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all characters are at least 18

Not My Body [edit]



Not My Body
Developer: pululon
Release date: unknown
Theme: Novel, RPG
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No HF Patch - No Plugin - pululon - Not My Body

Not my body is a visual novel with a variety of options that tries to make it unique through gameplay and game experience. Its principal theme is horror and erotica, and is developed in Godot. Is currently in development without a release date yet.

The game put us in the skin of Aisha Daimond, a woman that awoke one day not remembering a good part of her past, and most importantly, feeling that the body that she has isn’t the one of her. For that Aisha needs to investigate about her past, or most important, Aisha Daimond’s past and live her new life. But the thing doesn’t to stop there since her new body isn’t a normal one. She is aroused almost all the time, and she has a special charm toward the rest of the people, and while more aroused she is, more powerful is her charm. What happened to her before, what need she to do to recover her memories? What is her body?