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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info


  • Read the advert on the wall of the weapon shop; the dragon will give you a quest to kill a metal slime.
  • Go to the woods northwest from Hot Spring Town in search of a fast black slime. From Hot Spring Town, travel west - west - north - north.
  • Kill it, take what it drops, and go back to the dragon for your reward: a very nice weapon specifically for Nanako. He'll also ask you to play with his daughter Belle in the attic.
  • Interact with the leftmost bed on the upper floor to reach the attic. Talk to Belle to trigger a dialogue scene. After this, talk again whit the dragon. He will deliver to you the new weapon.
  • Many scenes here between Nanako and Belle, Leave through the town gates, you'll be with the princess directly reporting. Meanwhile Belle ran away.
  • Then in the entrance of the Underground city where you'll find Belle's hair accessory.
  • Once you take it, you'll talk with Gree, the dragon, who'll say that Belle is in her chamber. Go to her chamber, she will not be there. talk with Gree again.
  • Meet the ninja at guild building. He will find Belle in the Orc Castle
  • Gree thinks Belle may have been kidnapped and will try to leave to save her; Nanako offers to go in his stead.
  • The ninja, who will offer to teleport you to the Orc Castle.
  • Go to the Orc Castle, Nanako gets caught, then she appears locked in a cell, but she blows up the cell door.
  • search every cell, then all the way west, you will enter the hall from the left pathway.
  • The right pathway has two rooms and another left/right choice.
    • The first room contains a bunch of storage crates and two lootable chests. One contains a healing salve (heals 50hp) and the other contains ovulation medicine.
    • The second room is further down the halls and on the right. Inside is a sparkle in the center of the room that fully heals you when you enter it. The health meter doesn't update until you leave the room. It also removes any arousal. You can also re-equip if your gear has been ripped off.

The event will play differently depends on the pathway Nanako will go, and her desire parameter:

  • Choosing the left pathway will lead you through a few more pathways filled with pig men, eventually bringing you to the Orc King's room.
    • Losing to the Orc King will have an H-scene with Belle play out.
  • Choosing the right pathway first will lead you to a dead end, triggering a scene in which the exit is blocked by a group of pig men. While Nanako fights them, a H-event between Belle and the Orc King will play.
    • Nanako < 50 Desire: Belle has her dress ripped off and is raped.
    • Nanako > 50 Desire: Belle has her dress ripped off, foreplay to make her feel good, and finally sex. Despite the pain from losing her virginity, she enjoys it and decides to have more rounds.
    • After the H-event, Nanako will have defeated the pig men. Head back the way you came and take the left pathway. From here, you must defeat the Orc King. Afterwards, you will find Belle on the bed crying after the rape or relaxed after the good (offscreen) sex sessions.
  • After rescuing Belle, make your way back to the hall, then all the way south. Fight your way through two maps before you reach the castle exit.
  • Just before leaving, if you take the western stairs you will come to a storage room with a VH Heart.
  • Take the eastern stairs to find a similar storage room with a Pregnancy Promotion potion and an arousal potion.
  • You will appear back at the weapon shop, where different words will be had with the dragon, ninja and Belle depending on the status of Belle's virginity.


Unfinished extra quest

  • You can continue further by getting Nanako's adopted daughter (Elmire from Slave Market) and going to talk to Belle after escaping from the Castle.
  • After this Nanako goes outside and you see an orc runs back to the portal to the cave and you can follow it. If you follow it it leads to the cave with the flowers in it. You get a sort of blowjob/rape scene. If Nanako's Dirty is high, then a H-scene where Nanako is raped by the orc will be shown, otherwise the screen will fade out.
  • You take control of Nanako's daughter and Belle, go see Gree.
  • After sleep, go see the ninja inside the guild. Follow him to the cave then everything collapses.
  • Again with Nanako, explore the stone that is to the right of the map. Enter and after a few scenes you can go out. Disrupt the couple in the toilet has the same effect. Here you see a guy with blue hair.
  • You show up with Nanako's daughter in what looks to be a half finished town. Here the building in the top left contains orc's the first time you check out the building you are saved. The second time you have to fight the orcs(very difficult if you have low level in Nanako's daughter). This is a possibility for an h-event as losing or Belle being killed causes the scene to cut to the two of the being raped by orcs in the forest. Unfortunately this also leads to game over so save before fighting them the second time.
  • After defeating the orcs, leave the town and meet with Edge (Guy with blue hair).
  • Nanako finally manages to return to the Underground city.
  • Go to see Gree, the dragon. Eventually Nanako's daughter and Belle come back to the house in company of Edge. After the event, talk to Edge and the orc who is standing outside Gree's house. Nanako will receive Ray, an artificial fairy, from Edge. Unbeknown to Nanako, Gree overheard everything.
  • There are two choices you can make. It will affect what will happen to Belle afterward:
    • Choosing to talk to Gree and sleep in his house for a day: If you do this, a event where Nanako, Elmire and Belle having the bath together will be played, Afterward, Nanako will be automatically arrived inside the VH Clan to see Gerbera.
    • Choosing to go out of the Underground city: If you do this, an event where Belle is raped by Gree in the house's basement will be played. Nanako wakes up in the wood train, having the premonition about the event. *After that, Nanako will arrive in front of the VH Clan. Go inside the house to see Gerbera.
  • There's a guard standing on the entry to the east map, who tell Nanako that Gerbera is busy. Nanako did not buy it, and enters the room anyway.
  • Gerbera is seen having sex with an orc in the southeast room. You will go to check the door of the room and Nanako will have to choose to overhear the sex session between the two from the front door or not to disturb them. *After that, Rin will show up, curious of what Nanako is doing on the front door. Nanako and Rin will enter Gerbera's room after the sex session has ended.
  • There will be an event where while they were talking in the guest hall, Gerbera's guard shows up and hurting Ray, but is revealed that he is doing so just to bringing out the artificial fairy's alternative personality known as Fron. Both Gerbera and the guard apologizes to Nanako afterward for hurting Ray. Afterward the guard extract the data from Ray and return her to Nanako.
  • After that, you will encounter Hanten and Benetta while trying to leave the house through the front door. After that, take the magic circle and talk to the magician to warp to Underground city.
  • Entering the village you will have a small dialogue with the ninja, then go to Gree's house. When you try to enter the house, Elmire shows up and accidentally knocking Nanako away, leading to Nanako scolding her. After that, enter the house.
  • Event will be played out differently depends on what happened to Belle after you leave the underground city last time. Nanako will no longer be able to enter Gree's house after either events:
    • If Belle was not raped by Gree: Go to upstairs and go to Belle's room. Nanako and Elmire will find out that Belle and Gree are having augument due to Gree seeing Nanako talking to the orc. Belle eventually ran away from the house after the augument.
    • If Belle was raped by Gree: Try to go to the path to upstairs, but Nanako will stop and looking at the stairs to the basement. Try to go to the under basement, but Gree will show up from the front door and find out that Nanako and Elmire are trying to enter the basement. You will go to the basement regardless and will find out that Belle was raped, lying on a bed while covered in semen. Gree enters the basement and confronts the two, but Nanako stops him while Elmire was taking Belle out from the basement. Nanako was very angry at the crime Gree did and proceed to knock him out.
  • Go to the guilds building and you will encounter Cain. After that, talk to Edge (Guy with blue hair). He will tell Nanako that she should go to the Orc's Kingdom.
    • If Belle was not raped, there will be a event where she writes a letter for Gree and put it into the post box in front of Gree's house before leaving with Nanako and Elmire.
  • From where you show up after the events, go north and then follow the bridge to the sign, use it to open the portal.

so you get to the Orc castle, enters through the front door, head north and meet with King.

  • If Belle happened to have good sex with the Orc King in the Orc Castle event, Belle will reveals that she is pregnant with the Orc King's offspring. This lead to one of the orc servants panicking about it and then having argument with Belle. (During this event, Nanako will think that Belle is so frightening.)
  • After the meet, all way south outside the castle in the village and sleeps in the INN.
  • Next morning go to the the castle plaza, facing the main gate of the castle, then west to the square. (VH heart north)