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all characters are at least 18

Harem Heroes [edit]

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Lenaëlle Coeur-de-Lion
HH Lenaëlle Pose 1.png
Title Lenaëlle
Full Name Lenaëlle Coeur-de-Lion
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark and Red
Eye Color Brown
Breast Size Medium
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 1/22
Location Begin City
Career Monk
Favorite Food Teriyaki
Hobby Philosophy
Fetish Kindness
Biography: Lenaëlle comes from the same world as Player. At a young age, she manifested powerful magical powers. Extremely religious and afraid of her gift, her parents placed her in a convent at the age of 10. During the invasion of the Shokushu Dimension of the Haremverse, planned by Finalmecia, Lenaëlle was recruited by Bunny to save everyone. Though the very sexual world of the Haremverse bothered Leanëlle at first, her good heart made her accept this mission. Her adventures and meeting [Player] unveiled intense and new feelings in her... Thus, she decided to stay in this strange but exciting world.
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About Her

Lenaëlle is a major character in the Plains of Rituals Arc.

How to Obtain

Lenaëlle is obtained through completing the Plains of Rituals Arc.


Before Main Story

Lenaëlle is a girl from the Player's original world. She grew up in a covent from a young age and was recruited in the Haremverse by Bunny.




HH Lenaëlle Pose 1.png
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HH Lenaëlle Affection 1.jpg
Li...like those are my first times, I want to study your body and feel comfortable with my nudity... Please be patient.
HH Lenaëlle Affection 2.jpg
What? My hands are soft? That'sb ecause your pretty cock flows so much that my hands are covered in you. You smell good. Your neck is tasy. Please don't cum straight away!
HH Lenaëlle Affection 3.jpg
Hmm. You're so good. Feeling your cock slide in me so slowly and strongly, it gives me wings. You promised you'd be soft. You weren't lying!
HH Lenaëlle Affection 4.jpg
Ah... You came outside... I... I'd have like to feel your warmth deep inside my intimacy... Would you mind doing it again?
HH Lenaëlle Affection 5.jpg
Thanks... That was great... All warm inside me... I don't think I could live without it.. The feeling was incredible. I want to learn even more things... At my rhythm you say? Thanks for being so kind.