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all characters are at least 18

Not My Body [edit]




Aisha's House

Aisha's Bedroom

This is my room, it has just the necessary for a room, maybe I could buy a couple of stuff to make it more comfortable... or it looks filled, but at this moments I'm happy with the computer and the bed.
Here you can get a job and quit it (from the notebook), craft grimoires (from the bookshelf), sleep (in the bed), masturbate (in the bed), change clothes (in the closet), and read a dark book. The book and the grimoire system need to be unlocked first.

Aisha's living room

The living room of my apartment, just have the basic, won't be bad to have one or two accessories more, but at this moment I can live with what it has and it is quite cozy if someone comes to visit me.
Here you can cook and access to the freezer.

Aisha's Bathroom

The bathroom. With all the necessary so I can wash the clothes and myself. I have to admit that I love a lot to spend time under the shower, but is hard to see me in the mirror and feel that I'm not the one that is reflected on it.

Apartment Complex

The complex is alive in the morning, you can see the janitor time to time, doing his matinal cleaning, neighbors doing the first buys and going to work. A lot of kids ready to go to the school, some of them awake in time, and some other running because they are going late.
Here you can find people to talk.

Owner house

The owners of the complex live in a modern house very lovely. Looks big and with all the commodities, seems that at the end of their days the couple enjoys a steady life. In the morning the house is quite quiet, the she landlord is usually cleaning the entrance, or is in the complex, hearing one or two gossips, her husband is inside the house almost all day.
Here you can find people to talk.


The diner is a place of variable humor, but its visual look is quite cozy and with some family ambient, and this is thank to its owner and the waitresses that are quite positive. During the morning the place is quiet, and one or two come here to take their breakfast and start their day.

Here you can find people to talk, buy food to eat, seduce and steal. Aisha can work here too.


The store is a place that can be from crowded to almost empty. Filled with all kind of products, this can be the place where it does general purchases or the savior of the last minute since is open 24 hours at day. At this time the store has a few clients, is quite quiet and nice.
Here you can find people to talk, buy items, seduce and steal.

Clothe's store

The clothes store is full of clothes all the time, is quite complicated find something between all the clothing, and the truth is that is surprising that the girl in charge can find something specific in all the clothing that is visible. And more in the morning because is the time where more customers come to find some clothing, making that the girl is going and coming, but always effective and helpful to satisfice all the demands.
Here you can find people to talk, buy clothes, seduce and steal.


The bakery is a place quite cozy, have a quiet ambient and the owner attends everyone with a smile on her face. The counter is always filled with diverse products, proposing a series of tempting options at the time to come and buy something, and that makes that one always buy more stuff that the ones that have in mind when entered. In the morning you can smell the delicious smell of the freshly baked food, the clientele is quite at this hour, everyone waiting to take the products freshly done so they can start their day with a delicious snack.
Here you can find people to talk, buy items, seduce and steal.



The gym is a particular place, filled with people trying to keep fit or to lose some weight. The place can be crowded or can be empty, depends on the day and the time, but what you can always see are the perverts that keep their eyes on the girls with tight clothes. In the morning the place is full of people, is pretty hard sometimes to get a machine, but you can try to make your way to them.
Here you can find people to talk, train, seduce and steal.

Gym Lockers

The lockers are a quiet place, you can sometimes find a girl changing their clothes or taking a fast shower. You can find the attendant sometimes, but if you wait some mins he leaves and you use the place. I must admit that sometimes this is the perfect place to take a nap after intense work.
Here you can change clothes.


The library is a nice place, you can find any book that you want even some dirty reads. The librarian is a nice girl that can find you anything very fast, everything is cataloged and a fast search can point her where is the book that you want. In the morning you find a normal flow of people, and you can have a nice moment in the place.
Here you can find people to talk, buy items, seduce and steal.


The highshool is an imponent building, with a very nice architecture, taking care of every detail of all the buildings that confirm the place, but you can say that the principal building is the best, following a standard design, but with details that make it unique. In the morning you can see a lot of kids coming to the school, some of them reach running to avoid getting late, and getting a bad look from the janitor that is in the door watching the place.
Here you can find people to talk, buy items, seduce and steal. You can go inside the school from here, but you need to complete some task before.



The park is a beautiful place, you can easily spend your day here without any concern. People come here to train, run, you have even a place when you can have a serious training. Families come too, you can see children and couples here and there. Is truly a good place. In the morning you can find most people training, running or walking around, one or two just relaxing or having a nice chat before start the hard part of the day.
Here you can find people to talk, train, seduce and steal.

Kids games

This part of the park is very lovely. Is full of games for kids and you can find some families here, or just kids alone playing in the games. You can have a nice chat with some fathers or just have a nice time relaxing in one of the seats or just under a tree. In the morning you can see some kids playing, not much activity, but the kids manage to create a very nice ambient.
Here you can find people to talk, seduce and steal.

Training area

This part of the park is perfect for training, you have some stuff to work your body and you can find here lot of guys and gals doing their routines. The difference with the gym is that you manage your rhythm here, but isn't so intense as in the gym, only you can push yourself, but in the other hand, you can enjoy the fresh air and nature. Ah, don't forget about the perverts that come to see the girls doing their routines. In the morning the activity is regular, with a good number of people doing their stuff.
Here you can find people to talk, train, seduce and steal.

Public bathrooms

This part of the park is kinda desolate and very quiet. Sometimes you can see a homeless or two passing along, or people come walking or rushing to the services. Is normal to see some couples hiding in the bushes, doing their stuff there, from simple kisses to something more complex. In the morning this is a quiet place, just a few people comes and goes, mostly just passing through.
Here you can find people to talk, seduce and steal.

Train Station

The subway is a place that can go from empty to very crowded just in a few minutes. You can find any kind of person here, coming and going. Even when the place is very illuminated all the time and the general scene of the architecture didn't change, the ambient can vary from one hour to another depending on the people that are in the place. At the morning the place is very crowd, people going to their jobs and kids to their schools, the lines are full and people push you sometimes without apology, even you can feel some pervert touching here and there time to time.
Here you can find people to talk, seduce and steal.


The club is always full. People coming and going, trying to chat through the music, dancing, pressing each other, drinking... well, the place would be a mess if this was another place. The barman smiles to the people that come close, some guys looking the girls dancing, one or two brave men trying to catch some of those girls. The normal picture to a place like this. At this moment the party is starting, so people are coming inside and the night is just beginning with a lot of options ahead.
You can perform special actions here, more details here.

Mikela's house


There it is Mikela’s house… is strange, seems familiar and yet I didn’t remember it until she called me. The house is very classy and lovely, in there live Mikela and Ian, their parents live in another house, leaving this one to their kids.
Quest place.

Mikela's living

Mikela’s house looks very nice… her parents are rich, they give her money and that makes her feel superior to other people. The living room looks very clean and lovely. The ambient is very nice… I bet that someone comes and clean this time to time.
Quest place

Ian's room

Is dark here, the curtains are closed, my eyes are trying to get used to the dark. Besides that, Ian's room is a nice place, with enough stuff to keep you busy here, and with a lot of space for your activities.
Quest place