Degrees of Lewdity: Traits

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all characters are at least 18

Degrees of Lewdity [edit]



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Other Info

Sexual traits


Your purity recovers faster. Your virginity might be worth something.

Orgasm Addict (Number of orgasms you've experienced 1000)

So many orgasms has had a physiological effect. Cumming is more difficult but pleasurable orgasms relieve more stress and painful orgasms no longer increase stress.

Cum Dump (Total times you've been ejaculated on or in 1000)

You've become accustomed to the scent of ejaculate and can take advantage of its calming effect. Your stress is reduced hourly depending on how much slime and semen covers you.

Plaything (Molested 1000)

You've learned to better cope with psychological trauma. Being molested no longer removes your sense of control (rape still does).

Fucktoy (Raped 500+)

You've been raped so much, but you've learned how to cope. Trauma increases more slowly.

Bitch (Raped by animals 100+)

Animals have tried to breed with you so often that you're used to it. Trauma increases more slowly when attacked by animals.

Prey (Raped by tentacle monsters 50+)

Many tentacles have had their way with your body. Trauma increases more slowly when attacked by tentacles.

Tasty (Swallowed 20+)

You've found your way into the belly of many a creature. They'll have a harder time swallowing you as they savour your taste.

Transformation traits

Fangs (Wolf Girl phase 2)

Biting is three times as effective

Wolf (Wolf Girl phase 6)

The spirit of the wild lives within you, making you more defiant over time. Your ears and tail make you more conspicuous.

Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel phase 2)

The world is so cruel. You feel less pure by the day.

Angel (Angel phase 6)

You radiate purity. Unlocks the 'forgive' action once per encounter, removing any trauma gained so far. Beware, losing your virginity will remove this trait and leave you broken.

Demon (Demon phase 6)

You're devoid of purity. You lose trauma when something cums inside you, or you cum inside something else. Tentacles reduce stress and pain instead of trauma. Beware, ending a day with anything but minimum purity will be very stressful.
• Displayed names are: Incubus, Incubus (female), Succubus (male), Succubus

School traits


Speech actions (plead, moan, demand, apologise) are more effective.
Value Effect
Passable (C) x2
Decent (B) x3
Good (A) x4
Excellent (A*) x5


Pain is easier to cope with.
Value Effect
Passable (C) -10%
Decent (B) -20%
Good (A) -30%
Excellent (A*) -40%


You know secret paths around town.
Value Effect
Passable (C) School rear PG<->Park
Decent (B) School toilet<->Commercial Drain
Good (A) Forest deep<->out
Excellent (A*) Affects events only


You make more from tips and negotiated fees.
Value Effect
Passable (C) +25%
Decent (C) +50%
Good (A) +75%
Excellent (A*) +100%


Your performance at school has improved your self-esteem, increasing your daily trauma decay.
Value Effect
Okay at school -10/day
Decent -20/day
Good -30/day
Excellent -40/day

Character Traits

Robin's protector(Takes Robin debt)

Robin is dependent on you. You need to be strong. Increases daily trauma decay.

Stockholm Syndrome: Eden

Eden isn't so bad. It must be lonely living on your own in the woods

Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves

 It's not their fault. They're just cute animals.

Trauma Traits

Insomnia(Trauma 1)

 Sleep less effective

Nightmares(Trauma 500)

 Sleep is stressful

Flashbacks(Trauma 4000)

 May relive nasty experiences

Anxiety Disorder(Trauma 1000)

 Stress won't automatically decrease over time

Panic Attacks(Trauma 2000)

 Chance of paralysis

Hallucinations(Trauma 1500 Awareness 300)

 More dangers during encounters

Visibly Disturbed(Trauma 4500)

There's something wrong with you, and people can tell

Severe Anxiety Disorder(Trauma 3500)

Stress increases over time

Severe Panic Attacks(Trauma 3000)

Chance of uncontrollable violent outbursts

Severe Hallucinations (Trauma 2500 Awareness 500)

More dangerous world

Dissociation (Trauma 5000)

Nothing feels real