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all characters are at least 18

GuriGuri Cute Yuffie [edit]

Sleeping Scene

This is an optional scene where you get the chance to grope Yuffie while she's sleeping. It is unknown exactly what the consequences of your actions are, but maxing her arousal without her waking up might have a positive effect on her mood in the following H scene (if you get it).
Possible Actions

  • Kiss and lick her.
  • Grope her tits.
  • Undress her.

Level Meters

On the left side of the screen are two level meters:
Yuiffie grope bar.jpg
  • A blue, pulsating level that indicates how deep her sleep is. She will wake if this goes to red and disappears.
  • A narrow pink bar indicating her arousal. It will raise if you grope her right.

Raising Arousal

When you raise her arousal you can partially undress her and new options will become available. If you raise it further you can undress her further and even more options become available.


You have to be very gentle and watch her sleeping bar carefully. Progressing too far too early seems to make her sleep very lightly, thus making it impossible to get any further in the scene. It seems like a good strategy to keep raising her arousal as much as possible with the basic groping options before progressing to just unlocked options.

If the meter is violently moving, she is more likely to react and wake up.

It becomes easier to progress further after getting the Sleep materia, which increases the depth of her sleep.

Using the Wheel

The mouse wheel is used to control the guy's tongue. Hold down the left mouse button and wheel up/down slightly to lick up/down. It seems like this is one of the most effective actions to raise her arousal.

Mission Accomplished?

It is not known exactly what can be accomplished; however once you have her arousal up high enough if you wake her up with a kiss it will go into the H scene. I have always had her wake up when her arousal goes to max. Her anger on you may seem less serious if you manage to max arousal, but I really can't say for sure. Please edit this if you know more.

Yuffie will always wake up on first attempt. Be it Day 2 or you sleep on Day 2 then try first attempt on Day 3.

If you arouse Yuffie enough, she will succumb earliest on second attempt, Day 3.

H Scene

The scene will begin with only few groping possibilities, but as you grope her several other actions become available:

  • Undress options, where you may have to force her.
  • Multiple camera angles allowing different options.
  • Possibility to turn her around.
  • BJ, fingering, licking and several positions with variations depending on her arousal.

Level Meters
On the left side of the screen are two level meters:

Yuiffie H bar.jpg
  • A narrow meter on the right indicating the male arousal. (?)
  • A blue bar that will raise if you do her right. If she is displeased it will decrease. She will climax when this reaches 100%. She will not climax on her first insertion.
  • The black background will change color towards red if she is displeased with your actions.


Her arousal will rise if you grope her right. If she is sufficiently aroused new options become available when you undress her:

  • Licking under her arm
  • Caressing her legs
  • Fondling her tits

If she is not sufficiently aroused (or possibly if her mood is bad), she will resist:

  • You may have to force her blouse off by rapid clicking her arms
  • You may have to force her legs apart by rapid clicking her legs


During the scene when she gives you a blowjob, patience is required. Give her time to get used to your dick and then she'll do what you ask her to. Pace your selections and watch her reactions. She is quite talented!

Getting a BJ

Turn her around for doggy. Switch camera angle and click the appropriate icon. Note that she may refuse if this is the first time.


Known positions in the H Scene.

  • Fingering her, lying down beside her
  • Fingering her close-up
  • G-spot stimulation close-up, squirting possible
  • Licking her (cunnilingus)
  • Missionary, two camera angles with different options
  • Missionary variation (requires high arousal), two camera angles with different options
  • Doggy, two camera angles with different options
  • Doggy with her head on the ground (requires high arousal), two camera angles with different options
  • Cowgirl, two camera angles with different options
  • Cowgirl with her lying down on you, two camera angles with different options

Warning: Game may freeze if you go from fingering her, lying down beside her, directly to fingering her close-up.


Insering requires some skill. You have to get the angle and the speed right.


HF user m37909 posted a guide to get a creampie scenes here.

You cannot get creampie on the first insertion. Take out, and reinsert to access creampie option.

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