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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Hinano
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Gold Reward: 800G
  • EXP Reward: 70EXP
  • Available for Nanako after completing Rescue Rin with Rin having her penis removed.


  • Speak with Hinano in the Public Office.
  • Speak with the new guard captain.
  • Answer "Yes"
  • Go to the inn and sleep.
  • Return to the Public Office at night, go upstairs.
  • Listen in on what's happening in the room.
    • The captain is raping Hinano.
    • He turns out to be Hinano's father.
  • Go back to the inn, get some rest.
  • Return to the Public Office.
  • Speak with Hinano.
  • Speak with the guard captain.
  • When leaving, Nanako will be handed a Letter to Rin.
    • The letter can be read or not. It will affect the later event.
  • Leave the Capital through the Trade District.
  • Speak with Rin who's waiting right out front.
  • Return to the Public Office.
  • Listen to what's happening in the guard captain's office.
  • Speak with the guard captain, he'll ask for an Ovulation Drug.
  • Give him an Ovulation drug.
    • Nanako is awarded 6,000G.
    • Note: If the letter was read, Rin will be seen coming downstairs then leaving the building.
  • Go upstairs and speak with Hinano in her room.
  • Come back at night then listen to the Guard Captain's door.
  • If Rin was seen coming downstairs she will be in the room confronting the guard.
    • Rin will confront the guard captain and challenge him to a fight.
    • At first it will seem as Rin wins, but the guard captain regenerates his health then begins raping Rin.
    • Nanako then charges into the room to rescue her and combat will begin.
      • Losing the fight causes a game over where Nanako, Hinano, and Rin are raped.
        • There seems to be an extra option to redo the fight but it's broken.
      • After winning the fight Hinano will say her thanks, that she finally had the chance to get back on his father and destroy the promise of debt and evidence of her rape. That way, her father will go to jail.
      • Hinano can be spoken to during the day for some information about her father and other things.
      • The event seems to end here with the rest being unfinished.
  • If Rin isn't there then Hinano will be in there getting raped. Nanako may choose to interrupt them or wait.
    • Rushing in will trigger a fight.
      • Losing the fight causes a game over where Nanako and Hinano are raped.
      • After killing all the guards Hinano and Nanako will take care of the evidence.
      • Because the event is incomplete, Nanako will appear back in the residential area.
    • Waiting will have Nanako step back.
      • Return the next day and speak with Hinano who is now pregnant.
      • Leave then speak to Hinano again.
      • Leave again and speak with Hinano who is no longer pregnant.
      • Hinano will drop a key on her way upstairs. Pick up the key.
      • Go upstairs and enter Hinano's room using the key.
      • Speaking with Hinano will show her breastfeeding her son.
      • The diary in the bookshelf can be read which details the search for Rin, Hinano being mindbroken, then a cutscene of Hinano giving birth to her incest baby in front of all the guards.