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all characters are at least 18

Not My Body [edit]



Aisha can perform a good amount of activities, but these ones can be separated into two big groups. Place activities and map activities.
Place activities are the ones that are done in specific places, once Aisha is in them. This is the more varied and specified group of activities.
Map activities are the ones that can be done from the map, this is lesser than Place activities.

Map activities.

Travel to different areas.

Through her journey toward the truth of herself, Aisha will be unlocking different areas to visit, like the club in downtown, etc. Using the taxi or bus Aisha will access these new places or through different paths.

The Hunt.

The Hunt is the capacity of Aisha to unlock ero scenes on the map. Aisha gains the ability to sense ero spot where she can use her seduction skills to get more Lust than in normal seduction scenes, and then she can move forward the scene to something sexual.
Each scene of The Hunt has two requirements, these requirements can be to have certain clothing in the wardrobe, to have unlocked certain Special Abilities, or to have certain objects, etc. Once Aisha fulfills the requirements, she can access the scene. Each scene only appears on certain days and times, so not all of them are available at the same time.
To unlock The Hunt you need.

  • 1- Start “My Friend and his Sister” quest, to get this done, you need two Lust Hearts and then sleep and the quest will begin.
  • 2- Unlock the grimoire system. this is easy, just go outside Aisha’s place after starting “My Friend and his Sister” quest and Greg will show up, giving you a grimoire and unlocking the grimoire system.
  • 3- Seduce five times. After unlocking the grimoire system, just do de action “Seduce” any place and when you do five, you will earn the grimoire “The Lust Seeker”.
  • 4- Craft “The Lust Seeker”. To do this you need “Aisha’s own juice” (you can get them through masturbation in her room or while taking a bath in her bathroom) and a “Wine” (you can get it on the Store).

With the Lust Seeker, you can go to the map and the icon for The Hunt will be available when you click it it will show up all the available scenes.

The map when The Hunt is ON, clicking in the Hunt Icons will show the popup with the information of the scene and the requirements for it.

Place Activities

Each place can have until three types of activities. Scenario activities, Actions, and NPC activities.

The Scenario Activities

These activities can be found in the scenario per se. You can have them in two types, the first and most obvious, an icon will be in the background, click it and access to the activity. The second type is clicking to some interactive parts in the background, that will show you what activities are available through Icons that will popup when you click the part of the map that is interactive. For example, the front desk in the Bakery will show the Buy Icon that will let us buy stuff from the Bakery.

Here you can see scenario activities, the kitchen is highlighted and when you click on it, it pops up the icons with the activities that you can perform.


These activities that show up under the Actions area in the game UI. This area is for common activities that can be performed in a lot of different places in the same way. For example, Seduce and Steal. You can find some exceptions, like “Shower!” in Aisha’s bathroom, actions that are specific to a place but it is quite difficult to place them in the scenario per se, so they found their way here.

Under the Actions area, you can see the general actions that you can perform in the place. Here Aisha can steal and seduce

NPC Activities.

The NPC Activities are activities that are inherent to each NPC, the primary is Talk, this one is for all the NPCs, Aisha will know NPCs through an introductory chat that will add the contact to her Contacts, then a generic chat will be presented until the character become relevant to certain quests or activities that will trigger new dialogs. The rest of the NPC Activities depends on the NPC that Aisha in interacting with. They can be given to NPC an item, use a charm on them (like the Charm of Scrutinize), seduce them, etc. These activities are mostly part of quests or events that trigger the activity on the NPC.

Under Character in Place, we can see who is in the place where Aisha is; when we click on their icon we can see the activities that are available to this particular character. In this example, we have two, chat and seduce.