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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 3 [edit]


Technical Help



  • Q: I can't extract/run the game/patch?
  • Q: How do I pick up items?
    • A: Press the middle mouse button (or the 'G' key) to open your inventory in the upper left hand corner of the screen, then drag and drop items into it.
  • Q: How do you undress a girl?
    • A: There are several ways: You can go to the Inventory and drag and drop her clothes unto other slots, you can tear or undress her clothes in Touching/H-Mode by using the appropriate action.
  • Q: How come I only have the Rub action possible in Touching/H-Mode? Pressing the 'Change' button has no effect at all!
    • A: This is because you are running with Low Polygon conversion. Start LoveDeath3.exe, go to Options and make sure that no boxes are checked under Use Low polygon conversion group (just leave the group box checked). HDR Lighting must also be on (You can set it to Low or anything in game, that doesn't matter.)
  • Q: How do I make a girl willing to my advances, so I can Unzip (use the "Monster in my Pants" Tool) without them fleeing?
    • A: Raise the girl's Ero (エロ, in the bottom-left of the screen) to a high level (above 70), then she'll just submit when you Unzip.
  • Q: I can't seem to find any of the girls? I have been everywhere and can only the main girl.
    • A: Make sure that the girls are loaded. Start LoveDeath3.exe, go to Options and make sure that no boxes are checked under Don.t Load Character... group (just leave the group box checked).
  • Q: How to feed the girls?
    • A: In the status page, there are two bars on the middle left. The top one is Hunger and the bottom one is Thirst. When one of the bar depleted, the health of the girl will decrease. To prevent this, Food and water are needed. For food, go to the kitchen inside Rid's house. Drop the raw food on the cooking area (the bright area in the kitchen) and the cooked food will be done behind. For water, drop the water flask (pink one, can be picked up from the girls) on the cooking area. The full water flask will be put on behind. If you feed the full-flask water to the girl, she will return the empty flask on the floor. You can pick it up and refill.


Rid (リッド, Riddo) - The male character

The girls in Love Death 3:


  • 'G' or middle mouse open up inventory to pick up items.
  • 'Z' - Shoot goo (aka. the spider web)
  • 'H' - Make the girl follow you.
  • During any non cutscene dialogue you can move/right click to stop the story and search for items or interact with the girls.

General concepts

This is a list of a few general concepts in the game.

Game Modes

Generally there are these modes in the game:

  • Story Mode, where a girl narrates about the game and you click to advance the story.
  • Exploration Mode, where you can move around using AWSD, obtained by right-clicking during story mode. Use Home to display a map and teleport between locations.
  • Cursor Mode, which is obtained by middle-clicking, or pressing 'G'. In this mode you can pick up items, select the Change Clothes (Inventory) or Touching modes.
  • Touching Mode, which is obtained from Cursor mode and clicking the Heart in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • H-Mode, which is obtained by unzipping (use Q and E to change action). The girl may run away if her Ero towards you is less than 70.

Action Selector

In the upper right hand of the screen you can see the current action that will be performed if you right click. Change action by using the arrows or with 'Q' and 'E'. You can increase/decrease the power of any given action by using the scrollwheel. There are the following basic actions:

  • Talk. Using this action will talk to the girl.
  • Hit. Using this action will hit the girl. Multiple hits of sufficient strenght will knock her down.
  • Unzip. Using this action will start H-Mode if the girl is willing or unable to flee.
  • 'Bondage'. Use this to fix the limbs of a girl in a given position.
  • Items in your inventory (varies, some have no effect when you 'use' them, for instance the Glasses)

Feeding the Girls

There is a clock in the upper left corner of the screen, displaying the current in-game time. The time goes quite quickly by when you go Exploring or are in H-Mode etc. The girls need regular food and water or they will lose health.
In the status page, there are two bars on the middle left. The top one is Hunger and the bottom one is Thirst. When one of either bar gets depleted, the health of the girl will decrease. To prevent this, Food and water are needed.
Note: You may be unable to advance the story if one or more of the girls are low on food or water.


Go to the kitchen inside Rid's house. Drop the raw food on the cooking area (the bright area in the kitchen) and the cooked food will be done behind. Put the food in your inventory. To feed a girl, you select the food as the current action and give it to a girl by right-clicking.

Food Quality

When cooking food you can recook it to make better dishes.

  • Raw Meat -> Cooked Meat
  • Cooked Meat -> Prepared Dish
  • Prepared Dish -> Great Dish
  • Great Dish -> Bentou (Box Lunch)

The Bentou is the only item I've seen my girls eat automatically.

Better Prepared foods seem to also Gain more HP.


Drop the water flask (pink one, can be picked up from the girls) on the cooking area. The full water flask will be put on behind. If you feed the full-flask water to the girl, she will return the empty flask on the floor. You can then pick it up again and refill.

Player HP

You lose HP when you get hit by girls or animal you try to kill (for meat), if it's empty = game over. At the time of writing no way has been discovered to regain Player HP.

Girl Stats

  • Hitpoints (in the bottom-left of the screen): Normal is 100, but this is lowered if you hit or otherwise abuse the girl. Raised by feeding and possible interacting in touch/grope mode? Up to 200 hitpoints can be obtained.
  • Ero (エロ, in the bottom-left of the screen): Raised by interacting in touch/grope mode and? Every time you bring a girl to 100% Ecstasy she gains +20 Ero. When Ero is 70+ she will comply when you unzip.
  • Each girl can have a number of good or bad things happening to her. These are her mood states from LD2, but they seem to apply to LD3 as well (please edit!). They can be found at the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • States:
    • Red Frown Icon - Has to use the bathroom really badly.
    • Yellow Dizzy Icon - Drugged.
    • Green Wide Eyed Icon - Scared. Use touch mode on her a few times and she'll like you again.
    • Blue Screw Icon - Sexually abused. Will most likely need violence to start sex.
    • Blue ZZz Icon - Character is tired.
    • Red Smile Icon - This icon flashes when their is a gain of happiness.
    • Pink Smile Icon - Cares for you. The girl may still refuse sexual advances if her Ero is low.

How to increase Ero

To increase Ero you have to enter Touching mode and make the girl climax. Do this by groping or by poking repeatedly. Each time you make her climax, her Ero towards you increases by 20, so you need to do it a few times before you can unzip without her running away.

Story Mode

  • The game for the most part is one continuous story. It consists of many hours of spoken dialog and is periodically stopped so a player can make a decision.
  • The plot will take you through multiple scenes and have different girls as the main narrator. The narrator of a scene is located in the upper right hand corner. This is important as you need to know who to talk to in order to progress in the game.
  • If you do nothing but skip text and avoid interaction the story will continue and eventually the game will end. To get the most of the game you need to break from the narration.
  • You can break from Conversation mode by right-clicking.

Saving the Game

The game can only be saved during Story mode. So if you are in another mode you need to initiate conversation with one of the girls by using the Action Selector to select Talk and then right-clicking. Then you can click the 'Save' (or press '2') button and save the game to a save slot.

Problem advancing the Story

You can get stuck in the story and fail to get past a specific scene (it just loops the same few messages and nothing happens), for instance at the Restaurant (see the map). This is because the game must be run with Japanese regional settings even if you use an English launcher. So either set your Windows to Japanese or run the game with AppLocale.
If you still have the problem you forgot to install the game with Japanese (you probably just ran the msi file) and you have to reinstall either with Windows set to Japanese or with AppLocale.

The game installs files with Japanese names and also has a Japanese named registry key. The game directory can be safely removed and registry values cleared with any registry cleaner. Japanese locale is still required because the text files are encoded in a Japanese character set; even the English patched files have romaji encoded in Shift-JIS.

Exploration Mode

To enter Exploration mode during Story mode do the following:

  • Right-click.
  • Move (sometimes only?).

When you break from Story mode you are in Exploration mode. In this mode you can explore the world and pick up items like clothing, hair and sextoys.


This is the translated map by Neko516. View it in the game by pressing 'Home'. Click on a location to teleport to it.


There are many items like outfits, dresses, stockings, bras, hats and other stuff for you to find and use. View the Love Death 3 Items for help on where to find them.

Cursor Mode

In Cursor mode you can manipulate items and put them in your Inventory. To enter Cursor mode during Exploration mode do the following:

  • Middle click the mouse.
  • Right-click and hold and then left-click.
  • Press 'G'.

Inventory Mode

In the inventory you can customize the girl, change her clothes and manage your inventory. Read more about the Inventory.

How to customize a girl

Enter the Inventory of a girl by middle-clicking (or pressing 'G') when standing in front of her. Then click the 'Change Clothes' button in the lower left corner to get to the Inventory screen, read more about how to customize the girl in the Inventory.

Touching Mode

To enter Touching/Grope mode do the following:

  1. Go to 'Cursor Mode' by holding right click and then left clicking to enter "cursor mode". Pressing 'G' or middle mouse may work as well.
  2. Click on the heart icon in the left hand box.
  • Click the 'Change' button until your hand icon to change action between different Actions.

Touching Actions

To successfully use an action you have to act swiftly or she will guard the area you wish to interact. You can increase/decrease the power of any given action by using the scrollwheel.

  • Rub (grabbing hand). This lets you grab the girl's tits, crotch and behind. Holding and moving about will raise her Ecstasy level if you grabbed it quickly enough. When her Ero is high and you grab her head you will enter a kissing animation, where the guy becomes visible. Grab her and move around to raise her Ecstasy in kissing mode. Sometimes, with high Ero, she will initiate this action herself and reach climax.
  • Poke (poking finger). Poke her at the tits, crotch and behind. Ecstasy level will rise quicker with poking (note that the uncensor made by unknown does not work well with poking, so avoid poking if using that).
  • Pull (pinching fingers). Click her clothes and drag to shred them bit by bit.
  • Undress. Click a clothing item on her and drag to remove the particular item.

How to raise Ero quickly

Use the poke action. Then poke the girls in certain spots until her ecstasy meter fills up once or twice. after the third time or when the right hand number in the land hand corner goes above 50 the girl will fall unto the ground. It is possible to use the default groping hand to do this step as well, but poking is much faster. When Ero is above 70 consensual H is possible when you unzip the monster.
Note: The uncensor made by unknown is buggy when used with the poking action. Suggest that you use the Rub action if you use that particular uncensor.
Special Note: You can increase/decrease the power of any given action by using the scrollwheel. The groping action is just as effective as the poking action if you use the scrollwheel to power up.

Undressing with 'Bondage' during Touching

Clothing removal and changing seems to only work if you are on medium or high detail mode setting. Some girls may require high detail mode. This setting is changed in the settings dialog in the launcher. The detail setting is the radio buttons, second row down, below the check boxes. To me it seems to be in this order: High Medium Low

Scroll through your actions until you have the 'Bondage Mode' selected (appears as a mad girl with arrows around her body). Use the right mouse button to initiate the action.

In order to manipulate her limbs, you have to use the panel in the bottom left of the screen. In that panel, left click the circle that is next to the limb that you want to manipulate.

In this case, select one of the arms. When the circle is green you have the arm selected. Move the arm as desired and then right click to lock it into place, the circle will become red.

Do the same with the other arm.

Once you have both arms locked in place, click the 'change' button that is in the bottom left portion of the screen until the red word is showing. The mouse icon will still appear as an arrow. Click and drag on an outer layer of clothing and it should disappear (look for the hand icon to appear as you drag).

If the clothing does not disappear, try getting her to orgasm at least once and then attempt the process again.

To remove bottom items (pantsu, shoes, stockings) get her on the ground. Two non forceful methods would be to get her to cum by finger prodding her til she can't stand or by binding both her legs to trip her. She must also be laying on her back, so use the groping tool to get her to move to that postion if she is not. Now bind both her legs, then use the hand tool mentioned above to remove desired item.

Be sure to unlock her limbs once you are done as this can have some weird effects during H-scenes!

Exiting Touching Mode

Click the heart again to exit the touching mode.


This is just a preliminary guide. A starting point of sorts for those who have no clue at all whats going on.

Initiating H

  1. Select the Unzip action (monster in pants) by using 'Q' or 'E' or the arrows beneath the action.
  2. Unzip by right clicking near a girl. Be it near a girl you knocked down, or one that has fallen on her own, or one that is very aroused (Ero > 70). If the girl is uninterested or some other factor is preventing H at that time the girl may hit you and run away or a magic circle may appear.

H-Mode basics

The sex animation is based on the amount of power in the Level Meter Slider.

If the girl is both arroused and likes you, there are more animations. To get the additional animations you need to leave the girl alone during the sex mode. Eventually she will take over. (Even when she's the dominate sexual partner the Level Meter Slider still influences the sex animations.)

  • Click on your waist to insert.
  • Click and/or hold the waist to perform. Move the mouse around to perform differently.
  • Click on your( the male's) head to change position (use the mouse wheel to get additional choices).
  • Mouse wheel up and down to change the speed/vigor.
  • While left clicking on your waist right click to enter the auto mode.
  • Click (somewhere) on the girl's head to initiate kissing during H'ing.


The following positions have been found:

  • Missionary
  • Missionary, 'reversed' where the guy has his back towards the girl
  • Sideways on floor
  • Her on top, him sitting on floor facing him
  • Her on top, him lying on floor (cowgirl)
  • Her on top, him lying on floor with back towards him (reverse cowgirl)
  • From behind, doggy on floor
  • From behind, her leaning against wall (unzip near a wall)
  • From behind, standing (unzip near a wall)
  • Her on the table (unzip near a table)
  • Blowjob, sitting on chair (unzip near a chair)
  • Her on top, sitting on chair (unzip near a chair)

If two (or more) girls with a high ero are near you when you unzip for one, it may initiate one of the 3P scenes:

  • Two giving a blowjob
  • From behind, one girl on top of the other

Note: Not all girls offer all positions.

Ending H-Mode

While the monster item/icon is selected (in the upper right hand corner) right click to exit.
Pressing the 'C' key will also end the H-scene and return you to free mode.

How to initiate "Rape Mode"

You can hit the girl repeatedly until she passes out and fall on the ground. Then you can unzip and have your way with her. This will hurt your relationship with the girl and you will have to work hard to come to terms with her again. She will probably run when she sees you the next time.

Using the 'bondage mode' described below, manipulate both of the girls legs and she will fall to the ground. <p>You may then have your way with her.

This will enable you to skip the fondling

How to undress during H

To undress her in H-mode click on change icon on left/bottom screen until it change to red ('Undress', the cursor is an arrow), then click and hold a piece of cloth on the girl and drag it far as you can. If the specific piece of cloth can be undressed it will disappear.


Freemode is another way to play Love Death 3. The only difference from story mode is that there is no story or narration - you just roam freely and can do as you please. The only thing you have to worry about is providing food and water for the girls (if you want).

Playing Freemode

When you start Freemode, the first thing you do is select the 'main girl'. When you have made your choice, you start the game in Exploration Mode. If you installed Inquisitor's patch you will have the the option for spawning addon clothing and more in the schoolyard. When roaming and you encounter girls, your actions will affect how the girls will react to you. You can for instance raise their Ero like in Story Mode. Note that the girls will need food and water like in Story Mode. The consequence of not feeding the girls is not known (please edit if you found something!).

Main girl

You can summon the 'main girl' to the schoolyard by pressing End. When you speak to her, you will get several choices, some about spawning clothes in the schoolyard. The exact choices depend on if you installed the clothing expansions and the privilege disc and so on. If you installed Inquisitor's patch you will get the choice for spawning addon and XMAS clothing in the schoolyard and a few more.


This girl is special (for unknown reasons), and she provides additional choices when you speak to her. Her default location should be the science room on second floor in the school. If you talk to her and you installed clothing addons and/or Inquisitor's patch, she will offer choices where you can spawn addon and XMAS clothing as well as other stuff. You have to talk to her twice to get the menu with choices. Most items will spawn in your house, and she will also spawn food at the restaurant for EP.
Warning: If you select 20773 as the 'main girl' you will not be able to get the additional choices. So it is basically recommended that you select another girl as the 'main girl'.

Keymap - Controls

LD3 Japanese keymap - Teatime

Key - Effect

1 - Male character visibility/1st or 3rd person
2 - Save game screen (roaming mode prohibited)
3 - Load game screen
4 - Exit game

W - Walk forward
A, D - Strafe left, right
S - Walk backwards

F - shows/hides inventory window in cursor mode
Z - Shoot cum (aka. the spider web)
Z, C - Cum, then exit H scene??
X, V - Cum Inside/Outside Switch, ???

SPACE - toggles text box visibility
CTRL - Speeds/skips text.

Y - multiplies animals
T - Remove cum from scene
H - makes girl follow you ON/OFF

U,J - Set HDR level? Adjust bright vs dark luminance level in scene.
I, K - Blur, Sharpen image.

P - Zoom level

N - changes hand sign in touch mode
, - ???

ESC - Exit Game
F3 - Fullscreen/Windowed
F10 - ???
F11 - ??? ON/OFF
F12 - ??? ON/OFF

PrtScr - ???
Del - ???
Home - Map/Teleport
End - Teleport active girl to start location (School Yard / in front of school)
Enter -???

Arrow keys -Left/Right change action (as E/Q); Up/Down change "power" (as Rolling the Mouse Weel)
Number Pad 0 - ???

Middle mouse - Toggle Cursor Mode
Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button - Toggle Cursor Mode
Holding the Right Mouse Button + Move the Mouse - Toggle Cursor Mode
Rolling Mouse Wheel - In H mode, on avatar head during position selection, will give more position options.

E - Next action
Q - Previous action
C - Pull out/End H-scene
R - Talk Mode
G - Open Inventory

. - Attack (to kill animals for uncooked food, may make them attack you)
/ - Mega-Attack (to kill animals quickly for uncooked food, may make them attack you)<


Story description and how to advance the story goes here.