Degrees of Lewdity: Characters

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all characters are at least 18

Degrees of Lewdity [edit]


  • Characters


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Other Info

Playable Character

  • (((you))): A student living in a orphanage.

Love interests

  • Robin the orphan: An orphan who lives in the same orphanage as you.
  • Eden the hunter/huntress: A hunter living in the forest.
  • Whitney the bully: A student who bully you in school.
  • Avery the businessman/businesswoman: A business worker who takes interest in you.
  • Kylar the Loner: A student who's obsessed with you.


  • Leighton the headteacher
  • Sirris the science teacher
  • River the maths teacher
  • Doren the english teacher
  • Winter the history teacher
  • Mason the swimming teacher

Others Character

  • Bailey: The orphanage owner.
  • Charlie the dance coach
  • Darryl the club owner
  • Harper the doctor
  • Jordan the monk
  • Briar the brothel owner
  • Sam the cafe owner
  • Landry the criminal
  • Avery the businessman
  • Niki the Photographer
  • Quinn the Mayor