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Lady Regine Marta don Kidnap
Title Regine
Full Name Lady Regine Marta don Kidnap
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Breast Size Medium
Shaved No
Birthday 8/18
Location Invaded Kingdom
Career Countess
Favorite Food Mozarella & Tomatoes
Hobby Travelling
Fetish Masochism
Biography: Regine likes discovering new places and does a lot of sightseeing. In the bad areas of the Invaded Kingdom, she's often mistaken for a princess and kidnapped for ransom money. Rather flattered, she strolls around more esoteric areas where the risk is higher. Her goal: getting abducted all the time, even more than Noemy, and fucking all her captors!
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About Her

Regine is a girl in the Invaded Kingdom.

How to Obtain

Obtained randomly from fighting Grunt from the Invaded Kingdom.


Before Main Story







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1-Star Affection Scene
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2-Star Affection Scene
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3-Star Affection Scene