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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Kojima
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • Gold Reward: 1,200G
  • EXP Reward: 200EXP
  • Available for Nanako and Serena.


  • After taking the request, go talk to the client, a green guy at the docks. He's Angie the scholar.
  • After a long talk about fairies, he'll ask you to look for glasses. You can ask to the people around.
    • Hints lead to a magician girl looking for them at the guild. Go there.
  • Talk to Mister in the Adventurer's Guild. He'll advise you to talk to Benetta. She's at the Capital's Guild.
  • Talk to Benetta in the Capital's Guild, twice, repeatedly. She will teach you about the nature of fairies, and the Second time she will give you a fairy to take with you. Without this fairy you wont see the gem.
  • Go to the Kojima Mines. To go there, talk to the captain on the docks, in Kojima.
  • Be careful, monsters here can easily beat you if you're not level 10 at least. Climb up the mines.
  • Take the magic gem that shines on the rock on the before last exit.
  • Return to Kojima and talk to Angie.
  • He'll take it and tell you to go back to the guild to receive your reward.
  • You can now see fairies around the world.