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all characters are at least 18

School Mate [edit]



Technical Help



This is a matrix determining which girl should be "girl 1" in most 3P modes (but not Futanari mode).


This file predefines several character objects (3D model, animation, and various other stuff), so that scripted events can simply call up a character by its number.

  • Column A - line label (shouldn't affect anything)
  • Column B - text label
  • Column C - Character name
  • Column D - the .pp file where character model data is stored
  • Column E - the .xx file for the 3D model
  • Column D+ - for animation, lighting, and various other data


This file specifies which 3D files to read when loading maps.

  • Column A - line label (shouldn't affect anything)
  • Column B - text label
  • Column C - the .pp file where the 3D data is stored
  • Column D - the .xx file for the location
  • Column E+ - lighting and various other data


This file tells the game where to find the BGM music.


All the .lst files with names beginning with cat control the clothing display in the styling mode.

cat_(letter)01.lst contains swimsuits and cat_(letter)02 contains 'casual' outfits. The letter determines which character the file corresponds to.

cat01.lst - tops/shirts
cat02.lst - ribbons/ties
cat03.lst - skirts
cat04.lst - shorts
cat05.lst - socks/stockings
cat06.lst - shoes
cat07.lst - bras
cat08.lst - panties
cat09.lst - glasses/blindfolds
cat10.lst - hats/cat ears

The .lst file an item is in is the determining factor for it's behaviours in h scenes. (Behavior = shorts being removed for most sex acts, shirts being opened for paizuri, etc.)

category_list.lst contains a list of the above .lst files, in the order which they come in in the display, repeated for each character. Swapping around listed lst files swaps the listed clothing in the styling screen. The number of pages is not swapped, however, possibly leaving pages with blank entries.

The below format is used in all cat*.lst files except cat05.lst and category_list.lst:

A - Line number
B - .pp file containing .xx files
C - First .xx file 
D - Second .xx file; 0 if this piece of clothing only uses 1. 
E - .pp file containing textures
F - First texture 
G - Second texture; 0 if this piece of clothing only uses 1 .xx file.

(H through N are for first .xx)
H - State mesh 1
I - State mesh 2 
J - State mesh 3
K - Constant mesh
L - Material 1
M - Material 2; 0 if only one material.
N - Always 0?

(O through U are for second .xx)
O - State mesh 1 
P - State mesh 2
Q - State mesh 3 
R - Constant mesh 
S - Material 1
T - Material 2; 0 if only one material.
U - Always 0?

V - .pp file for clothing selection image 
W - Clothing selection image name
X - Point cost for item.

The "state meshes" are for different positions a piece of clothing can be in. For instance, a 'top' has two states (not counting removed) - when it's on normally, and when it's on but opened/pushed up/whatever. Panties have 3 states - on normally, pushed to the side, and down on the ankle. Items like hats have only one state - either they're on or off.

An item with three states has mesh names in state meshes 1-3. One with two states has them in state mesh 1 and state mesh 3, with state mesh 2 being 0. An item with only one state has it in state mesh 1, and the others are 0.

"Constant mesh" is a mesh that's also used in any state except the item being removed. This can be seen in the school uniform tops. The sleeves, which are the same whether the top is open or closed, are in the constant mesh.

Casual outfits and swimsuits (and nothing else) use two .xx files. In some (casual outfits and one-piece suits), the states of the two are linked - if you remove the top of a one-piece, you're removing the bottom too. In the two-piece suits, they are independent. This doesn't appear to be controlled by anything in the .lst file.

Why some items have two materials and not others is unknown. Most panties do, as well as the bottom parts of most swimsuits.

The results of changing the state mesh names seem to be somewhat unpredictable. For instance, if I go into cat_a01.lst and change _p_sukumizu01_C to _p_sukumizu01_A, then instead of the suit top being in that weird looking position when pulled (such as what automatically happens in paizuri), it'll stay on normally. (Though there are clipping issues with the nipples.) But when the suit is supposed to be fully on, the top would disappear entirely. Pull swimsuit top, and then it reappears, but with the nipples sticking through slightly. Also, the game will treat the swimsuit like it was in the regular pulled state during ejaculation. Conversely, it'll treat the swimsuit like it is there when in the fully-on-but-invisible state. (Or, to put it more simply, the game treats it like the suit is in the position it would appear in with unmodified files.)

cat05.lst seems to be arranged quite differently. Most notably, there are no .xx files referred to in it - only a texture and some numbers.


This file determines which list files are used to populate the clothing tab for each character. This is what allows each character to have different selection menus in the changing screen.


These files control which models, animations, and other files loaded for different h scenes. Each line corresponds to a particular scene. Some scenes appear to have multiple lines, which may just load more animations for the scene, as changing the model file on these lines has no apparent effect. These lines (marked below as "continuation?" also have no light file in the list.

"empty" indicates a line that either contains all 0s after the line number, or contains 0s where the names of .pp files should be.

The letter in the filename designates which character it is for, with 's' for Kazuki.

0 - Unknown
1 - fondle
2 - peeing
3 - continuation?
4 - continuation?
5 - 3P fondle
6 - continuation?
7 - lesbian 
8 - continuation?
9 - 2P peeing
10 - continuation?
11 - empty
12 - 2P peeing 
13 - continuation?
14 - empty
15 - kiss
16 - 69
17 - paizuri
18 - 3P Oral
19 - continuation?
20 - lie
21 - sit
22 - stand
23 - male lead bondage 
24 - unknown
25 - unknown (looks like continuation of 24)
26 - 3P Sex
27 - continuation?
28 - 3p futanari (as main character)
29 - 3p futanari (as partner)
30 - female lead bondage
31-50 - empty
51 - unknown

Line 29 seems to be a special case of the continuation, as unlike the other 3P positions, the animations that are loaded are different for each girl, and changing the model *will* cause changes in the game.

Line numbers appear to be the same for all characters. In cha_s.lst, all lines for scenes where Kazuki doesn't appear will be empty, as will all continuation lines (including 29).

Filenames for the body model follow the format (letter)_m_(number).xx . The letter indicates body type. (Well, breast size.) 01 is the model used for most scenes. 04 is futanari. 02 is used for lesbian, fondling, and peeing scenes.

Changing 01 to 04 will cause the futanari body to appear instead of the regular one, and otherwise there are no apparent changes. Except that the girl's head will appear in some other part of the room. To make the appropriate head appear, change 01.plst to 04.plst.

Alteration of model number in lines using model 02 will cause the game to crash when entering a scene. Presumably, this is due to the meshes and materials for toys and peeing not being in the other files. Something similar would probably happen if line 28 was changed to anything other than model 04. (Alteration of either of the lines marked "2P peeing" will crash the game, whether the modified character is main or partner.)

Changing the animation file used doesn't seem to crash the game, but it won't result in anything that works properly, and in one case caused all the game menus to become unresponsive.


This file controls which locations trigger the 3P scenario.

  • 0 = Yume
  • 1 = Natsume
  • 2 = Fumi
  • 3 = Mikoto
  • 4 = Hiyo

The columns correspond to the locations where 3P scenario would trigger, in the order listed at adv_load_map.lst.