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all characters are at least 18

Room Girl [edit]

Install Guide

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Installing the Game

In the installation file, extract the content to a temporary folder, something like C:\RoomGirl_Install. This path cannot contain Japanese characters.

Install the game using ILLUSION Roomガール.msi in the setup folder.

Its recommended to install in a short path without Japanese characters, otherwise the game can have issues. Avoid installing in the Desktop or in Program Files since they can have special access permissions.

A good folder is C:\illusion\RoomGirl\ since it’s the default path of the setup. Other short paths like D:\RoomGirl are also good.

Installing updates

Illusion update files comes in the form of an .exe file that not always works on pcs with languages other than Japanese. A workaround is to use the program 7-zip to open the file as if it were a compressed file (right click -> 7-zip -> Open archive).

Open the file with 7-zip, seek for setup folder and extract the files inside to your Game Folder (remember, its recommended to install the game in C:\illusion\RoomGirl\). Sometimes more than one update comes with the patch, so you will need to seek for the "setup" folder for each update and repeat the process. Do the same for setup_s folder and other variations.

Sub and All updates

Some patches have two versions: One ended with "sub" and other ended with "all".

  • sub versions are smaller and contains only incremental updates. Use this version if your game is updated and you just need the last thing.
  • all versions are bigger and contains all official updates for the game since it came out. Use this if need more than one update or are not sure which version you are.


  • The file "roomgirl_02_plus1216w4gz_sub.exe" have a size of 118MB and contains only the Crhistimas Decoration Set plus some bugfixes.
  • The file "roomgirl_02_plus1216w4gz_all.exe" have a size of 333MB and contains all free updates since the game has launched

Installing Studio

Studio comes into a splitted file with 5 parts:

Open the the first file to extract and choose a temporary folder. Then copy the files that are inside setup_s folder to the Game Folder, just like the other updates.

Patching order

Note that pre-order and paid DLC's are optional, you don't need them to play the game.

  1. Pre-order files
  2. Studio (see section above)
  3. Paid DLCs
  4. The last "all" update. When this wiki was last updated, it was file "roomgirl_02_plus1216w4gz_all.exe"