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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Mountain Brothel
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Available for Serena.


Serena misinterprets "illegal whorehouse" as "illegal warehouse" and may choose to investigate it.

  • After choosing to investigate the whorehouse, head to the brothel in the Capital.
    • From the Slums, return to the Capital Main Gate.
    • Go east into the Back Alley.
    • Go past the guild office and head south then east at the turn.
    • You should end up at Brothel - Capital.
    • Enter the inn, it's actually the brothel.
  • Speak with the man behind the counter at the brothel.
  • Serena will now be at a brothel in the mountains. Enter the building and speak with the man behind the counter.
  • Head upstairs and speak with the girl.
    • Head west, to the left of the counter and enter the door.
    • Go up the stairs.
    • Speak with the girl looking at the wall.
  • Stand just below the girl and inspect the wall.
  • Go back downstairs and speak with the owner behind the counter again.
  • The next morning Serena will wake up in her room. Head downstairs and speak with the owner behind the counter.
  • Go upstairs and take a seat in the classroom.
    • After the sex ed class, Serena masturbates for the first time that night.
  • When Serena wakes up the next morning, go downstairs and speak with the owner.
    • The owner takes Serena to a back room and talks her into masturbating in front of him.
    • Eventually he starts fingering her, then after she cums he blows a load on her face.
  • Speak with the owner behind the counter again when Serena wakes up the next morning.
  • Go upstairs and enter the room which looks like a dungeon and has a magic circle on the floor.
    • Once inside the owner enters and tells Serena to strip.
    • Serena is then repeatedly given enemas by a Slime and is forced to give the owner a blowjob.
  • Serena wakes up feeling groggy the next day. Go downstairs and speak with the owner again.
  • Serena must now seduce one of the customers.
    • Remove all of Serena's clothes besides her bra and panties.
    • Speak with the bald man in the dance hall just to the right of the stage.
    • He takes Serena upstairs and fucks her in the ass.
  • Serena wakes up some time later with a sore anus. Speak with the owner downstairs.
    • The owner reveals he knows Serena's true identity and threatens to expose her if she doesn't return to whore herself out later.
    • Serena returns to the Capital with the information she's gained.