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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Grihastha
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • EXP Reward: 50EXP
  • Other Rewards: Base Metal Bracelet


  • Go to the old man's house.
    • After picking up the quest, go outside and head to the southeast section of town looking for a house with tombstones near the entrance.
    • Follow the mud trail along the tombstone house and enter the first small house to the left with an open door.
  • Speak with the old man. He wants Nanako to place some flowers on a grave.
  • Get some flowers. There are three people who give away flowers, the Nun, the Farmer, and the Bard.
    • Note: Each NPC increases V0423, a "flower counter" stat. Nun sets V0423 to 20, Bard sets it to 40, Bard's Bundle sets it to 50, Farmer sets it to 60. Need 50 to place flowers at grave.
    • The Nun is in the house with tombstones near the entrance. Speak with the Nun behind the counter and she will grab some flowers out of a nearby flowerpot.
    • The Farmer is in his field in the southwest corner of town, he will hand Nanako flowers when spoken to.
    • The Bard is in the Weapon Shop. He will hand Nanako a flower if she's nude or wearing a skimpy outfit.
      • Note: He also seems to hand Nanako a key which unlocks the chest downstairs. This is the only chance to get the key!
      • The chest on the right contains Goblin Potion x3.
      • The chest on the left contains Bad Potion x3, Low Potion x3.
      • The bundle of flowers will set V0423 to 50.
  • Go to the graveyard with enough flowers.
    • It's at the northwest corner of town just north of the manor. There's a small trail leading up the hill.
  • Place the flowers on the northeast grave.
    • Nanako will stop for a moment while bells ring.
  • Return to the old man and speak with him.
  • Turn in the quest.