Custom Romance City 3D3: Characters

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all characters are at least 18

Custom Romance City 3D3 [edit]


Main Protagoist

You can choose the protagonist's gender between male and female. and customize the appearance.

Crc3d3 chara05.png Crc3d3 chara06.png
Male Protagonist / 男性主人公

Yorth ver. (Left) / Middle-age ver. (Right)
Crc3d3 chara07.png Crc3d3 chara08.png
Female Protagonist / 女性主人公

Type A ver. (Left) / Type B ver. (Right)

Characters / Personalities

Crc3d3 chara01.png
Tenshin Ranman / 天真爛漫
An innocent, talkative and energetic girl!

cv. Misonoo mei
Cheerful, energetic and talkative. A girl with a lot of expression.

Anyway, she is full of curiosity and is very active and motivated in everything she does. She can get along with anyone and brighten up her surroundings. Once she finds someone she loves, she shows her spoiled and jealous side.

Crc3d3 chara02.png
Namaiki / 生意気でクール
Cheeky and cool girl

cv. Takanashi Hanami
She clearly says what she wants to say and expresses her opinions to others without hesitation.

Sometimes people around her call her "cheeky" because of her appearance. But actually, she is always calm and never raises her voice. She wants to be rational and does not like to be emotionally involved or to be influenced by trends. She thinks if there was someone with whom she could discuss her true feelings on an equal footing, they could be her lover.

Crc3d3 chara03.png
Uraraka / 麗らか
A beautiful maid who gently embraces you

cv. Yuuki Honoka
An excellent Empire House maid who is always calm and receptive.

She is not agitated by a few things. She follows up and encourages other maids when they make mistakes. She is kind and motherly. Although she is a faithful maid, she is not only serious but also jokes and teases her master as a big sister.

Crc3d3 chara04.png
Egao / 笑顔
A smiling maid who makes everyone happy

cv. Mugime Purin
A hardworking girl who wants to become a full-fledged maid.

Rather than having something lucky happen to her or something that benefits her, Her happiness is to see everyone smiling. She is a friendly and lovely girl who loves to spend time with everyone. She also has a kind heart and is able to cheer up someone with a gloomy face.