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all characters are at least 18

Not My Body [edit]



To find her answers Aisha has to navigate through different maps, visit their places and talk with people, but she chooses with who to talk first, and what to do first. In the beginning, she can move around her neighborhood, but she will be unlocking more maps to visit. She can perform a variety of activities, to raise her lust, to earn money, etc., while she tries to finish the tasks that will help her to regain her memories.

The Lust System

Lust is the primary resource for Aisha, she can learn new skills, perks, and special abilities with it, she can craft items and get bonuses in different actions, like sex, she can advance in some quests with lust, buy stuff, and more important, she can unlock dreams that will help to remember her past if she is really aroused. Through different actions, you will be filling the lust bar, when this one is fully filled you will earn 1 Lust Heart, up to 7.

Energy bar.

Aisha has to keep her energies up, if not she can fade, or lose 1 Lust Heart. To keep her energy up she can eat food or sleep. Her energy will help her in different moments, like fight or sex.

Clothes and Inventory.

Aisha can collect different clothes, though quests, actions or just buying them. The clothes can be requisites for some scenes, or to access to different places. She can collect items too, she has 3 different types of items, ingredients, usable items and quest items.