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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

Sheheramazond Simbad Baba
HH Sheheramazond Pose 1.png
Title Sheheramazond
Full Name Sheheramazond Simbad Baba
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Brown
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 5/14
Location Unknown
Career Exotic Dancer
Favorite Food Loukoums
Hobby Poledancing
Fetish Orgies
Biography: Proud member of a desert nomadic tribe entirely comprised of females, Sheheramazond decided to travel the world to find heterosexual love. She found it in buckets, and doesn't grow weary of telling her friends about her life, gathered around a camp under the sky of a 1001 nights.
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About Her

Sheheramazond is a girl from the Gems Kingdom. She is part of an all-female tribe and occasionally invites the Player to have sex with her and her neighbors. She first meets the Player to serve as a competition between him and the Dark Lord.

How to Obtain

Random drop from the Dark Lord


There aren't any men in her tribe, so she brings the Player back to fool around with her friends. More and more of her tribe mates find out about the Hero's presence and ask if they can have fun with him. The Player ends up having a large orgy with the tribe. They have so much fun that they ask that he become the king of their tribe. Afterwards, Sheheramazond emerges from outside the tent and is angry that the Player thought she was in the orgy.

Gems Kingdom Arc

Fight the Devil Troll

The Player left the Gems Kingdom on a journey to save Agate. On his way, he comes across the Dark Lord and Sheheramazond, the latter being fucked doggy-style by the former. She holds a four-round duel between the Player and the Dark Lord by having sex with them and judging their performances in: regular sex, oral, anal, and cumshot. She votes in favor of the Player in all four rounds.

Spring Break

Sheheramazond finds a nice place to stay in for Spring break. The landlords don't make her pay rent as long as they can touch her body whenever they want, which is exactly what she wants.

Later, she partakes in a modified version of beer pong, where the winner gets to have sex with the loser.

At the end of her holiday, she reminisces about the great time she has had. However, she remembers that someone took a video of her while she was hooking up and hopes it doesn't end up on the internet.

Spring Seed Ritual

Sheheramazond and the Playerperform an ancient dance ritual to bring a special kind of rain. The dance succeeds and the sky begins to rain with the fluids of the Gods. The Player is reluctant about getting any on him, but Sheheramazond invites it with open arms. She claims it will improve her sexual performance. Later, she performs the Spring Seed Ritual with the Player, symbolic of the process of pollination in nature, and extracts his nectar.





HH Sheheramazond Pose 1.png
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Spring Break




HH Sheheramazond Affection 1.jpg
There are no men in our tribe. So my friends asked me if I could lend you. Would you mind?
HH Sheheramazond Affection 2.jpg
Uuh... Other girls found out I have a guy so... Can you take care of them too?
HH Sheheramazond Affection 3.jpg
Ok, now everybody in the tribe knows. Just bang them all, and try to find some time for me, huh!
HH Sheheramazond Affection 4.jpg
Oh yes, it's so gooood! Please, be the King of our tribe! We need to do this again and again!
HH Sheheramazond Affection 5.jpg
What? You thought I was among them?! Well, I hope you still have some energy left because you're going to do that to me the double of what they go, and right now!

Spring Break