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all characters are at least 18

Eroi 3D [edit]



General concepts

You are a doctor and there are sick (kinda...) girls that come to you. Every day you can select which girl you want to meet and progress down their path. After a few visits new stuff in extras section will unlock.

There are many futa scenes, you initiate them by feeding girls a pink potion.


They are only available in the story mode. By going to different locations you can meet girls or get items. It's usually best to go to every single location every day (this will give you all items and extra scenes)

Second location from top left is your office. Go there last as it will initiate meeting with a selected girl and after that current day will end.

Game modes

  1. Story mode - click through text, select what path to take, watch H scenes.
  2. Examination mode - use tools to "examine" selected girl.
  3. H mode - accessible from extras menu and during some parts of the story mode but will usually result in bad end.

Story mode

First few days are scripted and you just click through text and scan all of the locations (click every one of them to get items). After introduction of all girls you can go to your office and select girl you want to meet during any day. Doing so will end the day so look around before doing that.

Usually every meeting will unlock something (till everything is unlocked ofc) in the extra mode.

Examination mode

Tools available are dependent on what you do during story mode so make sure to explore all locations before going to your office!

When you fill up the pleasure bar to certain point a icon will appear. This indicates that you can remove a piece of clothing.

Going to full will end the encounter. You can alternatively end it by clicking the end button (last one on the toolbox)

H mode

Not much to say there, available clothes and items depend on what you unlocked in story mode. Positions depend on location and selected girl.

Starting H in story mode (clicking the unzip icon) will enter foreplay where you can either hit the girl or pleasure her. At first you can only hit her to knock her down. Doing this will trigger the bad end.