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all characters are at least 18

Eroi 3D [edit]




What is this game about? What are the goals?

  • There is story mode in which you unlock things for the extra mode (it's not a free mode, you just select a scene or just start H with selected girl). Basically you are a doctor and there are sick (kinda..) girls coming to you. After a few days they come for something else...

How to install/game is crashing?

Missing DLL errors (e.g. cv100.dll)

  • If you are using HF Patch make sure it's installed to the same folder as the game!
  • If you are using English launcher make sure it's in the same folder as the game!
  • Check the Technical help wiki link above.

How can I undress the girl?

  • In examination mode you must first fill up the pleasure bar to certain point. Then you click clothing icon that appears and pull down girl's clothes.
  • In H mode select the undress option and pull her clothes off.
  • You can't undress girls yourself outside those two modes.

How to 3P/futa/similar?

  • Get at at least 2 girls routes to a high point and find a trigger to start one of those special scenes.
  • To get futa scenes use the pink potion on selected girl(s).