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all characters are at least 18

Room Girl [edit]

Install Guide

FAQ & Technical Help


Illusion Cards System

Room Girl characters are stored on special image files called “Cards” which contains all the character data.

With this system is possible to share characters using only image files.

These files always have the .png extension, and the original file is required to work. Images that are resized or changed in any way loose the character data, so be aware which file are you downloading.

Women cards are located at UserData\chara\female and men cards at UserData\chara\male. With the game closed, copy new cards to these folders and the characters will be available next time you open the game.

Room Girl is compatible with cards from the following preview games: AI Girl (AI Syoujyo) and Honey Select 2. Once the card is saved in Room Girl, it can no longer be loaded in older games.

You can get/share cards for Illusion games in several sites. Here are some of them, just be sure that you are downloading the right file from an compatible game:

Illusion Booru (Unhide posts clicking on botton right)
Kenzato (Use the top menu to select a compatible game)
yuki-portal (Select a compatible game)
Bepis (Use the top menu to select a compatible game)

General FAQ

  • Q : Were are the options in the H Scenes?
    A : The menu is hidden on the left side. Hover your mouse in the left corner to unhide it.
  • Q : Where can I buy the game?
    A : The Japanese release is available on DMM. There are not any news of an eventual English Release
  • Q : How do I Install the game, official updates and DLCs?
    A : See the Install Guide.
  • Q : Why the network is not loading?'
    A: Network is blocked outside of Japan. If you bought the original game you need a real good VPN to connect. Games with mods also don't work.
  • Q: My character has the wrong picture in the main game!
    Unregister the character, save, go back to the main menu, open the Character Maker and save the character in a new file with a new photo.

Room Girl Paradise FAQ

  • Q : What is Room Girl Paradise?
    A: Its a paid DLC for Room Girl.
  • Q : Where can I buy this expansion?
    A: The Japanese release is available on DMM. The English Steam release is not available yet.
  • Q : Do I need to have Room Girl in order to play Paradise?
    A: Yes, you need to have both. If you don't have Room Girl you can buy a pack with both the base game and the expansion on DMM.
  • Q : What is included in this expansion?
    A: Room Girl Paradise includes:
2 new jobs, each one with 2 new voices (4 characters in total).
3 new maps: Back Alley Restaurant, Hot Spring, and SM Room.
New H positions, including 4some sex and new special locations.
New clothes, hairstyles and accessories.

Modded Game Troubleshooting

  • Studio won't launch:
    Install IllusionFixes_IL2CPP from Antivirus programs may try to block it, it's a false positive.
  • The game is taking too long to load:
    • It's normal for a modded game to take up to 10 minutes in the first load.
    • Cards from HS2 or AI that have mods can break the game. Remove those cards.
    • Take a look if you installed in the recommended folder from the Install Guide.
    • Install IllusionFixes_IL2CPP from the question above.
  • Mods don't update in InitSetting:
    That's because there's no zipmod compatibility with this game, so nothing can be downloaded. Ignore this feature for now.
  • Wrong characters loading when entering an H-Scene:
    Update "RG_HSceneCrowdReaction" plugin.
  • Game freezes when opening Options Menu:
    Delete system.xml in UserData\config, delete StudioUtils.dll in BepInEx\plugins and install IllusionFixes_IL2CPP from (some antivirus may report a false positive)