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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 3 [edit]


Technical Help


Inventory Mode

Enter the Inventory of a girl by middle-clicking (or pressing 'G') when standing in front of her. Then click the 'Change Clothes' button in the lower left corner to get to the Inventory screen.

Basic Usage

Pick up items from slots with left click and left click a slot to insert them. If a red cross appears when you hold an item over a slot it means that you can't put the item there. Right click anywhere else to drop a picked up item.


The glasses is needed to interact with clothes properly in the Inventory, so it is recommended to always keep them in your inventory.


To obtain new dresses and hair styles you have to enter Exploration mode and pick up the clothes boxes that you find (via Cursor mode) and put them to a slot in your inventory.

The boxes on the right hand side and represent different clothing areas, e.g. hat, dress, shoes.

Pick up clothes items from inventory boxes and move them around to undress/dress the girl.

You can not equip an item if an item is already equipped, so left click an item to take it off and right click it to drop it or left click on an empty spot in your inventory to save it.

The check marks under certain equipped items are for disabling certain layers. For school uniforms this includes the tie, the skirt, the sweater, the under shirt etc.


Clothes items are dependent on the girl (type?) and the (game?) time, meaning that some clothing options will not always be available on any girl.

Tip: If a particular girl won't wear a certain item of clothing, use the sliders at the top of the inventory screen to reset her physical traits to the '0' position. Then equip the clothing that she wouldn't wear previously. Once she is wearing the item, you can return the sliders to the position they were originally in. Be wary that if she is uncomfortable with the clothing she will just remove it herself.


The three boxes in the middle of the screen are for special items. Currently these have been found: There are 2 of each type secret and also 2 of each custom dress (like S&M dress, etc) and it might affect the ero level for certain time and also depending whose used it ... (too long using it might become useless) and somehow it might cost EP too ...)

  • Vibrator (in a small house near the gym)

there's another one at Kaoru home It's a central lower dot mark left of park at map (near TV)

  • Dildo (in some big mansion)
  • Syringe (in the woods by the restaurant)

Another one is at near school ground inside the electric transformer building)

  • Beads (on the walkway crossing the road)
  • Anal Plug (in the library on one of the tables)
  • Mushroom (on the rooftop near the exit)

Another one is at small shrine (take walk from park at begining story ... It's at the hidden corner back of swing) (in the woods by the restaurant)

Customizing the Girl

By moving the sliders at the top of the screen you can adjust the girl's height/bust size/fatness/belly size.

Customizing the Girl's Hair

When you have found and picked up a different Hairdo in Exploration mode, you can change it from the inventory screen.
Note that all hair boxes say "Default hair" when you find them. You will need to put them into your inventory to preview them and to see which girl they are for.

Destroying an item

To permanently destroy an item, drop it over the slot with a red cross on the far left (requires v1.03 or greater).


Read more about what kind of clothing and other items you can find to use in the inventory.