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all characters are at least 18

Not My Body [edit]



The inventory icon gives you access to Aisha's inventory.
The wardrobe icon gives you access to Aisha's clothing collection.


Aisha can collect different clothes, though quests, actions or just buying them. The clothes can be requisites for some scenes, or to access to different places.
She can collect items too, she has 5 different types of items, ingredients, usable items, grimoires, quest items, and unique items.
Ingredients: with these items you can make other items, can be requisites for other actions too.
Usable items: these items can be used, most of them replenish Aisha's energy, but can give her some bonus for other stuff, like sex or fights.
Grimoires: these items are usable items that can be used in fights or for certain tasks that are described in the grimoire. Grimoires can be quest items or unique items too.
Quest items: items that are required to advance in quests.
Unique Items: items that once you get them, you will have them forever (or until something special happens).
Aisha collects her items in two places, the inventory, and the freezer. In the inventory is where are the most of her items; the inventory is divided into Consumable and Ingredients, Unique Items and Quest Items. In the freezer Aisha collects specific items like body fluids and body parts, that work as ingredients for grimoires and special items, some parts can be traded in a special trader (not implemented yet).

In the wardrobe, Aisha can see all the clothes that she has The inventory is divided into three areas, each area keep a different type of item.

Craft System.

The game has two ways to craft items, cooking, and grimoires. You can cook in the kitchen, for that you need the ingredient of the item that you want to make and fulfill the skill required to make it.
The grimoires are crafted in Aisha's bedroom, in the bookshelf once you unlocked the system. You only need the necessary ingredients to craft the item and Lust Hearts, some grimoires don't ask for Lust Hearts, but most of them need them.

An example of how is a recipe with its requirements. When you unlock the Grimoire System, the bookshelf will be clickable so you can access to the crafting of grimoires. The grimoires have different uses in the game, and that use will be detailed in their description. Here you can see how is to craft a grimoire with its requisites in material and Lust Hearts.