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all characters are at least 18

School Mate [edit]



  • H Guide

Technical Help


This page is about how to successfully H in the game.

Starting H

You can initiate H mode from the selection screen. Most story parts also have a H scene, but those do not give points or count for girl statistics. For a H scene to happen select a girl and...

  • None as a partner: 2P or Special or Event scene
  • Unlocked 3P girl as a partner: 3P or Event scene

When selection 2P, 3P or Special you also have to drag at least one technique to the five situation slots. You can add more and then change to those situation.


The H scene will start in the position you selected first.

Arousal Bars and cum options in Action Panel (translated)

On top of the screens are two (three, for 3P positions) bars that are slowly filled during H. The green bar is the players' arousal, the pink bar is the girls' arousal. In 3P, the secondary girl has an orange bar.

How fast the bars fill up depends on your sexual Technique and Stamina skills.

Action area for cock insertion

In some positions (like Paizuri or Kissing) the movement starts immediately; but in others you need to start it or insert your cock first. Go to your characters' crotch area with your mouse pointer to find "action spots".

Some positions are only controlled by mouse wheel (speed of action), some can also be controlled by dragging the mouse. Left mouse button is the primary action. Few spots, have also a right mouse button action (e.g. in 3P Sex the icon for cock insertion can be left clicked for partner #1 and right clicked for partner #2)

2P Fondling is a special position: You have a touch panel on the bottom of the screen where you can select how to fondle the girl. There are 3 slots: one for your left hand, one for right hand (activated by clicking left/right mouse button respectively) and a third slot for "auto" (activated by the "b" key). For example, you can put "fondle left breast" in the left slot, "knet right ass" in the right slot and "finger pussy" on auto.

Action Panel

Action Panel

In H scenes, the action panel is in the top right of the screen.

The Action Panel has four sections: Girl, Clothes, Camera and System. Left click on the icon to toggle (for example switch girl for clothing in a 3P scene). Right click to select the menu.

Girl Menu

This menu changes depending on the status of the actors. Usually you can select to end the scene, make suggestions for the current sex position, change the girls' outfit or switch to a different possition.

However, if one of the actors is at maximum arousal, you only have the option to cum.

Depending on who is at maximum arousal, you may have the option to cum inside, outside, together or let the girl cum alone.

After cumming, you may have to select the menu again for a decision before continuing (e.g. swallow/show you the cum, etc.)

Clothes Menu

This menu allows you to open, remove or redress all parts of the current clothing set of the girl.

After Fumi completes the 3rd Chapter, you can also change her hair style here to resemble her sister Miyu.

Cam Menu

Used to access camera presets or to reset the camera position

System Menu

You can access the Options panel from here, load or save a game, return to the title menu or quit the game.


School Mate Sex encounter results (Translated)

You get points for H scenes (except when they are part of story events) based on your performance. Those points can be used to buy clothing for the girls in Styling Mode or to improve your sexual abilities.

Note: You cannot have more than 99,999 points.


  • Cum inside: 100 points each time you came inside the girl
  • Cum outside: 100 points each time you came outside the girl
  • Orgasm: 100 points each time the girl cums alone
  • Squrting(sic!): 100 points each time you came together (As you can only cum together outside, you'll get 100 points for Cum outside as well)
  • Cum covering: 100 points for each percent of nude body covered with sperm.
  • Sex rate: Multiplier based of sex encounters you had with that girl. Starts at 1.00 and goes up by 0.01 for every 5 sex encounters.
  • Duration: How much time you have spend in this encounter. May add a time bonus to total score. For each full 5 minutes, you get +150 points.

Areas for Cum covering

All these areas are considered separately. However, both arms and both legs count as one area. For example, if you cum on the right leg, the left leg is marked with sperm at that location as well.

  • Upper leg
  • Lower leg
  • Belly
  • Left breast
  • Right breast
  • Upper arm
  • Lower leg
  • Back
  • Bottom
  • Face
  • Hair

3P Scoring

For 3P Scoring, only the player and the first girl selected affect the score. You do not gain points for the second girls' orgasms or cum coverage. If you cum inside the second girl, it doesn't count as well. However, cum outside does count even when done with the second girl.

Unlocking Situations

Unlocking 2P Positions

2P Options (Translated)
  • Row 1
    • Row 1/1 - Fondle. Unlocked by default
    • Row 1/2 - Peeing. To unlock, touch the girl in 3 different ways at the same time in fondle mode. For example, lick the pussy, use left hand on breast and right hand on ass.
    • Row 1/3 - Kiss. To unlock, make her cum in fondle mode by licking only. The other two commands should be empty.
    • Row 1/3 - Sixtynine. To unlock, in missionary position just cum over her and maker her lick it up.
  • Row 2
    • Row 2/1 - Paizuri. To unlock, make the girl cum in fondle mode with hands on her tits only.
    • Row 2/2 - Lie/Missonary. Unlocked by default
    • Row 2/3 - Sitting. To unlock, simply switch to sideway position in missionary and back.
    • Row 2/4 - Standing behind. To unlock, cum inside her in missionary and let her show you the cum.
  • Row 3 (completed 2nd chapter required to unlock)
    • Row 3/1 - BDSM/MaleDom - Reverse Cowgirl. To unlock, your partner must wear a blindfold. Enter missionary position, turn her to sideway position and pick action tease. Wait until she finishes talking, then do her and finish without her finishing. Then leave. (If you're using a clothing mod you may need to reload original clothing to get a blindfold from Item 1 page 2.)
    • Row 3/2 - BDSM/FemDom - Cowgirl or Foodjob. To unlock, enter 2P and leave without doing anything. There should be a cutscene where she knocks you out and you wake up with hands tied.

Unlocking 3P

3P must be unlocked for each pair of girls separately. Also, unlocking 3P for girl A with girl B does not unlock 3P for girl B with girl A. To unlock a 3P pair, take a girl to a 2P session at a certain location at a certain time (day or night).

The table shows what location you need to visit to unlock 3P.

For example, if both Fumi and Hiyo have completed the 1st Chapter and you want to unlock 3P with Hiyo for Fumi, take Fumi to a 2P session in the Classroom at night.

Yume Natsume Fumi Mikoto Hiyo
Yume --- Classroom Nurse's Office (Night) Room Pool
Natsume Classroom --- Nurse's Office Restroom Roof
Fumi Nurse's Office (Night) Nurse's Office --- Way to School Classroom (Night)
Mikoto Room Restroom Way to School --- Riverside
Hiyo Pool Roof Classroom (Night) Riverside ---

Unlocking 3P Positions

3P Options (Translated)
  • Row 1
    • Row 1/1 - 2P Fondle - To unlock, enter either 3P Sex or 3P Oral. Have two orgasms, then end the scene. Note: Regardless who orgasms, two orgasms will do. For example, coming together with girl 1 and having girl 2 orgasm alone in 3P Sex is sufficient.
    • Row 1/2 - Lesbian - The two girls play with themselves or with toys. Unlocked by default.
    • Row 1/3 - 2P Pee - To unlock, make the girls cum after each other in Lesbian sex.
    • Row 1/4 - 3P Oral - Both girls tend to your cock. To unlock, make the girls cum together in Lesbian sex while standing.
  • Row 2
    • Row 2/1 - 3P Sex - To unlock, make the girls cum together on the floor in Lesbian sex. (Do each other -> both of you, move)
    • Row 2/2 - Futanari - See below for unlocking information. You must first complete the 2nd Chapter for each girl.

3P Futanari

In 3P Futanari the first girl selected now has a cock.

To unlock Futanari for a pair of girls, you just select the pair of girls and go to a specific location. The location is based on the 3P partner you have selected.

Make one or both girls cum and end the scene (it is irrelevant if your player came or not). In a cut scene, Sei gives you a medicine to try out that turns a girl in a futanari for limited time. After the scene you enter futanari mode with the girls and 3P Futanari is now unlocked.

As with 3P mode, unlocking futanari mode for girl A with girl B does not unlock it for girl B with girl A.

Locations for unlocking 3P Futanari:

  • if your 3P mate is Yume - Nurse's Office
  • if your 3P mate is Natsume - Classroom
  • if your 3P mate is Fumi - Kazuki's Room
  • if your 3P mate is Mikoto - Roof
  • if your 3P mate is Hiyo - Outdoors(?)

Unlocking Special Events

There are four more icon slots in the event situation panel. Those show unlocked special events. The four events are:

  1. Attack - Enter 2P with a girl and exit without doing anything. Seems you have pissed someone off. Unlocks BDSM FemDom 2P Technique.
  2. Intrude - Every time you unlock 3P for a pair of girls you unlock this for the given pair
  3. Oppai - If you use the Special situation the first time, you unlock this
  4. Futa - Unlock 3P Technique Futanari.


  • Fondle: If you make a girl cum in fondle often, she may faint. You can continue to fondle her while fainted, and she will still squirt while doing so.
  • Toys: Once you have the maximum Technique upgrade, you will have the option to use a (random) toy at the girls vagina and ass in 2P Fondle
  • Girl actions: In some positions sometimes the girl (or girls) decide on a position change. In BDSM/FemDom, She always decides on actions.
  • Ignoring Girls: If you ignore a girl for some sessions (6-8) you may get a notification that she is acting strange. If you decide to investigate, you can see her masturbating
  • Angry Girls: If you ignore a girl for a long time, she turns angry. She will not be available in 3P as partner, and in 2P mode she will decide on the location. You must have a 2P session with her to make her friendly again. In this session you will have the option to apologize or not. If you don't apologize, she will stay angry. If you apologize, you'll have 2P sex and her state returns to normal.


Q: The guy is at 100% and just keeps humping the girl. What to do?
A: The guy is waiting for you to decide to if he should cum outside or inside. Right-click the left-most button in the Action Panel and select an option.
Q: The guy is at 85-90% and won't go up any higher, same with the girl. What is wrong?
A: You have 'auto' (mouse wheel) on. Click once to disengage it, you can only get the bars higher through 'manual' (mouse drag) control.