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all characters are at least 18

GuriGuri Cute Yuffie [edit]

General Gameplay

Gameplay basically consists of story and H with some choices in between. Some choices may lead to more H and/or some chances to get more materia. The wrong choice may lead you to getting some Gil to buy materia from the shop, but you get no H. Since this is a hentai game, no H = fail.

Story Mode

Yuffie says that her childhood friend is visiting Wutai and she wants to hang out with him.

Mini Walkthrough

(Incomplete) Depending on your choices during the story Yuffies attitude towards you may change. Below are an incomplete list of the what the various choices seem to do. Note that your choices will also affect her attitude towards you during H.

Day 1

Day 1-1

  • 1st choice: Say something nice. "She's happy to see you!"
  • 2nd choice: Say something she doesn't like. "Yuffie punches you"

Day 2

Day 2-1

  • 1st choice: Yuffie goes to sleep (leads to 2-1a).
  • 2nd choice You take a nap on Yuffie's Lap.

Day 2-1a

  • 1st choice: Grope Yuffie in her sleep (leads to groping mini game).
  • 2nd choice: Leave Yuffie alone.

Day 2-2

  • 1st choice: Watch Yuffie pee.
  • 2nd choice: Respect her privacy.

Day 3

Day 3-1

  • 1st choice: Do some work and get paid for it (ends day 3 but you earn a lot of Gil).
  • 2nd choice: Go out and goof off on the mountain (2 or more "find materia" opportunities become available).

Various choices appear depending on your previous actions up to this point.

When she "falls off" the cliff, don't do anything and she will appear eventually. She will go to sleep after that (leads to groping mini game)

Day 3-2 When given a choice to peek at her peeing, keep in mind that if she punched you on the first day, you will be found out and she will be pissed off.

The result is you won't see her until Day 5, and whether you see her one last time or not depends on which choice you make at the shrine.

Keep in mind, this scenario is a bad ending, but to complete the game, you need to go through some bad endings.

Day 4

Day 4-1

  • 1st choice: Do some work and get paid 4 it (ends day 4 but you earn lots of Gil).
  • 2nd choice: Go and fool around on the mountaintop again. (2 or more "find materia" opportunities become available).

Various choices appear depending on your previous actions up to this point. (beware the ninja elbow drop! XD)

Day 4-2 If you get the second choice on 4-1 you get 2 other choices

  • 1st choice: Elbow drop!
  • 2nd choice: Double elbow drop!!

Day 5

Depending on your actions throughout the game several different choices may appear as below: (Translation by Meushi, bonzaimonkey & Inquistor)

Text Meaning Triggered by
何事も無く、またワータイに帰ってこれますよ~に… (I wish for) ...nothing at all. Just to be able to return to Wutai. Always an option
ユフィとエッチ出来ますよーにっ! (I wish that)...I can do ecchi with Yuffie! Always an option
ユフィ…、ゴメン。 Yuffie..., I'm sorry. Unknown
ユフィのおっぱいが大きくなりますように… (I wish for)...Yuffie's breasts to get bigger. Unknown
絶倫になれますようにっ!! (I wish to)...become unequaled!! Having all Recover Materia. Gives Peerless Materia
はぁ、…いたずら難しいなぁ。 *sigh* Groping is difficult, isn't it. Unknown. Should be "failed groping on day 3", but is not (only).
ユフィのおっぱいが見たい。 I want to see Yuffie's breasts. Unknown. XRay related?
ユフィのケツ穴舐めたい。 I want to lick Yuffie's anus. Unknown
ユフィのおしっこ飲みたい。 I want to try drinking Yuffie's pee. Watch Yuffie Pee twice in Story Mode. Gives Apostasy Materia.
やっぱり金運だよねぇ! Of course, it's money! (Of course, I wish for money!) Always an option

Day 5-1

If you manage to have sex with Yuffie, and you select the first choice 何もなく…, Yuffie will give you either a materia, or Gil (in the event that you've already obtained the materia).


"Materia" are various enhancements to the game. Materia that has been found or bought can be used by clicking on the materia icons or they may be automatically active. They are located on the top right of the screen when applicable. They are in effect when they glow.


Use Gil to buy materia from the materia shop. You can find Gil on the ground during many of the cut-scenes just click on them to pick them up. If the text box is in the way you can click on the lower right side of the text box to minimize it and then pick up the Gil. Gil looks like little white rocks.

Obtaining Materia

You can obtain materia by successfully completing scenes in story mode, buying it from the materia shop on day 3 of story mode or by clicking on it during the cutscenes if you see it. Be sure to watch the cut-scenes carefully rather than just skip them outright. You can also find materia hidden in a bird's nest in the forest on day 3 and in another bird's nest on the mountainside on day 4. Listen for the sound of chirping birds to let you know you're at the correct scene.

Materia Types

There are 4 types of Materia.

Type Description
Ggcy purple.png Independant Purple materia grants various abilities to make game's effects such as text skip, colored overlays, or the ability to "see sound effects"
Ggcy green.png Magic Green materia gives you Magic such as see through clothings, turn into a frog, more sleeping. It's even help you recover after cum.
Ggcy blue.png Support Blue materia will do support things like auto thrust, more semen when you cum, increases Yuffies sensitivity during H.
Ggcy yellow.png Command Yellow materia enhances your H techniques and gets you a bigger reaction from Yuffie, such as gushing rather than squirting when you make her cum from fingering her.

Materia List

The following table lists all the materia in the game. Note: The translations are machine-translations done with Google translate, Babelfish and Nifty and some guesswork. They may be completely wrong!!

Please edit if you know a better translation.

Important: The materia colors are partially guesswork and have not been 100% verified!

Name/Help Translation Unlocked Usage
Ggcy green.png かいふく
Recover 1 time
Recover 3 times
Recover 5 times
Available from the store once you have access to it. Respective levels become available after you buy the previous level.
Automatic during H.
Ggcy green.png ぜつりん
Recover infinite times
First gather all Recover materia, and after making a certain wish...
On Day 3, in Guchao (Mountain Scene), the materia bounces down when it turns evening. Keep clicking until you get it (the scene will not skip).
Automatic during H.
Ggcy green.png みやぶる
X-Ray vision
See through clothing
- See through larger area (both breasts simultaneously)
- See through even larger area (upper and lower simultaneously)
Play through the game 10 times. Buy at shop.
Activated during Story mode during dialogue.
Ggcy green.png へんしん
Turn into a frog!
After seeing Yuffie pee twice, and making a wish: "I want to drink Yuffie's pee" or ユフィのおしっこ飲みたい
Can be bought from shop for 600 Gil
Used during the pee-scene for a close-up view.
Ggcy blue.png ねむり
Deeper sleep
Fail on the Day 3 when groping her.
On Day 5, select this wish: はぁ、…いたずら難しいな (3rd option out of 4). "Groping mode is difficult."
Materia will appear on top of gate.
During Grope scene
Ggcy green.png ピストン
Auto thrust
Bonus materia Activate during H.
Ggcy green.png ピストン緩
Slow piston
Slow auto thrust
Get from nest on Day 3.
Listen to chirping birds for correct scene.
Activate during H.
Ggcy green.png ピストン激
Intense piston
Violent auto thrust
Work hard at getting money every day. Activate during H.
Ggcy blue.png ピストン緩急
Piston pace
Reduce thrust speed
When you have both Slow Piston and Intense Piston, this will be available in shop. Activate during H.
Ggcy blue.png こうふん
Raise excitement
- further
- even further
Ejaculate a lot.
Ejaculate 10x to get Excitement Lv 2. (This needs to be checked)
During H scene.
Ggcy blue.png かいかん
Raise sensitivity
- further
- even further
Make it to H Scene often.
Get your "Ecchi" count (have sex with Yuffie) 10 times to get Sensitivity Lv 2.
During grope/H scene.
Ggcy yellow.png こうもん
Enable anal stimulation
Make a wish to see Yuffie's anus.
It will appear in shop.
Activate during H.
Ggcy yellow.png しおふき
Increase squirt amount
Need to get >200 ml of squirting experience (check information option).
On Day 4, Listen for a bird call on mountain path.
Activate during H.
Ggcy yellow.png Gフィンガー
G Finger
Easier to make her squirt.
Visit shop often - at least 5 times? (you should already have the Show Shop materia by this time). Activate during H.
Ggcy purple.png とうめい
Male transparency
Unknown. Bought from shop Activate during H.
Ggcy purple.png かきもじ
Character name is shown
Shows sound effects
Unknown conditions fulfilled. Given by yuffie on day 5 (Option 1) Activated during Story mode during dialogue.
Ggcy purple.png ギルアップ
Gil increase
Earnings increase by 50%
Pick decisions such that you are up in the mountains till evening on Day 2.
The materia will be sitting on the hand rock.
Activated during Story mode.
Ggcy purple.png カウント
Show countdown when ejaculating
Buy from shop. Activated during H.
Ggcy purple.png しろくろ
Change display to B/W
Buy from shop. Activate anytime.
Ggcy purple.png セピア
Change display to sepia
Buy from shop. Activate anytime.
Ggcy purple.png おみせ
Show shop
Shop from the in-game menu
Visit store often. Activate anytime.
Ggcy purple.png スキップ
Enable Skip during story
Unknown / Play/End the Game the first Time Activate during story mode.
Ggcy purple.png こ愛撫 し前戯をスキツプする
New in 1.04
Google translate:
H skipped good
I skipped to the foreplay and this caress - polite
Buy from shop for 1000 Gil, unknown precisely what makes it available. This is available during foreplay.
It skips foreplay in a good way, making Yuffie open towards you.
Ggcy purple.png Hスキツプ悪
粗雑に前戯をこな しスキツプする
New in 1.04
Google translate:
H skipped evil
Will be skipped and doing the foreplay crudely
Buy from shop for 1000 Gil, unknown precisely what makes it available. This is available during foreplay.
It skips foreplay in a bad way, making Yuffie defensive.

H Mode

There is a sleeping scene where you have the opportunity to grope Yuffie while she is sleeping. Subsequent scenes she is awake and may resist depending on your choices in the story and how good you are at groping. Read more about H in the GuriGuri Cute Yuffie H Guide.