replay events.
  • Select Location (if applicable)
  • Styling. Enters dressing/shop mode. See Styling.
  • Girl Status. Stats for each girl.
  • Start Session (available after you select your options)
  • Options at Bottom (left to right)
    • Quit Game
    • Back to Title Screen
    • Save/Load Menu
    • Options
    • Status. Shows your skills and allows you to increase them by spending points. See Stats


You can select one of four situations for your next encounter.

  • 2P - have sex with a girl
  • 3P - have sex with two girls. Requires that you a) have unlocked a 3P partner and b) selected her as partner
  • Special - unlocked after the 2nd Chapter and similar to 2P. Randomly changes breast size for the girl. Tops, Bras and Dresses are removed. Other then that, nothing else is known to change.
  • Event - replay an event or play a newly unlocked one. Playing new chapters advances the story for the selected girl.
    • Attack Event - unlocked by unlocking the BDSM FemDom skill
    • Intruder Event - this 3P event is unlocked if you unlock 3P with a pair of girls
    • Oppai Event - unlocked the first time you enter a Special situation
    • Futa Event - this 3P event is unlocked if you unlock the futa 3P position for that pair of girls

For 2P, 3P and special situations you can select up to five techniques by dragging and dropping them into the slots below. You will start with the first one selected and can change to the others from the H scene. For event situations, you can only select one event to (re)play.


School Mate Styling Mode (Translated)

In styling mode, you can buy clothes for the selected girl with your earned points and dress them. You can also save clothing sets and select them as favourites. Favourite sets can be accessed in H-Mode.

Most clothing bought is unlocked for all girls. However, Bras, Panties, Swim Wear and Casual clothing must be bought for each girl.

Clothing selection buttons:

  • Ribbon - Bows and Ties. Only available if a top is selected.
  • Top - Upper clothing (school uniform tops, shirts)
  • Skirts - Skirts.
  • Bra - Bras. Must be bought for each girl separately.
  • Shorts - Shorts and miscellaneous lower clothing
  • Panties - Panties. Must be bought for each girl separately.
  • Socks - Socks
  • Shoes - Shoes
  • Item 1 - Facewear. Glasses and Blindfolds
  • Item 2 - Head wear/accessories
  • Swim Suit - Swim Wear/Bikinis. Must be bought for each girl separately.
  • Casual - Dresses, Kimonos, Outfit sets. Must be bought for each girl separately.
    Note: To gain access to casual wear, you need to complete the 2nd Chapter.

Clothing Set management:

  • My Sets - shows your saved sets for the selected girl and your selected favourite sets.
  • Save Set - saves current outfit to a set slot
  • Load Set - loads selected set slot
  • Delete Set - removes saved set form a slot
  • Accept - Return to previous screen with the chosen clothing settings


The option panel allows to change volume, visuals and more.

School Mate Options Panel (Translated)
Volume Settings
  • Voice: On/Off, Volume Slider
  • Background Music: On/Off, Volume Slider
  • Sound Effects: On/Off, Volume Slider
Dialog Options
  • Skip Text: CTRL key/Read text/All text
  • Text Display Speed - Slow to Fast
  • Dialog Delay Speed - Long to Short
Display Options
  • Background Objects - All / Some / None ( 1 )
  • Camera Center Point - On or Off ( 6 )
  • Background Color (For when Background Objects is set to None) Red/Green/Blue Sliders
Camera Speed Options
  • Keyboard - Slow / Medium / Fast
  • Mouse Wheel - Slow / Medium / Fast
Player Display Options
  • Hands ( 2 )
    Visible, Semi-Transparent, Invisible
  • Body ( 3 )
    Visible, Semi-Transparent, Invisible
  • Shaft ( 4 )
    Visible, Semi-Transparent, Invisible
Reset or Accept
  • Reset to defaults
  • Accept and back to game

Girl Status

School Mate Girl Status (Translated)

Displays statistics for all girls.

  • Girl Status
    • Virgin: After introduction, all girls have that state. The Prologue Event must be played to change that state.
    • Love: Girls have that status after the Prologue event
    • Mega Love: Girls have that status after the 1st Chapter
    • Giga Love: Girls have that status after the 2nd Chapter
    • 100%: Girls have that status after the 3rd Chapter
  • Total Time: The number of sexual encounters you had with that girl. Certain numbers of encounters are required to unlock the story chapters.
    • 1st Chapter unlocks after 3 encounters
    • 2nd Chapter unlocks after 7 encounters
    • 3rd Chapter unlocks after 12 encounters
  • Cum Inside/Outside/Orgasms/Squirting: Orgasm statistics. No known effects.


School Mate Stats Panel (Translated)

In the stats panel, you can spend earned points on your sexual abilities.

  1. Technique (Amateur - Bad - Normal - Good - Expert): A better Technique will arouse the girls faster. Having expert technique also unlocks the use of toys in 2P fondle mode.
  2. Stamina (Poor - Weak - Normal - Strong - Sturdy): A higher Stamina will arouse the player slower. Higher stamina also has more cum to spend, in conjunction with #3 below.
  3. Cum Load (Tiny - Little - Normal - Plenty - A Lot): Obviously, higher cum load allows you to cover a higher percentage of your girls' body with cum.
  4. Desire (0% - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%): The chance of success in H mode if you suggest something (e.g. "Take it in your mouth" in 2P Paizuri)
  5. Dick Size (Normal - Thick): No known effect, visuals only.

Note: After purchasing upgrades, they must be selected before they will take effect. Bought upgrade are in red. Selected upgrades are highlighted in green.


School Mate Controls (Translated)

You can hit ESC in game any time to display the keyboard shortcuts.