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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

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About Her

A cute, small-time farmer, Nicole is known in her village for her kindness and because she never says no. Once, she won the Miss Chick contest, the first prize being a night with the prince. Since he wasn't there, she met the king, and immediately fell for the experienced man he was. Although she's in the inner circle of his harem, Nicole hasn't forgotten her small life on the farm, much to the delight of all the boys in town.

How to Obtain


Before Main Story

Nicole was a farmer. She won Miss Chick and spent a night with the King having sex, which led to her joining his Harem.

Gem's Kingdom

The King's Harem introduces themselves

Nicole is with the other members of the King's Harem. She is the first to have sex with the Player stating that she prefers a "clean dick, one that has not been inside all the other pussies". She proves to be a passionate lover, moaning loudly as the Player fucks her roughly, loving how it feels when his hot cum spurts inside her.




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HH Nicole Affection 1.jpg
I lost my cuckoo's... Can you find them for me? If you do, you'll get a nice reward...
HH Nicole Affection 2.jpg
You'll need to wait a bit! I didn't remember I had so many cuckoo's!
HH Nicole Affection 3.jpg
Did someone close the door to the hen house while we were... Oh no! We'll need to start all over!