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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Available for Nanako and Serena.


  • After the introductory cut-scene, Serena will arrive at the Capital (side info: your hometown is on the small island).
  • You are advised to get a guild card upon arrival to save time on traveling to the guild again. If you do not have a guild card (which costs 50g), the informant you meet later will say that you must have one before he gives you the information. To find the guild, head to the middle of the main street, then turn right to find the guild.
  • Visit the bank in the commercial district, which is under the nobles' district. You will know when you reach the correct location as Serena will have a short conversation with herself. To get there, head north all the way from the main street.
  • Head on north, straight along the center lane, until you reach a building that looks somewhat like a church, that's the bank. Enter.
  • Head north and talk to the priest. He will grant you access to the second level after you revealed your status to him.
  • Look for stairs with a guard blocking the pathway on either the right or left side. Talk to them and they will let you pass. Head on to the second level.
  • Talk to the manager, he will assign you an informant who is waiting in the slums. Talk to the man the second time and he will describe the informant for you. The informant is a boy about the same age as Serena wearing a black cloak and has silver hair.
  • Exit and head to the slums. To get there, head to the main street where you started, then talk to the traveling man located at the bottom left side of the main street (beside a desk with books all over it). He will teleport you to the slums for 5g. From there, head north. To save your 5g, head south-west all the way instead of talking to him.
  • You will know you are in correct place by noticing the houses made of planks instead of regular bricks. The boy will be waiting one corner of a house. You should be able to tell which is him since his hair color is different from regular NPC.
  • Talk to him. The boy who is named Lunar will talked about how cute Serena is, making her flustered, but she regained her composure quickly. Serena will explain the situation to him. If you have the adventurer card you can proceed and talk to him again. If you do not have the card, he will ask you to get it at the guild.
  • Lunar will give you four options when you talked with him again.
    • The first choice is to talk about the stolen heirloom treasure again.
    • The second choice is to talk about a suspicious brothel.
    • The third choice is not yet implemented.
    • The fourth choice is to stop asking.