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all characters are at least 18

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Premium Play Darkness has three categories of characters in Story Mode: main characters, sub characters, and mob characters. These characters are specifically the female characters in the various story routes and all of their appearances can be customized. Main characters are always the heroes of the show and thus see the most screen time, while sub characters tend to have somwhat fixed roles (the first three tend to just be extras or victims, while the last three can either be heroes of villains) and don't see as much screen time. Mob characters are just there for the sex.
Like sub characters, male characters tend to have fixed roles, though there may be exceptions in certain routes. These characters cannot be customized.

Main Characters

Sagara Miyako (相楽美弥子)

Childhood friend of Kuzumi Masaya.

Setsura (刹羅)

The warrior who always rescues Masaya (and Miyako if she follows Masaya) from Kusanagi in the beginning. She always winds up granting Masaya some sort of power.

Kasahara Natsume (笠原なつめ)

Usually a journalist who meets Miyako and Masaya during the course of investigating related events, but has a more prominent role in two of the routes.

Amakusa Oboro (天草朧)

Never has the same role twice, Oboro ranges from being a sidekick for one of the other main characters to the target of evil organizations. She is almost always related to one of the main characters in some way.

Sub Characters

Shimamura Yuka (嶋村結花)

Masaya and Miyako's classmate, sometimes Miyako's friend depending on route.

Kiryuu Youko (霧生洋子)

A teacher in Masaya and Miyako's school.

Katagiri Asuka (片桐飛鳥)

An upperclassman in Masaya and Miyako's school, usually a member of a sports club.

Toudou Shizune (藤堂静音)

Usually the sub-boss behind much of the conflict behind the story.

Asakura Michiru (朝倉みちる)

Usually Shizune's assistant, but is a hero in two of the routes.

Seira (セイラ)

Like Oboro, Seira fills a variety of roles throughout the route, ranging from henchman to queen candidate. She is usually fairly powerful in her own right, though tend to wind up either being beaten or someone's underling.

Mob Characters

The nameless extras of the show, they are listed in casting as such:

Shrine maiden (巫女) Office Lady (OL)
Waitress (ウェイトレス) Security Guard (警備員)
Anchorwoman (女子アナ) Housewife (人妻)
Suit Actor (スーツアクター) Gymnastic Club Member (新体操部員)
Student (学生) Instructor (インストラクター)
Nurse (ナース) Athletic Club Member (陸上部員)
Tour Guide (バスガイド) Wedding Model (ウェディングモデル)
Soap Girl (お風呂姫) Racing Girl (キャンギャル)

Male Characters

Kuzumi Masaya (久鷲見雅哉)

Childhood friend of Sagara Miyako. Hero of the show who starts off being beaten to a pulp before Setsura saves them.

Kusanagi (草薙)

Middle aged man in a business suit. First person introduced after Masaya and Miyako, usually by trying to kill them.

Kanzaki Jinbei (神崎刃兵衛)

Middle aged man in a tank top, green track suits, and glasses. Fills various roles.

Daimon Kazuma (大門数馬)

Old man in a lab coat. Usually the final villain after Toudou Shizune, though sometimes a rival or henchman to other characters.